Season 1, Episode 8 onward.

I sat in my brother's chair at the police station with a big smirk on my face. Chief wanted me to come back and live here while the trouble were happening, see if I could help out any. And Nathan had no clue I was home. Nathan was my big brother, older than me by two years. We never got along very well.

I had my feet up on his desk, and right when I was comfortable a woman walked it.

"How do you start looking for the dark- I'm sorry who are you?" A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes asked as she walked into the room and spotted me. I moved me feet to get a better view, to see Nathan behind her.

"Vi?" He asked with a confused smile on his face. I smiled back, but wasn't ready to get up yet.

"Dad's still working you to the bone I see. And who's your partner?" I asked as my converse covered feet hit the floor after Nathan came up to his desk and pushed them off.

"Right. Audrey Parker, this is my sister Violet. Violet, this is Agent Audrey Parker." Nathan said, and I smiled at the woman who was still at the doorway. She smiled hesitantly.

"You never told me you had a sister." She said as she made her way to the other desk in the room.

"That's rude Nathan." I teased.

"Yeah. I like to pretend I don't have one." He said in his off hand comedic way. I rolled my eyes. "Why are you here Vi?"

"Dad wanted me back. He said you and your new partner," I motioned to Audrey, "are doing great with the troubles, but he thought I could help too. Not sure how I can help though. But I thought why not. I haven't been back in ages." I got out of the chair to let Nathan sit down. I know he doesn't really like it when people touch his stuff, and regardless of being his sister those rules still applied.

"Oh, so you know about the troubles?" Audrey asked as I sat down in the seat in front of Nathan's desk. I looked at her with a incredulous look on my face.

"My big brother can't feel a thing and you are surprised I know about the troubles?" I asked rhetorically. She grimaced and nodded.

"Good point."

"Look, Vi. We don't really need your help at this point of time, so if you want to just get familiar with Haven again you should just enjoy the day." Nathan said, and I nodded. I understood when I wasn't wanted around. I stood up and briefly waved at Nathan before leaving the office.

"But if you see a dark man, give us a call." Audrey shouted as I left the office. I didn't reply because in the back of my mind all I could assume was that Audrey was a racist.

I walked through downtown. I had missed Haven. Not the crazy troubles, but just the scenery, the people. Most importantly I missed my old best friend.

Duke Crocker had been my best friend ever since the day I had met him. My brother resented this, but that didn't change anything. And if it wasn't for the fact that the last time I had seen Duke, he had told me he never wanted to see my face ever again, he would've been the first person I would've visited. Actually, if he never had said that, I probably would've come back sooner.

I pulled my plaid shirt closer to me as the wind blew. My brother and I were very unique. He couldn't feel a thing and I could feel it all. When it was cold I was freezing and when it was hot I was burning up. We were the opposite sides of the spectrum. I was only two years younger than him, but he liked to pretend we were decades apart. I suppose that's what happens when you can't feel anything for most of your life- it ages you.

I tried to keep myself away from the pier. Away from where Duke's boat most likely was, but what can I say. My feet had a mind of their own. I carefully placed my feet on the beginning of the pier, and continued on forward. I lost track of where I was on the pier, I was so busy smelling the fresh Maine air. The wind blew again, this time from behind, and all my black hair flew into my face. I stopped in my tracks as I swotted it out of my way, some hair flying into my mouth. I spat for a moment and when the wind finally died down I was able to get it all out of my face.

And when I did, I noticed Duke Crocker on the boat I had stopped by. He had noticed me, and we stood completely still for what felt like hours.

"Vi?" He asked as he dropped the crate in his hands. I landed with a large thud, and I have a feeling something inside might have been broken.

"I'm so sorry. I'll just leave now." I muttered, and I turned around and started walking away.

"Vi? No!" Duke yelled, and from the sounds of it he ran off of his boat, and onto the pier after me. Just when I was about to start running he grabbed my right hand, and pulled me to face him.

I looked up at him confused, and before I could even comment on anything, his lips were on mine.

