Data blinked. Once, twice. Than he stopped and stared at the screen in front of him for exactly one minute, ten, point zero, zero, four seconds. Then he decided that if he were human he would need to blink again. So he did. Then he practiced a sneeze. His auditory sensors told him he was still a little off. He decided to shrug to himself about this. Deciding something as minimal as shrugging took less .0000001 seconds. He also did it while going over the next mission assignment again and listening to four different pieces of music.

Spot took this moment to jump up onto his lap. Data started petting her as he commanded the computer to bring up information on A Wrinkle in Time. A crew member had quoted it and Data had yet to read this book and its multiple sequels. So he set about doing so, as he added a Vulcan piece of music to what he was listening to and picked up a toy for Spot to play with.

As he sat there going over mission reports, reading and contemplated novels, playing with his cat, listening and processing five pieces of music, and practicing his sneezing, he wondered if this was as close to feeling the emotion of boredom he had ever been.