"What are you afraid of?" Cato yelled back at Clove, who was persistent on kicking him out of her house.

"Like I have to tell you?" Clove yelled even louder, getting upset. He has been over at her house for to long.


"No! I don't have to! You think you know me so well!" Her voice was getting strained, not use to yelling this much.
"No I don't, but I do know that you've been stuck up in these mountains for so long you can't even realize what's happening."

"And what is happening?" Clove asked, her eyes burning with his.

"That you have feelings for me." Cato said as he closed the gap between them, his hand cupping her face as he kissed her passionately. She kissed back, angrily. Her hands roamed him as he pushed her through the living room, knocking over tables as he put her against the wall.

"I hate you for making me like you." Clove said against his lips.

"I know." Cato said as he ran his hands through her hair.

They wrecked the house just kissing, falling down onto the couch. She unzipped his pants, her hands tugging at his shirt. In the distance she heard slow crunching of snow, clicking and snapping of bullets being placed in there guns. She pulled away.

"What is it?" Cato asked.

There was a loud bang against the front door of the cave. Clove immediately jumped off the couch and felt for her gun strapped under one of the side tables. People were trying to break into her house. They constantly kept kicking the door, struggling against the four locks she had put up.

"You told on me?" Clove whispered over to Cato.

"What? No, what is going on?"

"You fucking told on told the Peacekeepers where I was and you led them here. I thought I could-," She stopped herself, ducking as the door busted open in a loud, red explosion.

"Hands up! It's Clear! MOVE MOVE MOVE!" All different kinds of commands were being yelled out. Clove got up from the couch, quickly aiming the gun and firing at as many peacekeepers as she could while she duck and rolled to her bedroom.

"Stop! Hey stop!" Cato yelled as he stood up, hands in the air.

"Son?" Catos dad said shocked.

"Dad what is going on?"

"Take him in as well." Catos dad commanded.

Two peacekeepers ran over to Cato, grabbing at his hands. Cato threw out his arms, punching one of them really good in the nose, the loud crack filling the air.

Clove picked up a nearby lamp and threw it over at a peacekeeper as she scrambled to get to her room, her fingers grabbing the door but a Peacekeeper grabbed her leg. She yelled and kicked but the Peacekeeper tasered her till she was unconscious.

"Where she would take them? Police station?"

"No this is bigger then us. Take them to the Capitol." Cato's dad commanded.

There was really only one type of transportation in Panem and that was by the silver sleek trains that went so fast you couldn't even feel it was moving. But this matter was so important they called in a helicopter. It was rare for some citizens to have Cars in Panem, and it was more rare for helicopters. Nobody but the Panem government had them, and they were under high end security so they could never be stolen or studied so others could make them.

They threw Cato and Cloves lifeless body into the helicopter, Cato's dad giving them the thumbs up to go. The driver nodded and took off. "Crew this Captian, clear the landing pad, we should be arriving in 5."

Clove's body regained feeling first. Her whole body prickling and her shoulder on fire. She used all her strength just to open her eyes a little to see where she was. The moment she pried her green eyes open, someone blind folded her before she could see anything.

"Someone very special want's to see you." A man whispered in her ear as he bond her hands and picked up her fragile body.

"What do you know?" A large man, even bigger then the 6'2 Cato, asked, his muscles bulging as he loudly cracked his knuckles.

"Know of what?" Cato asked, seriously confused and now agitated.

The man tilted back Cato's chair, covering his mouth with a soaked, dirty towel before nodding at another man to pour a bucket of hot water over his face. It burned his eyes and filled his throat, drowning him. When the towel was removed he quickly spit it out, gasping for air.

The whole time his dad watching.

"What do you know of Clover Nadine Setling?"

"What the fuck. Dad what is going on?"

"You were hiding Clover Nadine Setling, one of the most wanted people in Panem."

"What did she do?"

"Don't act like you don't know." The muscular man said.

"I don't!" Cato yelled.

"Cato just cooperate. You're already in a lot of trouble."

"For what, I don't understand!"

"Her father betrayed Panem, even after we enhanced his powers." the muscular man said.

"What does that have to do with her?"

"She has his powers to. Her and her father are the ultimate killing machines."

"Just make more."

"We can't. When her father Rike Setling went into hiding, he took all the information, the formulas, everything about the drug we used to enhance his powers with him. We believe his daughter can lead us to him."

"Then we can create an unstoppable army. No one will disobey Panem ever again. No one will be able to breath without my permission. You see I run a tight ship. I like District 1 and 2 and 4. They do everything I ask. But those other poor districts give me a problem you see. And I need to fix." President Snow said as he walked into the room. "What has he told you about the girl?"

