I'm Back!

Gorgon Lipstick

The mess hall radiated a warm, festive aura as campers mulled around in costumes drinking hot apple cider. Drew was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Conner and Travis had died their hair orange and came as the Fred & George Weasly while Clovis was the tenth, no ninth Doctor.

As for Percy, he had decided to go as his father Poseidon complete with a wooden trident. It must have looked slightly odd as he draped his arm around Annabeth, who was dressed as Athena.

There had been no Twix bars left over so Nico nibbled on an Almond Joy instead. Outside a horn honked and Grover nearly jumped out of his satyr skin.

"The Hades Express! Save me Pan!"

The others chuckled lightly. "Nico, did you tell that bus story again?" sighed Hazel who was dressed as a voodoo witch.

"Hey, I've got a scary story." Piper chimed in, the daughter of Aphrodite had come as a zombie cheerleader.

They sat on a long table with Leo, who was fittingly dressed as Iron Man, Frank, who had just come back from a round of trick-or-treating as a Chinese Alligator and Thalia who wasn't wearing a costume, not that she needed it for one good death glare from her could even send Titan running scared.

Everyone listened in as Piper began. "The story is called Gorgon Lipstick."

"A few years back there was an Aphrodite camper named Darcy, she was a sweet girl and talented musician but she was never considered pretty at her mortal high school. The other girls used to taunt her occasional pimples and mock her when she ate lunch.

Things only got worse at Camp Half-Blood, as you can imagine being around normal pretty girls is hard enough if your not perfect, now imagine Aphrodite pretty girls. It was miserable for Darcy till the point where she ran away from her cabin and from camp.

On the border of the camp, just before she was to run back to her mortal father Darcy saw an old hag crossing the border while holding a briefcase. The hag limped slowly and grunted as if she was in a great deal of pain so Darcy went over to help her.

As she got closer a stench of sulfur hit her like a locomotive and when the hag turned to face her Darcy saw the hag's face scared and scaly, her teeth were crooked and yellow, her hair was just a few greasy strands, her nose was gone and her eyes were pitch black. But surely it wasn't a monster for none could pass the camp's border.

"Hello." crackled the old hag who sounded more like a squealing pig than a person. "People don't usually approach me, I am so ugly they shy away and ridicule me."

Darcy looked down and thought of her own life. "I know what you mean, I hate being ugly."

"But being ugly and true to yourself is better than wearing a pretty mask." replied the hag.

"I'd still like to be pretty." said Darcy.

"Of course you would! And I may have just the solution." the hag bent down and opened her briefcase. "I was going to use this myself but since you were so kind to me I'll give it to you."

The hag put out a bony hand, her icy fingers wrapped around a tube of lipstick. "This will make your lips red as cherries and everyday you will find a new way to be beautiful. Go on take it, I insist!"

Darcy took the tube reluctantly, she had always fancied herself too ugly for makeup but she decided to give it a go.

When she returned to her cabin late in the night she sat in front of a mirror and put on the lipstick, it did make her lips red as cherries and she noticed that her normally tangled brown hair was now shiny and smooth.

Over the next few days the lipstick changed Darcy even more, her skin became flawless, her teeth became pearly white, her cheeks pink, her body slimmer and breasts larger. Within a week she had a boyfriend and was the envy of her cabin.

One day while in the mess hall the new Darcy spotted I freckled Dionysus girl with braces and pigtails and proceeded to call her names until the girl cried.

"Your so ugly, no wonder your father drinks so much!"

"You make cyclopes look like supermodels!"

"Your face would be the worst punishment in all of Tartarus!"

The next morning Darcy was brushing her hair when she heard a hiss, a snake was in her hair. No part of her hair had become a snake, she quickly grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the serpent off. Sure she was freaked out at first but weirder stuff had happened at camp. She put on a new coat of the enchanted lipstick.

A few days later she noticed that her skin was beginning to crack and become almost scaly but she passed it off as sunburn and applied some concealer.

The days went by and things got worse, the scales crawled from her face to her arms and body then turned a dark green, she found more snakes in her hair and one day found that her back bottom teeth had reformed into two large metal lumps.

As she grew more desperate Darcy sought out the hag who had given her the lipstick and found her again by the border. When the hag saw her she said, "Oh sweet child, I tried to warn you that beauty is just a mask but you wouldn't remain ugly. Now you are uglier because your true self has become uglier, you have removed the masks Gorgon!"

Darcy tried to plead for forgiveness and help but the hag turned her back. The two metal lumps erupted into two brass tusks that jut out of her mouth, her feet and hands grew thick black talons, her skin was like a lizard's and her hair was a mess of snakes. The skin on her back began to bubble and two large leathery bat wings ripped free.

In her terror Darcy ran back to her cabin and looked in the mirror, upon seeing her new self her heart stopped in terror.

A few months later as the hag again crossed the border the same Dionysus girl, who's name was Anna, came up and tried to help her with her briefcase. And for that the hag offered the ugly little girl a tube of lipstick, this time in a rosy pink.

The table was an island of silence in the lively mess hall as Piper came to a conclusion.

Leo gave a hearty (but faked) laugh. "You think that's a horror story, monster makeup? Let Don Leo spin you a little story about a true Hephaestus cabin legend."

"I'm listening." said Jason.

"Who hear has ever heard of Were the Right Hand Went?"

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