"Uuuurrrgggg," Romana rolled over, running into another warm, fully clothed body.

"Pretty much sums up how I feel," the Doctor rumbled, patting her head as if she where a puppy. "Jelly baby?"

"What in the name of Rassilon happened?" she buried her face in the Doctor's side to flee from the offered sweet. Food of any kind was not an option at the moment.

"I convinced you to taste the wilder side of the universe," He replied. After sniffing the rejected jelly baby, he popped it in his mouth. "After leaving Station 3-5-7's bar, I think we found our way to the original Vegas sometime in the 1980's."

She willed herself to sit up and look around the room they found themselves in. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and covered her forehead with one hand. "I feel like I need a detox. So we are in some cheap hotel room?"

The Doctor bounced up and put his scarf on. "Seems so!" he said far too cheerily.

"I feel like a hung over, stupid idiot." She said, in a voice as cheerful as his, but falsely so.

He held up his hands, palms facing towards her, and grinned. "Well, think on the bright side! At least we didn't to something horribly rash!"

"Like what?" She was a bit worried to ask.

"Like get married!" he said with a twinkle in his eye. Her face at that moment was worth his cheek hurting for the rest of the day from the slap that followed.