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Chapter 80


I tried not to flinch when the handsome man's tongue roamed around the back of my neck. I struggled to keep my expression blank to suppress any suspicions.

I had to resist the urge to smack the other sexy guy from creeping his hand slowly toward her private spot.

"Well, now," the other guy crooned at her. "Isn't this nice? You have such a nice body..."

"Are you two sisters?" the guy behind me breathed. "You look very alike."

The other guy leered at me. "She's a sexy one, Blake," he mused, his eyes flickering down my body. "Wanna trade?"

Renesmee glanced toward me. I could see revulsion and disgust in her eyes. But I also sensed her impressed respect for me.

She clutched at the second guy. "What the hell?" she whined, forcing the guy to look back at her. "Don't leave me, baby. I'm younger than she is!"

I almost laughed out loud. She was getting hell for that later.

I scowled at her. "Don't listen to her. She's just jealous 'cause I'm better at this than she is."

"Better at what, girlie?" the guy behind me asked in what he apparently thought was a seductive tone.

"Oh, god," a voice erupted from my ear piece loudly. I resisted the urge to wince, and I could tell that Renesmee, too, had to control herself at the sudden explosion. "When I get my hands on those two bastards, I swear I will rip them into eight pieces and throw them down the building and-"

Shut up, shut up now, I chanted in my head, willing for him to seriously shut his mouth. Not when she was hearing this...

"Jealous, eh?" Renesmee's guy shot at the other ten men in the room, watching and nearly drooling. They were bodyguards of these two leaders, and friends, apparently.

"Let us have a lick at 'em, will ya?" one of them pleaded. His gaze flickered to me. "She looks awful tasty."

My guy barked out a laugh. "Yeah, right. Like we'll let you." His hand drifted down to my chest and lingered. "See this?" He cackled.

If he drifted down to my privates, I swear I was going to bust his head. How revolting.

"Come here, cutie," the other guy crooned, and dragged Renesmee to the spare bed in the corner.

She went willingly enough, but I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was: Ew.

I knew I wasn't going to make it. I was going to blow Ben and Alice's carefully laid plans and wreck it ten minutes too early. But I couldn't blame myself. These men were moving faster than we'd planned.

He was touching her chest...

I was ignoring the growl in my ear piece.

He was breathing in her sweet scent as his hand drifted down...

I gave myself five seconds.

He reached her pelvis...

The voice in my ear piece and I had reached our limit.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you," I warned lightly, causing the young man to pause and look at me.

"Do what?" he slurred, obviously drunken by the effect of Renesmee.

"Touch her," I said.

He laughed. "Oh, getting jealous, yeah? Well, come here, darling, and I'll do you first."

Smiling seductively, I got up from my spot despite my guy's protests and walked toward the pair slowly. I saw Renesmee's widening, alarmed eyes and her silent warning.

But I would much rather sacrifice myself than let my less experienced junior DSA risk her virginity.

I waited for the guy to lay his hand on my shoulder and drift down my arm. Instantly, I pushed Renesmee onto the bed, away from his grasp, and bent the man's arm back.

The other men cried out in alarm as I backed away from everyone with my hostage, suddenly holding my favorite knife to the man's throat. I jerked my head toward Renesmee, who was scowling at my hard push, indicating for her to join me.

Renesmee rolled her eyes as she came to stand next to me, brandishing a silver knife that her father had presented her when she'd graduated from CETA early. "Leave it to you to wreck the plan."

"I wasn't going to let you lose your virginity."

We both winced at the curse words spitting into our ear piece.

"I could've handled it myself, boss," Renesmee sighed, glancing at my prisoner, who was slowly turning blue due to the lack of air.

"Oh, Ness," I mocked back. "You're too naïve. Too many things to learn, sweetie. Let's stick to Plan B, shall we?"

"What's Plan B?" Alice asked through our ear pieces. "Did we even have a Plan B?"

"No," Renesmee snorted. "If we did, she's completely on her own."

The men pulled out their guns and aimed it at us. For a moment, Renesmee and I were stunned, for we had definitely seen them turning in their weapons to the security guards outside before coming inside the hotel room.

