stupid, stupid Tyche.

always getting peoples' -h-o-p-e-s- up,

(isn't she?)

that's why you're here, though—

to set them /s/t/r/a/i/g/h/t/.

little Ethan,

once your precious ~s~o~n~,

requested your \help/ some time ago,

¿dId He NoT?

he wanted something quite SIMPLE

respect for the minor gods—

and, honestly, you were touched by that.

{but not enough to spare even your not-so-little boy}

because every \f/a\v/o\r/ you grant has a \p/r\i/c\e/.

::Leo Valdez:: has learned that now, as well—

that Tyche won't always prevail in this world.

he wanted to save *one* set of his friends.

(he just never realized he'd lose *another*.)

but hasn't that always been the lesson you taught?

that •pride• comes before a •fall•?

([{it happens to the best of them, my dear—it's nothing new.}])