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Chapter 1

Bella's Point of View

"Go on, Bella," Charlie urged, pushing me forward gently. "Kindergarten isn't so bad. You meet new friends and new teachers. Forks Elementary School is bigger than your preschool, so you'll be able to play on bigger playgrounds. See?" He pointed to the big, open space with handball and basketball courts, as well as swings and slides.

I was still reluctant to go. I bit my lip.

"What if the teacher doesn't like me?" I asked. "Teacher Cindy didn't like me, remember?" I was referring to my elderly preschool teacher who had looked at me with distaste every time I answered a question.

Charlie laughed. "Teacher Cindy was an old grandma. Your teacher won't be, I promise. I swear she'll like you, Bells."

"Promise?" I asked, looking up at him with my wide, chocolate-colored eyes.

He nodded, smiling his warm smile. "Go ahead, kiddo. Go on. You'll have fun."

I frowned, deciding. My feet seemed to be glued to the ground.

"Charlie," a man said from behind us.

We both turned to see a handsome man in his late twenties with blonde hair. A cute-looking boy with strange bronze hair with a black backpack on his shoulders stood by his side, looking quite bored.

"Carlisle," Charlie greeted him warmly. "I haven't seen you in years. I thought you were in New York?"

"I was," Carlisle said. "But we were homesick. And Father's getting better, so I decided to come back. Edward here is starting school now too, and I figured, why not at my hometown?"

Charlie glanced at the cute boy who was gazing at me curiously.

I blushed and looked down instantly, stepping backwards behind Charlie to hide myself.

"So this is your youngest?" Charlie asked, grinning. "He's a beauty, Carlisle."

Carlisle chuckled, looking down affectionately at the boy. "Yes, he is. Esme fell in love with him instantly. So did I. His siblings love him. He's getting a bit spoiled."

"When are you going to stop adopting?" Charlie wondered, laughing. "Isn't five enough?"

"Edward's our last," Carlisle said. "I don't think we can keep adopting like this; our family's already big as it is. Emmett and Jasper are already in their third year of training, and Rosalie and Alice are into their second. Edward's starting this year too, as a matter of fact-" He stopped abruptly as his gaze fell on me.

Charlie glanced at me suddenly, as if he had forgotten about me. He looked sheepish, as if he had been talking about some great secret that he wasn't supposed to talk about in front of his daughter.

Carlisle looked wary too. But he studied me with some interest.

"Your daughter, Charlie?" he asked, peering at me intently.

I stared back, intrigued at the way his blonde hair seemed so different from his son's. Adopted. That meant that the boy wasn't his biologically.

I was young and naïve, but I was intelligent for my age. I knew many big words already, and I was eager to learn.

The cute boy named Edward kept staring at me, his green eyes boring into my plain brown ones. He didn't look away which made me slightly uncomfortable as I stared at his handsome father.

"Ah, yes," Charlie said, patting my back lightly. "This is Isabella. Everyone calls her Bella, though. Bella, this is a good friend of mine, Carlisle."

"Hello, Bella," Carlisle said good-naturedly. "Nice to meet you."

I nodded shyly before hiding behind my father again.

"She looks strong, Charlie," Carlisle mused. "Did you ever consider sending her to CETA to be trained?"

Charlie grinned. "Of course I did. Bella's feisty. She looks fragile, but she's actually very tough. You should've seen her standing up to those boys who were bullying the girls back in preschool."

Carlisle looked intrigued. "What happened?"

"Well, let's just say that they never bothered the girls again," Charlie said, laughing. "I think one of them had a black eye for about a month."

Carlisle burst out laughing. "We could definitely use a girl like her. She would be good as a DSA, don't you think?"

"We'll see," Charlie said.

I had no idea what they were talking about. It was as if they were talking in codes or something.

"So you coming back to work then?" Charlie asked.

Carlisle nodded. "Yeah. I guess I'll see you on Saturday then."

Charlie nodded. "I guess so. Anything special?"

