"Martha Jones," the Doctor said in a voice that spoke of his utter pride in his companion. His face was split in a toothy grin that almost rivaled his fourth incarnations. "You are one remarkable woman!"

Martha couldn't help but smile back as she felt her cheeks warming in slight embarrassment at his compliment. "Thank you, Doctor," she playfully curtsied in the dress she wore to match the era they were in. Well, the era on an alien planet, which she wasn't sure how it matched up to Earth's timeline.

"I must ask though, how did you know where to find the Queen's daughter?" the Doctor asked as he offered her his arm and started them off to where the TARDIS was parked.

Martha sobered slightly, "I know how it feels to be in unrequited love."

The Doctor hummed, sobering as well. "So do I…" he said almost to himself. "Sorry," he then whispered to her. They walked the rest of the way to the TARDIS in silence, each consumed in their own thoughts.