By Miss Moony

Disc-lamer: Oh, what a lovely Sunday! Can you hear the bells ringing? A day like this should be spent enjoying lovely, pleasant series of bright and shiny colours that sparkle like flecks of diamonds. It is just extremely silly, unlucky, flummoxing, and unfortunate that I should be stuck inside, writing fanfiction about events that will never actually happen. Meanwhile, my obnoxious brother is telling me that I should not infringe upon the copyright laws that have been placed by talented authors like Lemony. I hope that I do no injustice to Mr. Snicket. Ring, Sunday bells!

This is the second part of the Triplet Notebook Duology. Unfortunately, I make a much better journalist than poet, so I hope my couplets don't offend anyone with their lack of talent.

"The world is quiet here."



Part II of the Triplet Notebooks Duology

With hair and eyes as dark as the sea,

Klaus Baudelaire is as sweet as can be.

Researching has shown to be the key

For beating Count Olaf, and victory!

If ever Count Olaf should happen to die,

I'd like for Klaus to be by my side!

As an inventor, Violet beats all the rest. . .

. . . . . . . . .

But Klaus Baudelaire is by far the best.


Isadora's eyes slid back into focus as she quickly wrote down the measurements for a box of baking soda that sat on her desk. Mrs. Bass had been glaring at her suspiciously, and she shuddered at the thought of being caught not paying attention. She knew it was entirely possible that the teacher would exact vengeance - a phrase which here means "Do something to Isadora that would be painful and embarassing" - by reading the contents of her notebook to the class. She'd noticed, lately, that her poems were depicting a fondness for Klaus, and she didn't want anyone knowing that she was secretely in love with him. After all, poems were the gateway to the soul, so what she wrote would have to be her innermost desires and yearnings. Though her brother was much more factual than she ever allowed herself to be, she knew that learning about yourself was simply a matter of putting a pen to paper, so these new-found emotions could only represent things which she did not already know. She smiled, softly, as Mrs. Bass turned to glare at another student. Isadora loved it when she learned something knew about her deeper thoughts. She calmly picked up her notebook and allowed her pen to hover over a blank line, wondering what to write next. She closed her eyes, hummed, then it came to her. Poems came best from the heart, and if Klaus was what dwelt there, then she would not try to fight it. After all, every poet needs a muse.


I write with what my heart can see, So Klaus Baudelaire is meant for me.


That's it, Isadora's part! I'm not as big a fan as Klaus/Isadora as I am Duncan/Violet, but I still think it's pretty cute. ^.^ Any one who likes these, stay tuned for a possible THIRD part! W0000t!