The Curse of Arachne

It was a cool Halloween night at Camp Half-Blood, a breeze blew through the trees as Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Jason and Nico sat around a crackling fire. There was no trick-or-treating except for Connor and Travis's pranks and the pumpkin pie at dinner, no one wanted to risk being jumped by real monsters.

"Let's tell some scary stories," suggested Nico.

"Okay, you want a scary story then I've got one," replied Annabeth.

"Is this one of those a story I heard from my aunt about my dad's sister's cousin's best friend's daughter?" asked Jason.

"No this an Athena Cabin legend, it really happened to the last Athena consular, Jackson Miller," she began.

"Jackson was a good kid, he had a girlfriend and was about to go full ride to Yale. However his fatal flaw was hubris and showed it.

You know the story of Arachne and how my mother turned her into a spider after losing to her in a weaving contest. Well Jackson liked to kill spiders, to step on them, spray them whatever, just to show that the children of Athena were still on top of the children of Arachne. And one day instead of sacrificing his leftovers to Athena he used them to curse Arachne which is a major insult.

A few days before Halloween Jackson noticed that spiders kept coming into the Athena Cabin, a few at first but they kept coming. He didn't freak at first and just kept stomping on them but they kept coming like a tsunami of eight legged creepy crawlies. Two days before Halloween he went to the store and bought every bug bomb and spider spray he could find.

However the other campers weren't happy about the pesticides making them sick so they forced Jackson to stop. That night the spiders came in while Jackson was asleep. When he woke up he was covered in spider bites.

But the bites didn't fade away they kept growing bigger as they festered and began to smell like rotting flesh. No one wanted to be around Jackson, not even his girlfriend but what was the worst for him was the pain. Horrid pain that made him vomit as much as the sight and smell of his wounds did. Not even the healers of Apollo could help him, that night he cried himself to sleep.

In the morning the other Athena kids woke up to find Jackson completely covered in spider webs, like he was mummified. One of kids went up close to see Jackson's greenish-yellow and rotting corpse covered with spiders. Suddenly Jackson began to move.

"Help me, it itches so much," he moaned before a wave of spiders crawled out of him mouth. He was dead and the camp got ready for the funeral.

Before the funeral pyre the Athena kids wanted to lift the veil they had made to see Jackson one more time. But when they unveiled him all they found were bloody bones. The spiders had liquidized him and sucked out all the nutrients.

Some say that the same spiders that feasted on Jackson still crave human flesh and not just the Athena kids, every year they say someone in New York goes missing, eaten by Arachne's children.

Others say that there was no place for Jackson Miller in the underworld. So his ghost still walks the grounds of Camp Half-Blood moaning "It itches so much,".

Jackson had so much going for him and his story serves as a warning to all children of Athena." Annabeth finished.

The others were silent and there were a few worried glances, as if to check for the ghost of Jackson Miller. Grover froze as something crawled up his neck.

"Killer spiders!" he screamed. Percy snickered and Grover realized that it was just his fingers. He looked as furious as a half goat kid could be.

"You think that was scary? Well its my turn, this is a true story about to satyers and its called 'Can't Eat Meat'" began Grover.

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