I probably should have mentioned that. We may or may not have dated for a long time. Actually, considering his last words to me where "I never want to see you again." and not, "I'm breaking up with you." I suppose you could say we never stopped dating.

I've never been one for details. I just assumed when you say you never want to see someone again, the latter is implied.

I kissed back, and my hand that wasn't being harassed by duke went up to his neck. Until I realized that I was kissing duke. That's when the kissing on both sides ended.

"I'm confused." I said as I took my hand away from Duke's neck. What just happened? How did I go from 'oh I miss my best friend' to 'oh I'm kissing Duke'.

"Yeah, me too." Duke agreed as he dropped my hand and took a step back.

"We haven't been dating this whole time have we?" I asked, in reference to the years while I wasn't in Haven.

"No way!" Duke said as he started chuckling. He then stopped and stared at me. "Why do you ask?"

"Well I just assumed we had split up, so that would've been very awkward if that wasn't true." I stated, looking down at the pier below me. I knew exactly what he was going to ask next, and I was just hoping he wouldn't.

"Violent Wuornos, were you seeing someone while you were out in the real world?" Duke asked, and I could tell by the smug tone in his voice that he was smirking down on me.

"It's been a while, Duke. Don't even pretend you haven't seen anyone either." I said and I looked up at him smirking. He glared at me for a second before pointing his finger at me. He opened his mouth and closed it a few times, as if he was working on something to say. When he couldn't he started shaking his head and started walking away. I stood where I was, confused. He was just about to get on his boat, when he turned around.

"Are you coming?" He asked, and motioned to his boat. I only smiled and ran up to him. He smiled back.

I'm not sure where that leaves Duke and I, besides on his boat. But I'm just glad it leaves us somewhere in close proximity to each other.

After spending the afternoon with Duke trying to catch up on all the missed years, I made my way back into town. He invited me to join him at the Grey Gull, and ended up making me promise for a rain check. I was here to help Nathan and Audrey after all.

I walked into The Haven Herald quietly. I know I probably shouldn't be going around scaring old men, but I can't help it.

I heard Vince and Dave bickering in the other room. I held my laughter and continued to quietly walk into the room.

"Surprise!" I yelled, throwing out some jazz hands. Vince yelped and dropped his paper and pencil, while Vince was so surprised he whipped around and flashed a camera at me, blinding me. I closed my eyes immediately, throwing my hands to my eyes.

"Violet!" Vince yelled, and I could hear the smile in his voice. I nodded my head, my hands still over my eyes.

"Sorry Violet. We haven't had anyone scare us like that since... Well since you were last here." Dave commented as he carefully walked up to me, and led me to his chair to sit down at. Once I was sat down I rubbed my eyes a few more times before taking my hands off my eyes. I opened my eyes and smiled when I saw Vince and Dave looking at me so concerned.

"I'm fine guys." I said, and held three fingers out in front of my face. "See? Three fingers." I said as I blinked a few more times and dropped my hand.

"Shall I get us some tea? Maybe some food too?" Vince asked, as Dave sat down in a seat adjacent to the desk I was sitting behind.

"I'd love some tea. I just came back from seeing Duke, so I'm full though." I commented, patting my stomach that currently held lemon seared cod with cauliflower.

"Ooh, a former flame has been lit?" Vince asked as he walked into the other room. Dave moved his head in closer as if to hear the details first.

"You know, I'm not quite sure. Little lost on where Duke and I stand. But how are you guys?" I asked as I pulled my legs in closer to my body. I'd be fine once I had some tea, but until then I'd be having a battle with the chilly weather of Haven.

"A lot better now that you're here, Violet. You grew up so beautifully." Dave said, smiling.

"Thanks, Dave. That means a lot to me." I said as I smiled back.

"Ask her how long she's staying!" I heard Vince yell over the whine of a tea kettle. Dave looked over at the door the kitchen was in before turning to me.

"I think she can hear you better than me, Vince!" Dave yelled back, and we both snickered together.

"Well sorry. Sometimes I forget you are a deaf old man." Vince commented back bitterly as he walked into the room before smiling at me and putting a mug of tea in front of me. "It's chai. I always buy some just in case you come back." Vince said smiling at me as I took a sip of it. It tasted just as I remembered. There was always something about how they made chai tea for me.