"I hope so," Carlisle said. "I've been working in New York, but I didn't know anyone there. It wasn't as fun." He glanced down at me again longingly. "Think about sending her to CETA, Charlie. She's definitely strong enough to survive there."

The first bell rang in the distance.

"Well, you'd better get going, Edward," Carlisle said, glancing down at his watch. "Have a good day, son."

Edward glanced up at his father. He merely nodded, then started walking towards the gates.

"Wait, Edward," Charlie said suddenly.

Edward paused and looked back curiously.

"Could you take Bella with you?" Charlie asked. "She won't leave."

Carlisle chuckled. "The first day's always hard."

I looked up at my father in alarm. "No!"

Edward looked amused. For a five-year-old, he looked intelligent, like me. He looked at me for a second, then walked back. He waited.

I frowned at him. Then, I did the most childish thing in the world. I stuck out my tongue at him, then hid back behind my father.

Carlisle and Charlie started cracking up, but I didn't regret my actions. Who did this boy thing he was, thinking he could lead me there? Lead me somewhere I wouldn't be appreciated. He couldn't make me.

I heard a small sigh. I peeked out again warily. Did I hurt his feelings? I suddenly felt guilty.

Edward didn't look upset. He didn't look like he was going to cry, like most of the boys would back at the preschool. He frowned slightly, but not in an annoyed way. I knew he was wondering how to get me away from my father.

Finally, he walked forward, closing the gap between us. He reached for my right hand. He tugged on it gently, shocking me.

Carlisle and Charlie looked at us in fascination. I didn't know what was so amusing.

I pouted. I glanced up at Charlie who smiled encouragingly. Then, sighing, I let the boy lead me away from my safety zone, and into the playground of the strange, new place.

Edward's hand grasped mine firmly. He didn't seem to have any intention on letting me go. Although I was annoyed with this boy, I was also curious about him. Wasn't he afraid to go to school at all?

His walk was confident and fluid. I envied him. When I walked, I was lucky if I made it without falling for ten minutes.

"Who's your teacher?" Edward asked as we reached the buildings.

His voice shocked me. Instead of the loud, rude voice of a five-year-old boy that I'd been expecting, his voice was quiet and smooth. It was musical and soothing.

He looked at me expectantly. I realized that he was expecting an answer.

"Marble," I mumbled, looking down and blushing again. His beautiful green eyes were unnerving as they bored right through mine. How did he do that?

Without another word, he led me to a class at the far end of the hallway. He turned the knob of the door and marched right inside…still not letting go of me.

The middle-aged woman that I assumed was Mrs. Marble looked at us in surprise.

"Well, hello," she greeted us. "And who are you?"

"I'm Edward Cullen," Edward said in his quiet voice. "This is Bella Swan."

Another shock. How did he know my last name?

"Oh," Mrs. Marble said, smiling knowingly. "Are you together? Friends, perhaps?"

Edward looked thoughtful. "Not really." He glanced at me.

"How did you come together?" she asked.

"Our fathers are friends," I said, speaking for the first time.

Mrs. Marble looked amused. She was looking at our touching hands.

"Okay, then, Mr. Cullen, Miss Swan," she said. "You can sit next to each other in that back table over there. Please place your backpacks in the back of the room first."

Edward dragged me to the back of the room, even though I didn't need help anymore. I was getting more annoyed. My expression was getting sulky. He was so pushy.

He finally let go of my hand as he took off his backpack. I imitated him before going to our table and sitting down on the low chair towards the right. Edward sat to my left.

I looked around, curiosity taking over. I was relieved that Mrs. Marble seemed nice. She wouldn't hate me for the rest of the year then.

The second bell rang, and Mrs. Marble closed the door.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen!" she said, clapping her hands. "Welcome to Mrs. Marble's Kindergarten class! I'm looking forward to a great year with all of you!"

I sighed quietly. Teachers were such liars. You never had a great year, no matter what kinds of teachers you had.

Edward glanced at me curiously. I ignored him as best as I could by staring hard at the teacher's every movement. I did not want to get acquainted with this pushy guy.

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