Secret Trainer

District 2, Masonry. Rocky mountains are in the background, growing higher and higher into the dull grey/blue skies, blocking most of the sunlight from shining down. Winter was just beginning, making the air crisp.

Cato let the warm water burn his golden muscles for just a minute more before he turned off the shower in the training center. He stepped out onto the cold tile, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist.

"Don't cover up," Holly purred as she leaned against the door frame of the boys shower room.

Cato wasn't shocked. He just rolled his eyes as he reached over and grabbed his shirt, slipping it on.

"What do you want?" He said in a bored tone. He didn't like her. She was an amateur fighter with a big temper. She was always trying to get with Cato. She believed sense they trained so hard they should at least have a little fun. And yes she wasn't completely ugly, she was actually quite cute, Cato just didn't like her. Even though they both believed they were the best, Cato was actually the best while she was far from it. She always picked fights for no reason, she didn't take training as seriously and she was a slut.

"I just wanted to you know… help dry you off," She said as she got closer to him, touching his arm. Cato immediately grabbed her palm, twisting her wrist and pressing her against the wall.

"Not now Holly. Not ever," He growled before letting her go and walking out the bathroom. He swung by his locker, grabbing his big grey sweatshirt, slipping it on and slamming the locker door shut. Hard. Holly stood right behind the door, smiling.

"But why not?" She whined.

"Because your annoying," Cato said before putting his hood up and jogging out the building.

And he ran, running at a pace that would have hurt others peoples muscles, but not his. He constantly pushed himself to do better. He ran up the street, passing by the stone made buildings filled with Trainers, people that constantly rewatched the Hunger Games from previous years and watched there moves that made my crowds go crazy. They studied the best killing moves, anyway to kill someone. Then once they found the best they offered there services to others, teaching others those killer moves.

Cato breathed, his breath creating a fog in front of his face, but that's when he heard the heavy breath and footsteps somewhere behind him. Holly. He rolled his eyes before making a sharp turn, turning into the mountains. The floor started to steeper. Good. Eventually the altitude would be too hard for Holly and she would have to leave him alone!

He ran faster and faster, hearing her breath slowly start to fade. He slowed his run to a pace and turned around to check but something grabbed his foot, making him fall backgrounds. He quickly rolled onto his chest, about to jump up on his feet but sharp fingers dug into his ankle before it began pulling him back behind a huge boulder. He was about to argue and yell but a small hand covered his mouth. He bit down on the porcelain skin before pushing the body away and about to run. But that was before he saw the huge Snow Leopard prowling in small circles as it had a stare down with Holly.

Holly held her breath, slowly backing up. Cato quickly hid again behind the rock, now seeing who had grabbed him. It was just a girl. Maybe a girl about a year younger than him. She had pitch black hair that was tyed tightly back, her skin was smooth, perfect of any scars or acne. Small brown freckles delicately drizzled over her cheeks and sharp nose.

She was beautiful.

Her mysterious dark green eyes locked with his foggy blue eyes. She put a finger to her lips, motioning him to be quiet as she moved around him and started to creep up on the Snow Leopard. She had a delicate body, she was around 5'5, still small compared to Cato. She had curves that you could make out under her sweatpants and black v-neck. Her Navy blue hoodie was a little to big for her but she didn't seem to mind. She was right behind the Snow Leapard. Cato thought she was crazy to come that close to a Leapard, but then he thought she was insane when he watched her pounce on the Leapard.

Holly immediately ran for it.

"Coward," Cato huffed before peering around corner to watch this girl wrestle with the animal.

She swiftly straddled the animal on its back before she poked the animal in the eyes, the blood staining her fingers. The animal cried out. The girl snuck her hands under it's shaggy fur before grabbing it's veins and twisting its head.

There was a sharp crack and a last whimper from the animal as it fell to the cold dirt ground. Dead. The girl climbed off the animal, grabbing its head before beginning to drag it towards Cato. He just stared at her shocked. Yes, if he wanted to he could have killed a beast with his bare hands, but he'd never really tried. He'd never even seen anyone else try! All he'd ever known is killing humans, humans that were 1/3 the size of that Snow Leopard.

The girl dragged it passed Cato, going closer and closer to the mountain walls. She turned behind a huge boulder that took her out of Catos sight. There was a wooden crack. Cato got up and ran behind the boulder to see what she was doing. She had kicked in a wooden door and dragged the beast into a softly lit hole. He slowly approached it, as he got closer and closer he could see the walls of the tiny living room inside the mountain.

"Hey! Did I say you could come in?" The girl snapped as she picked up the leopard and smacked it down on her dining table.

"Uh no. But i think I can come in," He winked. He didn't know what came over him. He just found her raw ability to kill so attractive. It wasn't what the training academy taught, making all the moves predictable and robotic. Hers where just… unpredictable.

She smiled before slipping out a tiny silver dagger and throwing it. It landed in the wall behind him, right between his legs. He silently took a breath, glad it actually hadn't hit him. He grabbed the knife and pulled it out the wall.

"Knife thrower?" he smirked before throwing it back at her.

She didn't flinch. She lifted her hand and casually caught it before placing it on the table.

"What made you guess?" She said, trying to hid her laugh.

"What's so funny?" He asked wanting to know what she was laughing at.

"The fact you think you can throw knives," She teased before going to her small cracked sink and turning it on.

"Maybe you should teach me then…" He said smoothly.

"Ah, no," She said before scrubbing her hands.

"Well I don't think you have a choice. I mean do you live up here? District 2 would be pretty happy to find you, then they could put you in the Games, make you kill for them. Maybe not even just in the Games. They could use you. If you refuse they'd think you a traitor of some sort. Make you an Avox," He continued talking, just wanting her to say yes to training him.

She nodded, smiling. She turned off the sink and grabbed her cloth, drying her hands as she turned around to face him.

"Blackmailing me? See your up in the mountains, no one would find you if I just killed you right now," She tried scaring him. She laughed. "But um, okay. I'll train you. But if you tell anyone about me and my cave. I will cut your balls off,"

"Well I'd rather you-,"

"Rule 1. No sexual jokes." Clove said as she saw Cato smirk. She sighed, he was adorably cute but he would be a challenge. She had to train him or else he would tell authorities on her. Then they would find her and know who she was. No. Not now. Her dad had done too much to try to protect her.

"Any other rules?" Cato asked, playfulness on his face. Finally he had found a girl… not like Holly. And he liked that.

"There are many, but for now we can keep it simple. I'll go over them tomorrow when you come back. Make it noon no later. Today, I got to start cooking my dinner," She said before picking up knife and looking down at Leopard. Cato didn't move. He just watched her.

"That's your cue to leave," Clove said.

Cato smiled. "Okay. But can I at least get your name?"

She sighed, thinking there was no danger in giving out her real name. She nodded and looked up at him.

"It's Clove."

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