"That's so sweet of you Vince." I said as I kept the mug in my hands to warm me up. Vince took the seat next to Dave. "I tried to make some when I was living in the real world, but it never tasted the same."

"That's because Vince uses a secret ingredient." Dave said, nodding his head. I leaned in at this, looking from Vince to Dave, waiting to hear the ingredient. "Love." Dave said, and I glared at him for a second before laughing. They joined in.

"So what were you two doing before I so rudely interrupted?" I asked as I took another sip from the chai tea.

"Maybe you can help us with our debate." Vince said.

"Good idea." Dave agreed, before grabbing his camera from the table. "See, I think photography is a better medium than painting. And Vince here thinks the other way around."

"How can I help you guys with this debate? I'm not at artist." I said as I moved the mug around in my hands, letting the warmth soak in.

"How about this. I paint you and Dave takes some photographs, and you decide which you like better." Vince suggested, and I blushed.

"If you insist that's the easiest way to finish this debate." I said as I looked from Vince to Dave, whom both had hopeful smiles on their faces. They both nodded, and Vince put his mug on the table before running around the room, gathering art supplies. Dave grabbed his tripod, and started walking around me, as if to decide which would be the best angle to take a photo with.

"You never said how long you'd be around, Violet." Dave said causally as he placed his tripod down to the right of me.

"Sorry. I'm not quite sure, to be honest." I said as Vince sat back down, with paints and paper in his hands. "Chief wanted me to come down and help Nathan and Audrey with the troubles." Vince's head popped up at the mention of the Troubles.

"Don't move." Dave said, and I was about to nod when I realized that wouldn't be helpful. I stayed still as I heard the snap of his camera going off, and saw the flicker of his flash.

"You know, that flash isn't nearly as bad from this angle." I said jokingly, which earned a snicker from Vince.

After ten minutes of awkward silence filled with Dave's camera going off, and Vince's mad paint strokes, Vince finally put his paint brush down.

"I'm done." Vince stated proudly, before placing the painting down in front of me. I placed my mug down on the table to pick up the painting. It was beautiful, so much so I gasped when I saw it.

"Is that really me?" I asked, as I lightly touched the image. Luckily the paints had dried.

"Yes. But don't start fawning over that till you see my photos tomorrow." Dave said as he took down his tripod.

"What if I can't decide tomorrow?" I asked as Vince stood up, about to put away his art materials.

"Maybe we should do the same to Audrey too." Dave suggested as he was about to put his camera away as well.

"Good idea." I said smiling. I really wanted to get to know Audrey. She seemed like a nice person, regardless of the odd dark man comment.

"Shall we go now?" Vince asked, and I stood up.

"May I accompany you two men to the police department?" I asked as I walked to the door. They both smiled at me.

"It would be our pleasure, Violet." Dave said as he grabbed his camera and camera flash.

"Our genuine pleasure." Vince finished as he took his art materials.

And then we headed out into the Chilly Haven night, arm to arm to arm.

"Will she even still be here? It seems dead." Vince said as we entered the department. We continued walking down the hall, Dave in front of us.

"Told you she'd still be here." Dave said as we came into view of Nathan's and Audrey's office. I frowned when I noticed he wasn't there, and Audrey was under a pile of paperwork.

"God, I hate it when your right." Vince said bitterly, causing me to snicker as we walked into the office.

"Hey again, Audrey. I can call you Audrey, right?" I asked from beside Vince and Dave. She smiled at me and nodded.

"You should be in a bar somewhere, with your friends. Both of you, actually." Vince commented, pointing a finger at both of us. Audrey stood up from the desk and made her way to the door, a pile of paperwork in one hand, and the other hand reaching out for her jacket. I moved out of the way for her to get through.

"Or so I've been told." Audrey commented, as she walked past me. "What's going on?"

"Well, my brother and I have a long running argument about painting and photography." Dave said, gesturing to Vince with his camera flash.

