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Casey- ran away 13 years ago, after finding out that she was pregnant and the baby was Derek's. Married derek but their relationship remains a secret to their family.

Derek: married Casey, is now a famous NHL player, has an extremely close relationship to his lottle brother, Tommy

Andrew "Drew" MacDonald- Venturi: son of Casey and Derek, just turned 13, is very athletic, and looks up to his father.

Nora: sad after Casey ran away

George: mad/ angry easier after Casy ran away

Nathaniel Thomas "Tommy" MacDonald-Venturi: the thirteen year old son of George and Nora, often feels neglected, and behaves really bad all the time because of this. Looks up to Derek.

Lizzie: left the house at 18, married a boy named Adam, has a two uear old names Gracie.

Edwin: left the house at 18, married a girl named Michelle, has a two year old son named Jordan.

Marty: went off the good track, ended up having a kid when she was 17 because oof her messed up famy life, lives with boyfriend named Kyle and daighter named Megan, is now p.o.v

I was watching my favorite sport: hockey. My favorite player had the puck, shot, and scored, winning the game for his team! They were now on their way the Stanley cup, all thanks to him.

" Mom, Derek just won the game for his team."

" Wow, that is great honey." No matter how hard she tried, I could see right through her fake smile. She should be proud her (step) son just made an amazing accomplishment and all she could think about was her daughter, Casey. That was thirteen years ago, before I was even born. To me she's not even a sister, I've never met her. All she ever did for me was ruin my life. On the other hand, my brother Derek was always there for me, even though he's now one of the best NHL . He's always there for me when I need to talk to someone and on the tv, winning for me.

" Mom, whats the use in moping around? She left 13 years ago. You have 5 other kids you can worry about and guess what?One of them is still here. Why do you even care about her anymore, I sure don't." sometimes I just have to tell her, I mean her and dad are barely ever actually "here" there always moping about Casey.

"Nathaniel Thomas McDonald- Venturi, don't ever say that about your sister!" Mom screamed.

I hate it when she calls me that, I hate my name. That's why I just go by Tommy.

" why can't I? She doesn't care about me, she doesn't even know me. All she did for me was ruin my life." I heard dad walk in, great, now I was in for it.

"Get out of my House!" Dad screamed.

That is exactly what I planned to do anyway. I was so relieved to get out of the house. I completely understand why Marty left to live with a friend and not stay around in that house. Lizzie and Edwin both left town as soon as possible and hardly ever come back. I wish my parents would just see what all this has done to their children. To them, Casey must have been amazing, why would they mope around for it so much otherwise?

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