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"Fair enough." I said as I strolled over to where Duke was still tied onto a chair. I went around him and untied him. I stood back up and he did too, grasping his wrists that probably hurt from the rope.

"What happened, Vi?" Duke asked as he looked up from his wrists. I smiled and kicked the chair out of the way, throwing my arms around his neck.

Duke carefully wrapped his arms around my back. I smiled at this and loosened my grip. He mimicked my actions and I looked into his eyes. He took one of his hands from around me and brought it to my face, a look of sorrow filling him as he went to stroke where I had been punched. I flinched away, and that look of sorrow turned to anger.

"I'm going to kill him." Duke muttered angrily as he started to pull away, looking at the door.

"Duke, no." I said calmly as I pulled him back to me. He looked back at me, smirking. I rolled my eyes at this, then smiled at him. "You need to go fix a leak." I reminded him, causing his smirk to momentarily turn into a frown.

"If you say please." Duke teased as he pinched my waist. I smirked back and smacked his hand away from my waist before getting on my toes and placing a kiss on his lips.

I got off my toes and backed away, grinning at the look of shock on his face before I started to walk out of the room.

"That works too." I heard Duke mumble as I left the room, starting to walk up the stairs. I looked up at the top of the stairs to see Audrey there, smiling.

"Duke is going to fix the leak." I told her as I made it to the top of the stairs. She smiled and nodded.

"Right. Well coast guard was on its way but now we are on route back to the harbor. So nothing to do but wait." She said as she started walking back into the room where Agent Howard and herself had been trapped. I followed and looked around.

The room looked quite disheveled, and even one of the window's was busted. I laughed at this as she turned around.

"Duke's going to be pissed about that." I said to her as I motioned to the window, before making my way over to the table.

"Yeah. And about Duke..." Audrey started as I sat down at the table, and she sat down on the opposite side, looking at me suggestively. I laughed at this and nodded.

"Well I did promise." I stated as I shrugged. "Where should I start?"

"The beginning is good." Audrey said as she smiled at me. I nodded.

"Well, I was five." I started as I looked down at the table, trying to collect my memories. "As you've probably been told, Duke and Nathan were in the same grade. Duke was invited to Nathan's birthday party at my dad's house where we obviously lived at the time. I being his sister, was also there. It was getting dark, but the boys were still playing around outside. I went outside right when Nathan ran off back inside to get another piece of cake. When I was outside I heard Duke daring some other kid to go into the forest. I laughed at this, accidentally bringing the attention to me. He then dared me to go into the forest. So I dared him."

Audrey laughed, causing me to look up from the table. "That's how you too became friends?" She asked incredulously. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, apparently I have moxie or something." I said while shrugging.

"Moxie? More like a bunch of sass." Duke cut in as he walked into the room. I rolled my eyes at this. Duke continued smiling and looking from me to Audrey. "Did I miss anything?"

"Aren't you supposed to be fixing a leak?" I asked Duke as I tilted my head at him. He smiled and nodded.

"All fixed, actually. Right on time too, I'd hate to miss the story." Duke said as he sat down next to me on the booth side of the table, causing me to move over to make room for him. He smiled at me and then looked back at Audrey. "Where were we?"

"She just dared you to go into the forest." Audrey stated, pointing at me. I nodded, and then looked at Duke to see if he was going to continue the story.

"Right." Duke sighed, and then nodded while smiling. "So, Violet dared me to go into the forest too. She was quite the pistol. Well, still is." Duke continued, having to stop briefly to dodge my hand that was going to punch him in the arm. "So we went into the forest. When we came back out Chief gave us hell." I looked at him skeptically and he shrugged.

"Don't you have a boat filled with water to empty?" Audrey asked Duke, which caused me to snort. Duke glared at Audrey as she smiled, holding in her own laughter.

"I'm sorry Duke but you are horrible at story telling." I said as I used my hand to fan my reddening face. He rolled his eyes at me, and then quickly pinched me in the ribs. I yelped at this and he smiled as he got up.

"Well, I'll let you ladies have your chat." Duke said as he turned around at the head of the table to look at us. "And maybe if I'm lucky by the time I'm back your periods will have synced up." Duke finished as he pointed at both of us before walking back out, probably to go work on cleaning up the leak further.

I turned back to look at Audrey, who was giving me a wary smile. I smiled back.

"So, you guys became friends. What's next?" Audrey asked as she brought her hands up to the table and rested her head on her weaved together fingers.

"We didn't just become friends. We became best friends." I corrected her as I mimicked her posture. She nodded, waiting for me to continue. "My father didn't like this, because he had always had a problem with the Crocker's, for other reasons that just that Duke and Nathan had disagreements."

"You call sticking thumb tacs into Nathan's back a disagreement?" Audrey questioned skeptically. I grimaced and shook my head.

"There's a longer story behind that, but I'll save that for later." I stated, which Audrey nodded in agreement to. "Lot's of history to get through. We dated in High school, I guess." I remarked, going back off into thought about high school.

"You guess?" Audrey asked in the same disbelieving tone. I nodded, directing my attention from the past back to her.

"Well, it was more assumed than anything. We were voted most likely to marry within 5 years." I said causally. I noticed the same quizzical look on her face, which caused me to smile and nod. "Small town. They have nothing else to do but plan your life for you." I explained, and it was her turn to nod. "Anyways, yadda yadda we almost got married, my father sent me away, usual stuff." I said very quickly, trying to avoid talking about the rest of our relationship. Audrey however seemed to pick up every word I said.

"You almost got married?" Audrey asked loudly, but thankfully enough for me Agent Howard took this as the right time to walk into the room, thus stopping any conversation.

"We just got into harbor, and will be needed to transport the criminals onto shore where the coast guard and Haven P.D. will meet us." Agent Howard stated, and I quickly nodded my head and ran out of the room, and onto the deck.

When I got onto deck I saw Duke watching both Ezra and Tobias, who were tied and on the deck of the boat. I smiled at him and he beckoned me over to him. I obliged, slowly walking right up to him. He wrapped his arm around my waist as I put my head on his chest.

"I told Audrey that we nearly got married." I muttered to him as I looked out into the distance, where I saw the dock coming into view. I felt him nod and a chuckle erupted from his chest.

"Letting all the dirty laundry air now aren't we?" Duke asked rhetorically, causing me to lift me head off of his chest and smile at him.

The wind blew and some of my hair went into my face as it always seems to. Duke chuckled at the look on my face as my hair tried to get into my eyes. He lifted his arm that wasn't on my waist and brought it up to my face, pushing my hair behind my ear. I rolled my eyes and swatted his hand away, only to have him catch it.

"Want to stay the night, help me get the cape rouge unflooded?" Duke asked, still holding onto my waist and hand.

"That's a cover story isn't it?" I asked while smirking at him. He smirked back and nodded.

"Sure." I said, shrugging and grinning.