"Did you come all the way down here to have me settle this for you? Can't Viola help?" Audrey asked, gesturing to me with her Jacket. We all looked at her curiously when she said Viola.

"It's Violet." I stated slowly. At this Audrey looked at me with a rose blush playing on her cheeks. I sighed and smiled at her. "And they used me as well. But I'm not always a reliable source of ending debates."

"I'd like to take your picture, and" Dave once again motioned to Vince with his camera flash, "Vince would like to paint you."

"And you choose your favorite, and the other will learn to live with it," Vince said, staring at Dave the whole time to suggest he would be the loser. "Eventually."

"So will this get you guys to leave me alone?" Audrey asked, and I snorted.

"Probably not. There isn't much news to journalize on in Haven." I said shrugging. She looked at me with a exhausted pleading smile on her face. Poor girl, she may never get used to Haven.

"Look, I can paint from the photo and it will only take a minute." Vince said, causing her to turn around at stare at the two older men.

Audrey turned around to look at me for a second, as if to make sure they were being serious. I shrugged and she sighed.

"Alright, lets do this. I mean, what else do I have to do." Audrey said as she walked into the hall way. I walked into the hallway as well, and stood next to Dave. Vince was on the right of me.

"Just stand there and be Audrey." Dave said as Audrey set down her stuff. Audrey placed her hand on the wall to learn on, and started smiling.

"This good?" She asked as she continued to try to smile. I raised my eyebrow up at Vince, and he shook his head at me as if to dismiss me. I looked back at Audrey.

"Maybe without the weird smile." Dave said, and I nodded my head.

"Unbelievable." Audrey said as she looked from Vince to me, and then back to Dave.

Dave started snapping photos. I backed up a little to get out of Dave's way when he started to move to take different angle shots. I boringly looked around, and saw a shadow on the wall near me. Except it wasn't mine or anyone's, because it was moving on its own accord in a way no one was moving.

"What the-?" I started

"If that isn't a shadow, I'd say its a dark man." Audrey said, cutting me off, and I looked at her curiously. "Watch out!" She said and she pushed Dave away, Vince and I hurriedly moved away as well. Dave started taking pictures of the Dark man instead, and I looked at him incredulously.

"You just like to use that flash of yours against anything, don't you?" I remarked lightly to Dave.

"Is that shadow moving on its own?" Vince asked from beside me.

"Yeah, it is. And I'm pretty sure it already killed two people." Audrey said, and I looked at her in shock.

"So I shouldn't be trying to make friends with it?" I commented sarcastically. The shadow started moving more, and I noticed it seemed to have a large sort of bat or something in its hand. "Oh great, it has a weapon." I said while groaning. Vince and Dave both put their arms out in front of me and started walking backwards, my body getting pushed back along with them. They moved their arms back to near their body when we were at a farther distance away from the shadow.

"Turn off the lights!" Audrey yelled as she turned off the light on the desk next to her. "You can't have a shadow without light, right?"

"How do you know that is the way this shadow works?" Dave asked, looking at Audrey.

"Well I'm just making it up, so do it." Audrey said as she walked away to turn off some lights. I followed her, not quite sure where the light switches were. Dave and Vince went in the opposite direction to turn off some other lights.

"Where's Nathan?" I asked Audrey.

"Come over here, Violet. It's dark over here." Audrey said as she motioned to a spot over on the wall, and I followed her to it.

"It's too dark over here too, right?" Vince asked.

"Yeah, that's what I'm thinking." Audrey replied to Vince.

"Where is my brother, Audrey." I asked again from beside her, growing more impatient.

"He's out with a girl." Audrey said. My mouth opened from surprise, and I slid down to the floor. "I'll try to call him for help." Audrey said as she slid down beside me, taking her phone out of her pocket and calling Nathan.

"A girl?" I asked as I turned my head to look at her. She nodded at me before looking straight ahead again.

"Well a woman. Her name is Jessica." Audrey stated. She closed her phone when he didn't answer, and then texted him saying we needed him at the police station, and to turn off any lights when he got there.