"Absolutly nothing." The muscular man said annoyed.

"Son, if you withhold information, I'm going to have to kill you."

"I guess you'll have to, because I honestly know nothing."
"What were you doing up in the mountains then huh?" President Snow asked.

"Having tea and cookies." Cato said before the muscular man tipped back his chair and stuffed his mouth with the towel, pouring more extrememly hot water over him.

President Snow walked out.

Clove's whole body shivered as they lifted her head from the freezing, ice cold water. She spit out the water before they turned her around to face President Snow. His hands were behind his back patiently, a creepy smile on his face.

"Well look who we caught. Are my people treating you kindly?"
Clove didn't answer to his sarcasm, so Snow stopped the games.

"Where is your father."
No answer.

"Where is your father?"

"You... will never know." Clove stuttered, closing her eyes and preparing herself for the cold water but instead they lifted her up and dragged her over to a chair, strapping wires all over her.

"You have one more chance before we start up this party?" President Snow smiled as someone handed him the control to the chair.

"He's up your ass." Clove laughed before Snow turned the dial and shocked her, her whole body vibrating and shaking, her head throbbing and fingers burning.

"Son, I have no problem killing you if it means protecting Panem." Cato's dad said.

"No, you just want to look good capturing her and finding her father. But you never will." Cato said as he broke out of his bonds, punching the muscular man and pushing him the ground, quickly stealing his gun. He then went over to his father, grabbing him by the collar. "Take me to her."

"Shoot me first." His dad said.

"Maybe later." Cato said before pushing his dad forward. His dad did lead him to another room where Clove was tied to a chair, her skin burnt and blood oozing from her. President Snow had left earlier, going to talk to his military. Cato knocked his dad in the back of the head with the butt of his gun, making him fall to the ground. He then ran over to Clove, yanking the bonds apart and helping her stand.

"Cato what are you doing here?"

"Saving you"

"After you told on me? I trusted you once, I'm not making that mistake again." She asked, finally able to stand up on her own.

"You can still trust me now, I never told anyone about you. Now do you have another stupid question or can we start an escape plan?" Cato asked.

Clove gritted her teeth,"Start to the top of this building, there is a helicopter for President Snow just in case of an emergency."

Cato listened to everything Clove said, making quick turns and shooting anybody he saw. An alarm was set off and all the exists and doors began to look. Cato shot at the door handles, breaking them off and continuing to the 88th floor. He kicked open the door, seeing a room with no other windows or doors.
"Or so you think." Clove said, letting go off Cato and walking to the middle of the floor, stomping around before finding the hallow area. She knelt down and opened a trap door, invisible to the naked eye. They both jumped down to the small room, landing on the feet swiftly before looking around in the pitch dark. Clove wandered around blindly before hitting something metal. The helicopter.

They both jumped in, Clove flying and Cato on watch out. She immediately punched out the middle screen, knowing that was the tracker if this helicopter ever went missing. She then started the engines, the copter hovering a little over the ground before the Peacekeepers busted in, beginning to fire all types of weapons. Clove turned the helicopter, ducking the gun shots before busting through the large glass window to fly away.

"Do you have any family you can stay with?" Clove asked Cato.

"What? No i'm staying with you."

"No your not."

"Yes I am. Look don't start with me on this. I am staying with you. I didn't just get tortured and now am wanted dead for nothing. I did for you." he said. "So where are we going?"

"The ocean." Clove said as she flew over the large, glistening blue ocean. For miles and miles each way you couldn't any land. She reached over to the headset, switching the dial and changing the wires to radio before finding the station she was looking for. "Passcode. 159. Hey Chauncey, you guys still at base in mid pacific? Alright. Mind if I dock? Thanks my man. See you in 5."

"Secret code your one day going to teach me?" Cato smiled.

"I'll teach it to ya know. Passcode so they know if your a member. Base as in there submarine. Mid pacific as in where they are. Dock as in were going to land there. And in 5 as in 5 minutes."

"How are we going to land there, I don't see anything." Cato asked lost.

"That's because there underwater. Now when I say jump, jump, and follow me. On three." Clove said as she took of her headset.

Cato didn't ask any question. He only nodded. " I've always imagined my time at the ocean would be more romantic instead of me possibly dying."

"Coming from the guy who wanted to be in the Hunger Games. Manly." Clove teased, slightly still upset at him. "One, two..." she never had to say three because they both knew what to do.

They jumped.