Renesmee broke the silence. "Now are you having fun?"

"This is Plan B?" Alice asked dryly. "Having guns aimed at two women?"

"No, this is definitely Plan C," I mumbled. I backed up to the balcony, my knife pressed against the man's throat. "Let's all put down our weapons now, shall we?" I coaxed. "Or your boss goes bye-bye."

My hostage waved his arms wildly, his eyes growing wide in panic. The men pressed in on us, their eyes narrowing.

"Who are you?" the guy I had entertained earlier demanded. "You're no strippers."

"No, duh," Renesmee said sarcastically.

I smiled angelically. "Please tell me backup is on the way."

As if answering my question, the door burst open, and Isis agents came filing in, shouting for everyone to drop their weapons and get down. But before the men could do so voluntarily, they were knocked to the floor, groaning, their guns flying out of their hands.

I passed my hostage to Austin, who pushed him roughly back inside the room to join his colleagues. I glanced at Renesmee who was twirling her knife expertly, watching Emmett boss around the guy who had been fooling around with me. She giggled when the man refused to answer his question and got punched instead.

"How are my favorite girls?" Jasper asked, looking up and smiling. "You're okay? Not hurt, are you?"

Renesmee rolled her eyes again. "As if she'd let me be touched." She smiled affectionately at me, however.

"Where are those two bastards?" Edward demanded, entering the room. He stepped over a guy who was passed out on the floor, and glanced around the room.

I looked up at the ceiling, sighing. "Edward?"

"Where are they, Em?" Edward asked. To my dismay, Emmett pointed at the two guys wordlessly, grinning.

"Oh, it's you two," Edward snarled. "I'll start with you," he informed the guy who had been touching me. "I'll teach you a thing or two for messing with my wife, you-"

I leaned in and pulled him back before he could punch him. "We need him alive, Edward. So I would appreciate it if you would restrain yourself."

"Restrain myself?" Edward growled. "How can you say that? Do you know how hard it was, standing in some place other than this room without you? If I had been in the room with you-"

"I'm sure you would've been quite helpful in killing them," I interrupted. "But you're not setting a very good example for Nessie here, who happens to be our junior DSA. We're role models; do I need to remind you of that?"

"Thanks for reminding me," Edward snarled, turning to the other guy. "I will literally kill you for thinking you can sleep with my daughter, you-"

Renesmee looked extremely entertained and didn't even bother to stop her father. Instead, she crossed her arms and looked smug, as though she was thinking the man needed a beating for thinking inappropriate thoughts about her.

Like father, like daughter.

"Take them away, boys," I said swiftly before Edward could fly his fist.

"Bella!" Edward complained.

The men looked incredibly relieved at being taken away without being punched. They'll be wishing they had been punched later, when we killed them to protect our Isis secret after we got the answers to our questions.

Edward glowered at me, sulking. I smiled prettily at him and linked my arm through his. "Poor Edward," I cooed. "Pouting, are we?"

Renesmee laughed and sat lightly on the bed. "I'm fine, Daddy. It's not like Mom was going to let them touch me."

"In their dreams," I agreed.

Edward sighed and slid his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. "I'm glad this mission is over. My girls are too pretty for their own good."

"I hope that was a good experience for you, baby," I told her. "Being a DSA is no easy job. You may have learned the things you must be responsible for in theory during your training at CETA, but doing it personally is a whole different story."

Renesmee nodded. "I realize it now. I think I underestimated the mission." She laughed suddenly. "I'm impressed that my mother is still a big-shot among men, even if she is almost forty and married with one teenaged daughter."

"Why do you think I'm still so worried about her safety?" Edward grumbled as he pulled away and left the room, following our agents.

I laughed and reached for my daughter, putting an arm around her shoulder. She slid hers around my waist, and we walked out, following the head of our family.

"I'm not sure I can keep doing my job," I mused, keeping my eyes on Edward's back. "Your father is incredibly protective."

"Extremely," Renesmee agreed. "I don't know how you managed to endure that trait of his this long."