Jessica. I knew that name. For some reason I couldn't place a face however. We waited in silence for what felt like an hour, but probably was only 10 minutes. The creaking of a door tipped me off to someones arrival.

"Parker." I heard Nathan whisper, and I noticed he turned off a light when he crept into the station.

"Nathan?" Audrey and I both asked in unison from beside each other. I couldn't see him, but I knew he must have been here.

"Violet? Parker?" Nathan asked again in a louder tone.

"Present." I remarked as if I was being asked for my attendance in class.

"Yeah, hold on." Audrey said.

"Nathan, its right over there." Vince said.

"This is the worst game of hide and go seek in the dark I've ever played." I mumbled.

Audrey slowly rose up, and I followed her.

"What the hell is that?" I heard Nathan ask, and I could only assume from the sound of his voice he was close, and most likely referring to the shadow man.

The shadow man started moving again and I heard shoes scuffle and then a gun shot. A light bulb shattered, leaving us in complete darkness.

"I think it's gone." Nathan commented.

"Okay then." Audrey said as she turned out from the corner. I stayed where I was. "Now we know what the dark man is."

"That was the dark man?" I asked as I turned out from the corner as well, and stood between her and Nathan.

"Yeah." Nathan said, sending me a smile that never reached his eyes. "Now we know why everyone described him differently."

"Yeah, shadows change size depending on the light source. Do you think its what killed them?" Audrey asked Nathan.


"Dave, I need you to download those images." Audrey said, pointing her finger at Dave who was now walking up to us with Vince. "There might be a picture of the shadow on there."

"He can't download them." Vince said.

"Oh, well Nathan can just show him-" Audrey started, and I cut her off.

"It's film."

"Warmer tones." Dave said, smiling from Nathan to I.

"It's how he rolls." Vince said smiling at me, causing me to roll my eyes.

"Okay, Alright. That's good. So when can you get these in?" Audrey asked and she put her palm on her head, as if to stop a headache from coming.

"Target opens at nine, I think." Dave said. Audrey nodded her head at this, and Dave and Vince left, waving goodbye to the three of us.

"So, a woman." I stated as I rocked awkwardly on my feet. Audrey shook her head, a smile evident even in the dark.

"Yeah." Nathan said dryly, and I knew he didn't want me to know or hear about this.

"So, did anything happen?" Audrey asked. I stared a Nathan, curious for the answer.

"Something was about to." Nathan replied, still in a dry tone. I shivered.

"I really don't want to hear about my big brother's conquests." I muttered. Audrey snickered at my remark, and Nathan sighed. I knew he must have already have wanted me out of Haven.

"I'm sorry again. I'm sorry." Audrey said, still a smile playing in her voice. She walked away from us to grab her stuff to leave.

"Where are you staying, Violet." Nathan asked as Audrey exited the building. I stared at him, and he stared back. He slowly started to smile, and I smiled back. "I've missed you, Vi."

"Oh, and why do I doubt that?"

When I woke up the next day at Nathan's house, I smelled nothing. I smiled at this. Typical Nathan, not bothering to do anything for his sister. I got up and showered. I didn't want to stay long in this house, so once I was ready I strolled outside. He didn't live far from downtown, probably because he was so married to his job he couldn't afford to. That also must have been the same reason his house wasn't very clean. He had a decoupage project on the dinning room table, and the kitchen had barely any food.

Last night before bed I had remembered who Jessica was. A woman who lived farther away from town now, in a house she used to only visit in the summer. I continued walking around downtown, starting to wish I had worn an extra layer. I thought of maybe grabbing Nathans truck, and making my way up to visit Jessica, but then realized taking a truck from a police officer probably wasn't the smarted idea. I continued through downtown, trying to think of people who would lend me their car. I frowned when I realized the only people I had visited yesterday were my father, brother, Duke, Vince and Dave. I continued walking around as the afternoon started slowly creeping up on me.

I smiled when the Grey Gull came into view. Hopefully Duke was there.

I sauntered into the Grey Gull, noticing a few people there for a late lunch. I smiled when I saw Duke behind the counter. He noticed me as well, and raised his eyebrow at me.

