Silver; that was what Shizuo Heiwajima had termed it as. For such inky-black hair to shine so brilliantly within the dim moonlight that cast about their bedroom, it was almost surreal.

Shizuo liked to touch it, too. He would run his fingers through the semi-long strands of hair as if it were dog fur. The texture was of a pleasing volume, and the way that his lover's face would fade into a complexion so calm, so comforting, only made the action all the more enjoyable.

"Shizu-chan is petting me like I'm some kind of animal," Izaya Orihara giggled, though he chose to keep his tone in a hushed whisper so as to not ruin the moment.

"What's the problem with that?" Shizuo asked, pausing momentarily.

"There is no problem. You don't always have to be so defensive," the informant breathed, pulling his arm out from underneath Shizuo's. With passionate intentions, Izaya stroked his fingers along the side of the bodyguard's face, outlining his prominent cheekbones and jaw line.

Shizuo sighed in relief. The tips of his lover's fingers had always soothed him considerably. Shifting his body upward so that his knees dug into the mattress below, the blond loomed over his ex-rival as if he were still his prey.

"Is Shizu-chan going to eat me now?" Izaya smirked, finding that he had come to love Shizuo's playful side very much, a side that the informant didn't even know that he had possessed to begin with.

The blond laughed lowly at the man's question. Izaya still wasn't very good with the words that defined intimacy. To him, whenever Shizuo chose to mark his ivory skin with feverous bites and bruises, he would view it as Shizuo "eating" his skin.

"Yes," Shizuo growly seductively, "I'm going to eat you now." It was only the half truth, however, because when he had swooped down in order to claim his trophy, the blond was utterly sidetracked by those wisps of eloquent silver.

Drawn to them like some sort of witchcraft, Shizuo buried his nose into the soft shades of grey, indulging his senses into the sweet smell of herbal shampoo. "Izaya," he sighed, feeling the gentle tickle of his lover's hair ghost upon his lips as he spoke.

"What is it, Shizu-chan?" the informant asked quietly.

The words had slipped out almost as if he were unconscious, as if such a statement was so unmistakably natural that thousands of hours of contemplation on the subject were unnecessary. But Shizuo had said them. His voice had been strong, not stern or demanding. It was the voice of utmost honesty, even Izaya could see that.

"Marry me."

There they were, out in the open and vulnerable, a sentence that could either make or break their long-standing relationship. Shizuo didn't know if he could bear the burden of rejection, but then again, he knew well enough not to be surprised if that were the pending case.

He would never need to ponder on such a feeling ever again, so it had seemed, for Izaya's answer had come quickly and simply, turning the page to begin a new chapter in their life.


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