I was thoughtful. "That trait of his makes him stubborn, which is why we're here today. Married, with a beautiful daughter who has an excellent aptitude of making a great DSA. You'll go far, sweetie. I just know it."

Renesmee smiled proudly. "Because I'm your daughter. Because I'm my father's daughter."

I glanced at her. She resembled my one true love strikingly. She had my brown eyes and my pale complexion, complete with my narrow figure, but her face was all Edward's. Her skills were far more advanced than others her age at sixteen, enabling her to graduate early, as Edward and I had.

"Promise me you'll be careful," I implored.

She smiled. "Of course, Mother. You'll be watching over me, making sure I don't step out of line. How can I not?"

I shook my head. "I won't always be there, and you know it."

She looked alarmed suddenly. "You're not going to retire, are you?"

I sighed, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "A DSA has its limits."

"You're still young, Mom," she said. "If that scene in that room earlier isn't proof, I don't know what is. You've still got your charm...and your body," she added with an amused smile. "You don't look a day older than twenty."

"Oh, Nessie," I laughed. "Twenty was when I had you. When someone-" I cleared my throat loudly, making sure my voice carried all the way to my husband, "-knocked me up."

Edward glanced back guiltily before disappearing around the corner, clearly desperate to escape the one topic that he had no excuse for. Renesmee shook her head at our immaturity.

"But I don't plan on retiring anytime soon, baby," I told her fondly. "The best way to make sure my daughter is safe is to stick closely by her side and double-check whether I'll send her to her possible death, or send my husband to his possible death."

"So you'll send Dad before you'll send me?"

"Yes," I said matter-of-factly. "He's older. Much more experienced. Whereas my sixteen-year old is just starting. After a bunch of experience, and when I think you're ready, I'll send you out on your own. Until then-"

"I'm stuck with either you or Dad?" she guessed.

I ruffled her hair affectionately. "That's right, my little nudger. What, got a problem with that?"

She sighed mockingly. "I'm thinking...that I should find a fellow DSA to keep me in check who isn't my parent. A DSA of the opposite sex will do, I think... Maybe I'll find a true love in him, like you found in Edward Cullen."

My eyes widened, and she flounced away, laughing at her own joke. "Renesmee Carlie Swan-Cullen, you get right back here!"

She ignored me and joined Edward instead, slipping her arm in his and engaging him in a conversation. I watched as he laughed out loud as she repeated the joke she'd just told.

Edward glanced back at me, looking amused and playful, his eyes sparkling. Unlike me, he was incredibly smug when it came to the subject of me finally surrendering to his rebellious act toward the number one rule. My one failure...and his perfect record of always winning.

When I walked into headquarters last, everyone was quiet, some looking somber and disappointed. I was surprised to see Carlisle and Esme there, speaking to Edward and the rest of our siblings. Renesmee was clutching her grandmother's arm, frowning and pouting.

"What's wrong?" I wondered, sidling up to my husband's side. "Carlisle, did something happen?"

Carlisle smiled as he addressed me. "No, your agents are just being silly because I'm here to take you two away."

I raised my eyebrow. "Take who two away?"

"You and your husband," Alice said brightly, the only one who was not disappointed. "Who else?"

"And where would we go?" I asked. "I'm basically stuck here as the head, and as my second-in-command, Edward can't-"

"Oh, don't be silly," Esme chided, her eyes sparkling. "Surely, you wouldn't defy the orders of the Head and his wife of taking their places, now, would you?"

I blinked, confused. "Eh?"

Renesmee burst into tears and threw herself at me. "You promised you'd stick close to me, Mommy! You can't leave me! You need to make sure I don't act like Dad and break all the rules, remember?"

"Renesmee!" Edward said, looking mockingly shocked. In fact, he was also one of the very few who looked very relaxed about the whole situation. "How can you betray me like that?"

"Mommy, don't leave!" Nessie bawled.

I just stood there, surprised and lost as my daughter buried her face against my chest. "Can someone tell me what's going on?"

"We've been transferred, love," Edward informed me, smiling. "Back to the Heart."

"Transferred?" I echoed. "Why?"