"Hey Duke." I said casually as I sat down in front of the counter he was behind.

"What can I do for you, Violet." He asked as he wiped down the counter. I smiled at him and he rolled his eyes at me.

"I need to borrow the jeep." I said confidently. He stopped all movement, staring at me in awe.

"You've seen me more than twice in one day, and suddenly you think I would give you my baby to drive?" He asked, in a tone of disbelief. He dropped the rag he was using into the sink, where a bucket was.

"Well yes." I said, looking at him pleadingly. "Look, I want to visit this woman Nathan's getting it on with." I said, making Duke fake gagging.

"Are you serious? You want to borrow my sweet jeep to visit spy on your brother?" Duke asked, looking at me incredulously.

"Don't tell me you don't respect that." I said, while smirking and putting my hand out on the counter for him to hand me the keys.

"All right." Duke said while sighing and pulling the keys out of his back pocket. He was about to drop them in my hands when he stopped. "On one condition." He smirking at me. I frowned for a moment.

"Deal." I said, raising my hand to grab the keys. He snatched them out of my grasp, raising them higher.

"I want a date, Violet." He said, as the keys dangled in his fingers.

"Awww, you want to tell the most popular girl you have a crush on her?" I asked coaxingly, going for the keys again. He once again brought them higher in the air. I stood up at this and glared at him, trying to provoke him.

"Tonight. You and me." Duke said, raising his eyebrow as if to dare me to say no.

"I'll pick you up." I said jokingly. I put my hand down where it was on the counter at the beginning, and waited for him to give me the keys.

"Meet me here at 9. My baby better be in one piece when she comes back." He said as he carefully put the keys into my hand. I smiled and rolled my eyes. I closed my hand and stood on my toes to quickly kissed him on the cheek.

Two can play at that game.

"I'll be fine." I said mockingly as I ran out of the door of the Grey Gull. From behind the counter I could hear Duke yell after me.

"I was talking about the jeep!"

I made my way up to Duke's jeep, and carefully put the key into the door. I remembered this baby well. He tried to teach me stick in it one year in high school, we both nearly died. I smiled at the memory as I pulled open the door and jumped into the seat, putting the keys in the ignition. I turned the keys, and groaned when I noticed a stock pile of parking tickets in the seat next to me. I pulled the jeep out of park and into drive, making my way up to where Jessica lives. When I pulled into the driveway it looked at if she had just gotten home, and she waved me into a parking spot near hers. I parked the jeep and turned it off, being sure to lock the doors as I left the jeep. I put the keys in my back pocket, a habit I'm not quite sure if Duke rubbed off on me or if I rubbed off on him.

"Hello hello." Jessica said politely, and I walked up to her and put my hand out to shake.

"Hi. I'm Violet Wuornos. Nathan's sister." I said as she shook my hand.

"I remember you." Jessica said as she smiled and let go of my hand. "Would you like to come in?" She asked, and she motioned to the house. I smiled and nodded.

"I would love to." I said, and she nodded back, before making her way up to her front door, me in her shadow.

"Would you like some tea?" She asked as she opened the door.

"I would love some, if you're making it." I said as she pushed the door open and waited for me to go through. I quickly walked in, and she pointed to a couch. I sat down.

"Good. Let me just call Nathan, I have to tell him something." She said as she walked into the kitchen. I nodded. I heard her drop her bag on what sounded like a counter. It sounded as if she had a bag full of medicine.

"It's important." I heard her say, and I could only assume she was talking to Nathan now. "I think I know why the patients were dying before their time, and I have proof. None of them were taking their side affect medications. I don't think they were getting their kemo. I'm at home, your sister is here actually. Pulled up the same time I did. Why? We are fine."

I was starting to feel like I shouldn't have heard that.

"Is everything okay?" I asked, too scared to leave my seat.

"I thought so." Jessica said as she made her way into the room I was in. "But now Nathan is on his way over." She finished, with a very puzzled look on her face.

"Looks like you need something stronger than tea." I said, standing up and putting a comforting smile on my face.

