Chapter One

Sam stared at his brother as he shoveled French fries into his mouth. Grimacing, Sam averted his eyes and stared at his Garden Salad.

Dean munched away happily, ignoring his brother.

The waitress approached with a pot of coffee, "Can I get you guys anything else?"

She tilted her hips and batted her eyelashes at Dean. She leaned forward as she refilled their coffee mugs so that her ample cleavage was revealed.

Sam sat back in his seat and rolled his eyes so that only Dean could see. His older brother just grinned at him.

"Do you have pie?" Dean asked the waitress and her plump, red lips turned up in a smile.


Sam sighed when Dean smirked and slipped a folded piece of paper into his jacket pocket when the pretty young waitress brought them their bill.

"What?" Dean asked as Sam slid out of the booth and made as if to leave him sitting in the diner.

Dean caught up to his brother, chuckling.

Sam's hip hit a chair on the way out and it clattered to the floor.

"Easy there, Sasquatch," Dean muttered to his brother and stared down anyone who dared gape at them.

Embarrassed, Sam righted the chair and picked up his pace.

As they exited the diner, Dean looked at his brother quizzically.

"You okay?" He asked. Sure, Sam was tall and lanky but he normally wasn't clumsy.

Sam nodded but didn't speak. He didn't tell Dean he felt like he'd been riding the Tilt-A-Whirl for the past hour.

The drive back to the motel was a short one and Sam was glad when it ended. The motel was a cheap little place called 'Dixie's' on the edge of town.

Once inside, Sam sat down on his bed with his laptop.

Dean raised an eyebrow at his younger brother, "You're a work-a-holic, ain't ya?"

Sam scowled at his brother, "Someone has to be."

Dean gave Sam a cocky smile, knowing his brother wasn't really annoyed with him.

Sam turned his gaze to his computer, pulling up a game of Solitaire as well as the browser page.

Dean began humming a Metallica song to himself as he stood in the bathroom and looked into the mirror, running a hand over his clean-shaven face and adding a little more product to his hair.

Sam stared at his older brother as he exited the bathroom and began rummaging through his duffle bag.

"What?" Dean asked, lifting an inquiring eyebrow.

Sam shrugged, "I thought we were chilling out tonight."

Dean grinned, "You can chill out Sammy, but I've got a hot date tonight."

Sam rolled his eyes and closed his laptop, "Not that waitress from the diner?"

"The very same," Dean assured him.

Sam wrinkled his nose, "If you like peroxide blonde and spray-on tan you go ahead."

"I can see if she has a sister," Dean joked, "Who knows, even you might get lucky!"

Sam shook his head. He went to the bathroom and filled up a plastic cup with water, drinking the cool liquid in hopes that it would settle his queasy stomach.

"Suit yourself," Dean shrugged.

Sam gripped the edge of the sink and took a couple of deep breaths. He listened as Dean sat down on one of the creaky beds and turned on the television. Sam hoped he hadn't caught food poisoning- didn't that take a few hours before it started making someone feel like shit?

"You gonna spend all day in there, princess?" Dean teased as he channel surfed.

Sam plastered a smile on his face, "Nope, all yours."

Dean raised his eyebrows and chuckled at his brother.

Sam sat down on his bed and flopped back, legs sticking out over the edge.

"Sammy? You feeling okay?" Dean asked over the noise of the television and Sam held his breath for a long moment before letting it go.

"Yeah," He mumbled, "I'm cool."

Apparently Dean was placated and he spent the next half hour laughing at an old Three Stooges rerun.

Sam dozed, woken every so often by a loud guffaw from his brother, but he didn't really mind. He actually felt a little better knowing that Dean was still with him.

"Don't wait up for me, honey!" Dean called when he finally slipped out the door.

Sam rolled his head to the side and saw that it was almost eight o'clock.

He groaned and turned over into a more comfortable position. He felt exhausted and decided to get some sleep before Dean came back later that night- if he did come back at all that night- and closed his eyes with an exasperated sigh.


Dean stopped off at the same diner the waitress- Tiffany, yeah that was her name- worked at to pick up breakfast and coffee.

He flirted a little with the girl at the counter as he waited for his order to be filled. The day was really starting to look up. It was warm, but not humid, and the sun shone brightly. The Winchesters were in-between hunts and although Dean never said no to kicking evil ass, it was nice to take a break and relax a bit.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" the counter girl asked as she set the take-out bags on the bar.

"Your number?" Dean gave the young woman a winning smile and she blushed, "And a nice, big slice of pie."


Dean wished they could stay in town for a least one more night. The barista had been a real cutie pie. Normally not the kind of girl Dean would be interested in but her sweet, school-girl demeanor had inspired him to try something different.

Maybe he'd convince Sam to hold off on their departure. They weren't in any sort of rush and it was kind of nice not to be motel-hopping every couple of days like they usually did unless they were on a case.

Dean hummed along with some happy, sappy song on the radio as he imagined having a night out with the adorable coffee shop girl. Pulling into the motel parking lot, Dean cut the engine and grabbed the take-out bags.

Unlocking the motel door, Dean plastered a grin on his face and held up the paper bags of food, "Rise and shine, Sammy!"

And promptly dropped the take-out when he saw his brother.

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