"We're retiring," Carlisle announced. "Esme and I thought we should let go of our responsibilities and have some fun before we get too old." He winked playfully.

"And we're passing on our responsibilities to you and Edward," Esme added. "You two are the only ones who have the most experience with leadership positions."

"From now on," Carlisle said, "all of Isis rests upon you two." He raised his hand. "I'm done. I'm taking my hands off of the organization. I'm trusting that you two will do a better job than we did." He sighed. "Heaven knows we've been too lenient on our agents, letting three couples from Isis marry each other."

Alice's tinkling laughter broke the tension. "Aw, you know you'll do it again in a jiffy. And the one couple you shouldn't regret giving permission to is Edward and Bella. They even gave you a beautiful granddaughter."

Renesmee wailed harder.

I looked at Edward, taken aback by the sudden announcement. "And you're okay with this?"

He shrugged. "It was bound to happen, sooner or later. Come here, Ness."

Renesmee clung to me harder, shaking her head. "Go away! You agreed to this! You're going to take Mom away and leave me to do the missions all by myself! I hate you, go away!"

Edward's jaw dropped. "Oh, so now I'm the bad guy?"

"Alright, you two," I said sternly. "Take the immaturity down a notch."

Edward pouted. "But she's the one that's going to take you away from me."

I sighed. Edward and Renesmee were father and daughter, but that didn't stop them from constantly fighting for my affections. Their actions were cute, but at a situation like this...

On the other hand, the rest of my family looked amused at their usual bickering over me. They found it incredibly adorable.

"This is so sudden," I admitted. "I don't know about this. I mean, of course, I can't speak for Edward. While he's my husband, he is a Cullen-"

"No, Bella," Carlisle interrupted. "You misunderstood. You're assuming I gave my Head position to Edward."

I paused. "Huh?"

"You know I've been wondering to whom I should bestow the Head position to," Carlisle explained. "I have five children. I didn't know who would be the best person for the job. That's when I realized I'd been thinking in the wrong way. There's no law that said I had to pass on the inheritance to a Cullen, is there?"

I blinked. "You mean..."

"You," Carlisle agreed, smiling. "You're the best for the job. You've been the head of Seattle branch for years now. Who knows Isis better than you do? Who's a better agent than you are?"

"Edward," I answered immediately.

Edward rolled his eyes. I pried Renesmee away from me and sat her down on a chair.

"By passing on our authority to you, you no longer have to go by your maiden name," Esme said. "I know Edward was incredibly frustrated by not being able to call his own wife a Cullen. But you had no choice, since Charlie and Renee only gave birth to a daughter. If a Swan becomes the Head, the Swan family becomes a joint owner of Isis along with the Cullens, and your family's name will never be lost."

I was overwhelmed at all the benefits this offer could bring me. "Wow. I mean...are you sure? You might regret it later."

Carlisle shook his head. "I don't think so. Everyone seems to think you're the best person for the job." He glanced at Renesmee. "Except for one person."

"You can't take Mom away!" Nessie pouted. "She just promised to me that she'll never leave me! That she'll be with me until I can handle on my own!"

"Oh, sweetie, you'll do fine without her," Rosalie said, kneeling down next to her niece. "And she'll always be with you, in your heart. You'll be heeding her words of advice whenever you're on a mission. She's not going away forever."

"She'll come visit often, I'm sure," Jasper added. "I doubt she'll be able to stay away for long periods of time when she'll be worried sick over your safety."

"And you can call her every day," Emmett said. "Problem solved."

"What about Daddy?"

Edward shrugged. "I'll call you every day too, Ness."

She still looked unsatisfied. "Hmph."

"Will you accept?" Carlisle asked hopefully. "There are disadvantages, I'm sure, but I'm hoping you can do a far better job than I was ever able to do."

I smiled. "Sure, Carlisle. I'll help you out."

"And I'm the second-in-command, as always," Edward joked. He hugged me from behind, inhaling my scent. "I'm proud of you," he whispered.

"MOTHER!" Renesmee screamed, bouncing up and down indignantly in her seat, and making everyone laugh at her reaction.