"You're right. Would you like some wine?" She asked as she pointed towards the kitchen.

"Well, I'd hate to let you drink alone." I said, and she smiled at me, and lead me into the kitchen. I noticed a small table with a bunch of medications on it, and she pushed them to the other side of the table, offering me a chair. "What's up with all those meds?" I asked causally as she went over to a cabinet, and grabbed to wine glasses. I sat down in the chair she offered.

"Proof for a case Nathan is working on." She said as she poured wine into the glasses. She walked over and handed me one, and I smiled and took it. She sat down across from me, and took a sip of the wine. I noticed the phone was also on the table, and she was staring at it very concerned.

"Look, I'm sure it's fine. My brother likes to have a cow about small things." I said, hoping it would ease her. It did a little, and she smiled at me. I smiled back and then looked down. I noticed a figure on the ground, and it slowly got bigger. The dark man.

"Shit." I yelled as I jumped up. She looked at me confused. "Look, we need to leave, now." I said, as I noticed the shadow once again had something long in it's hands.

"What are you talking about?" She asked as she got up and moved to the window, and I noticed that is seemed like the dark man didn't want to attack. Not yet, at least.

"Why does this dark man have to like to hang out in the same places I do!" I muttered as I threw my hands in the air. Jessica looked at me and then grabbed a knife from the counter next to her.

"I'm going to call Nathan." She muttered, and hit redial. She gave me the knife in her hand, and then grabbed another for herself.

"Nathan I think there's someone in the house." Jessica said to Nathan over the phone. I looked over at the window and slowly made my way into the other room as I started thinking of places to hide from a dark man in middle of the afternoon.

"Jessica!" I heard Nathan yell, and I looked around outside for where he was, and then was about to go back and grab Jessica when I heard her scream. I ran to her, to find her crumbled on the floor. I looked for a pulse, and luckily found one. When I looked up I saw Nathan and Audrey coming in from the hallway. Nathan ran up to the other side of her.

"I'm sorry Nathan, I don't know what happened." I whispered as I watched him check for her pulse as well, and looked for any signs of bleeding.

"It's fine Violet." He said, but I knew he didn't mean it.

Nathan and Audrey were still at the house when 8:30 rolled around. Nathan seemed to refuse to do anything but sulk, and Audrey wasn't sure how to handle that. When it was 8:35 I sighed, and told them I was leaving. They both nodded at this, and I made my way out into the cold night.

I was a little annoyed Nathan could spend hours sulking over a girl, but when his sister faces the dark man twice and then says shes leaving into the dangerous shadow filled night, all he can do is nod. I shook my head as I jumped into the jeep. Nathan and I were never that close, anyways. I made my way to the Grey Gull, and smiled when I saw Duke outside, waiting for me. I parked the jeep and jumped out. He made his way over to me.

"Don't worry, I didn't get a scratch on your precious baby." I said mockingly as I patted the jeep behind me.

"So how was your day?" He asked, probably noticing how beat up I looked.

"Well, I nearly got attacked by a shadow man, and then got to spend the rest of the afternoon with my brother who was secretly wondering why Jessica was the one to get attacked and not me." I said as I sighed, and then put my arms around my waist. It was pretty cold out, or maybe it was because I was freaked out by the dark man.

"You really know how to live, don't you Violet?" He asked, and I nodded and kicked some dirt with my converse.

"So do you, by the looks of all those parking tickets." I said as I pointed with my thumb to the jeep behind me.

"I'm in the process of fighting those." Duke said, and I rolled my eyes.

"Let's just go inside before I loose all my fingers in this cold." I said as I started to walk past Duke to the Grey Gull. He grabbed my arm when I walked right by him, stopping me. "What-" I began to ask him what he was doing when I felt him go into my back pocket, and take the keys. "That is an invasion on personal space, Duke." I hissed at him as I pulled my arm away from him, glaring.

"Like I haven't felt it all before, Violet. You're just mad you didn't walk away with my keys this time." Duke said as he raised the keys in front of my face. I squinted at him and stuck out my tongue before continuing walking to the Grey Gull.