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Derek's P.O.V

Maybe, if my whole family really does end up going to the game they can start being a family again. They barely ever talk anymore, let alone see each other. Its like each person is there own separate family. Of course, they can't know about me and Casey, at least not yet, not when they can't get along with anyone. Maybe, just maybe we can tell them after they all start acting like family again. The only thing I want is for my family to be a family again. I mean sure being a NHL player is good, but it would be better with my family there. I better hurry and get home before

Casey gets mad at me... Again.

Drew's P.O.V

Dad is late, once again. Of course mom is already pacing around the house, like she does once my dad is even running a minute late. Of course now it's even worse, with her hormones and everything. It's weird, it's almost like my dad is living a double life. There's the Derek, with parents, and younger siblings, and then there's Derek, the one who is married, has a son, and another one on the way. I feel like its my fault, if I wasn't born then there would only be one Derek, and their family wouldn't be all screwed up.

"I'm home!" I hear my dad scream as he walks through the door, probably mentally preparing for my mom to yell at him.

" Derek Venturi, you should have been home half an hour ago, even though you stopped by the old house, to talk to Tommy. You had me worried sick..." She went on yelling about how worried she was until dad went up and kissed her.

"Hello, thirteen year old son here." I had to speak up, or who knows how long this would go on. My dad decided to take us out to dinner, as a celebration dinner.

Derek's P.O.V

" You did what?!" Casey screamed at me as soon as we got home.

" Apparently, I wasn't thinking. They probably won't even see you, your seats aren't even close to each other's!" Apparently my family isn't allowed to go to my game if Casey and Drew are going.

" Its fine, me and Drew can just watch on the tv, there will be other games." Casey spoke, obviously still annoyed.

"Oh, No, I am going to that game." Drew cut in our conversation.

"Fine, you can -" If Drew wanted to go, he was going...

"- No you can't!" ...or not.

" Drew, let me and your mom talk this out, we will figure something out." I spoke to Drew. Life has always been hard on him anyway, thats why he gets a lot more now. He was raised by teen parents and I was only there when I could get away from my actual house until I went to college. That makes it pretty much a single parent house up until he was like two and a half. Then I didn't get a professional job until two years ago. We were struggling to make ends meet then, now we have extra money that I don't know what to do with. Me and Casey are happy in our house we've had and we don't want to upgrade to a bigger house so if I can make my son happy, that's just what I'm going to do. Basically, he's going to that game.

Two Days Later

Nora's P.O.V

I walked into Tommy's school more than slightly annoyed. I don't want to come here and talk to his teachers, I have a job to do.

" Mrs. McDonald-Venturi?"

" Yes that's me."

" Well, it seems Tommy is failing all but one of his classes- gym."

" I don't see why, he's a brilliant kid. He should be doing just fine."

" I have to ask, is everything at home okay for him?"

" Yeah. I work until five everyday and George works until six. When he gets home we eat dinner, Tommy does his homework, and we all go to bed."

" Well it says here that Tommy hasn't turned in a single homework assignment and he refuses to work in class."

"Well, I'll start making sure he does them." I have to say exactly what he wants or I'll never get out of here.

" Have a nice day, Mrs. McDonald-Venturi." A thought suddenly dawned on me.

" One quick question, did you ever have a student by the name of Andrew McDonald- Venturi?"

" No ma'am."

" Thanks anyway." Huh, that's weird, Tommy said his teachers were asking him. This means Tommy was lying the whole time