I looked down at her amusedly for a moment, thoughtfully, before turning to everyone else. "Alright, listen up. As I'm apparently being promoted, that leaves a blank spot to be filled. The head of branch position cannot be left empty for very long, and the thing for all of you to do will be to vote quickly on the subject of your new leader. Any nominations?"

Austin's hand flew up.

"Austin?" I called.

He lowered his arm, grinning widely. "Who knew I would live long enough to elect another head of branch after you, Bella?" He looked around. "I think you all know who I'm going to nominate. If I nominated you to be my head years ago, it's only right that I nominate your daughter, right?"

Renesmee's head snapped up. "What?"

Ben's hand went up. "Another vote for Renesmee Cullen here!"

Several other hands went up.

"What the heck are you guys doing?" Nessie demanded, jumping up and forgetting to act pitiful at her indignation. "You can't possibly be in your right minds to vote for me to be your leader, for heaven's sake-"

"Is it unanimous?" I asked.

Everyone nodded eagerly.

I looked at my daughter smugly. "Congratulations, new head of branch. From now on, I hope that you'll do everything in your power to guide Seattle branch under your authority."

She looked annoyed by the congratulations that all the agents shouted at her, and when her aunts and uncles moved into give her hugs, she shrieked and darted out of the room, no doubt heading up to the roof.

Edward stared after her, looking thoughtful. "I hope she does alright."

"Of course she will," I said, laughing slightly and linking my arm through his. I leaned my head on his shoulder. "She's our daughter."

I walked through the Hall of Fame, studying each picture as I passed. The Hall of Fame in the Heart of Isis was much grander than the one back home. The lights were brighter as it shined on the pictures of the pride and glory of Isis.

I paused in front of my father's picture. His young face looked full of joy and youth as

he stared up at me. He marked the long, consistent trail of male agents in the Hall.

I moved onto the next – and newest – display case. I stared at my own laughing face at the age of seventeen posted at the center of the case. The first and only female so far to have made it to the Hall of Fame. An incredible honor and accomplishment for me.

My eyes slid down to the plaque below my picture: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, Head of Seattle Branch, Head of Isis. Various medals hung from the side of the case, and there were several pictures decorating the rest of the space, something unheard of in the Hall.

One was an image of my father and I at the lake a few years ago, smiling at the camera. Another held a picture of my parents and I, taken when I had accompanied Charlie to visit Renee in Florida.

A third picture was of Edward and I, at our honeymoon. We looked so blissfully happy together as I laughed at a joke he'd just made. A fourth picture held our family of three, with Renesmee sitting next to me, and Edward standing behind us, with his hands on our shoulders.

My gaze lingered on the fourth picture the longest, thinking back to the age of seventeen and wondering how I'd ended up like this.

With such a huge blessing, to be married to the love of my life and to be a proud parent of a daughter who worked hard each and every day to live up to her parents' name and reputation.

I smiled when I felt his strong arms snake around my waist and his chin rest lightly on my shoulder. "Where have you been, stranger? I've been looking for you."

"Calling Nessie," Edward murmured. "She misses us."

I sighed. "I do too. It's too bad we can't be with her, for her seventeenth birthday."

"You should call her," he said. "She's pouting because it was me who called her, not you. She's getting too attached to you."

"So are you."

"I'm supposed to get attached to you," Edward reminded me softly. "I'm your husband. It's my job."

"It's unhealthy, your protectiveness."

"Guess I'll die sooner than you will, then," he joked lightly. "That's good."

I glanced back disapprovingly. "Edward..."

He silenced me with a kiss. He pulled away long enough to murmur, "I love you."

I smiled happily. "I love you."

As we kissed in the huge Hall, I thought back to the age of five, and watched as my life flashed forward in my mind – past the hundreds of missions I'd taken part in, with and without Edward.

And although there was a part of me that regretted killing all my enemies because I'd had no choice, I did thank Isis for one thing: For having had the number one rule to forbid agents from loving each other. Without its pressure, I wouldn't have been able to go through those hardships so that I could now appreciate what I'd taken for granted back then.

I was eternally grateful to Isis for teaching me life...and love.

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