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Princess Bubblegum was perplexed. It wasn't something that happened often, as her scientific and educated mind more often than not found normal life quite easy. She had everything: a kingdom, loyal subjects, plenty of candy, and a hero to defend her kingdom from evil. Although as of late, her relationship with aforementioned hero had been exponentially complicated by his feelings for her that he says he had gotten over. Still, she couldn't help but feel the pangs jealousy that she felt when she saw him and Flame Princess together. It couldn't be helped though. She was a Princess with duties that came first, even ignoring the age gap between them.

However, she didn't know how to ease the growing gap between herself and Finn. Jake was unhelpful, being completely on Finn's side, and Lady Rainicorn and Peppermint Butler couldn't give any helpful advice to her. This whole situation boiled down to one word: drama, and there was a Princess that excelled at drama, but she would pull her teeth before asking LSP for advice, since she couldn't be trusted to keep a secret.

One on one time with Finn was next to impossible since he was either with Jake or Flame Princess all the time. The only other option she could see was to talk to him in a group setting, but that would mean a lot of prying eyes and ears, so she couldn't say what she really wanted to, not as a Princess of Ooo, but as a girl confused with her feelings and not knowing how to deal with them. So instead of dealing with them, she dove into her scientific studies and her royal duties with fervor. She even had a breakthrough on a new cure for Tooth decay, which wouldn't be a problem that needed the attention of a normal princess, but in a kingdom of candy citizens, many things were outside the norm.

She was working on one such experiment when the door to her lab burst in startling her. She dropped the test tube of blue liquid onto a piece of her candy hair, which spilled all over it. Greatly annoyed by her interrupted experiment, she whirled with an angry look on her face to see four people she didn't expect to see: Finn, Jake, Marceline, and Flame Princess. They seemed to be in similar states of distress and urgency.

"PB, we need your help," Finn cried.

"Finn, you guys messed up my experiment," Bubblegum whined.

"Sorry Bonnibel, but this is a lot more important than an experiment you're doing in your basement. We need your help with Ice King," Marceline stated.

"Ice King? Why do you need me? Just have Finn and Jake beat him up with their Ice Ninja powers."

"This isn't a beat up Ice King Mission Princess Bubblegum," Flame Princess explained. "This has to do with the corruption magic of the Ice Crown and its current host, Simon Petrikov, Marceline's second father."

"Wait what?" PB was beyond confused.

Just as Marceline was about to tell her story for the second time that day, the experiment with PB;s hair grew into a large blob of bubblegum tentacles and a mouth, which grabbed Bubblegum and tried to eat her while she cried for Finn to save her.

"Oh Glob, I forgot my sword," Finn cried in distress.

"No problem Finn. I've got my bass," Marceline relayed before charging the bubblegum mass and severing the tentacle holding PB. She fell until Jake stretched and caught her before she hit the ground. Flame Princess then summoned her flame and shot a stream of fire directly onto the monster, causing it to burn and shrivel up, screaming in pain until it was no more.

"Phew, that was close. Great job everybody," Finn said, particularly proud of Flame Princess, since she's never fought a monster before.

Now with the monster dispatched, Marceline told PB everything, even showing her the picture of Betty that they had. Bubblegum was quite shocked by the resemblance.

"Please Bonnibel, help me free Simon. He didn't ask to be taken over by the Crown," Marceline pleaded.

"I guess that I could try. Ooo's princesses would like not having to worry about being kidnapped by Ice King and as a Princess I can't in good consciousness let someone suffer if I have the power to do something about it. I'll help free Simon."

"Oh thank you Bonibell," Marceline cried, hugging her friend.

Together, the five made their way back to Marceline's cave, the last known location of Ice King and Gunter. After a few minutes of fruitless searching, they tried Ice King's mountain lair, also without success. They tried the Goblin Kingdom, the Dark Forest, and Finn even discreetly asking Peppermint Butler to check the Land of the Dead, all without success. Ice King was seemingly nowhere to be found.

"This isn't working. We've checked a lot of ground without seeing any sign of Ice King, not even a snowflake or a captured Princess," Jake said sighing with defeat.

"Don't be down Jake, we'll find Ice King." Finn reassured his best friend.

"Marceline, you know him best. Where would Ice King go," Flame Princess asks?

"I'm as lost as you guys. I thought we would find him at his house. Now I'm just following your lead."

"Well I think we should take a break. Finding Ice King will only become harder if we exhaust ourselves," PB reasoned."Can we rest at your house for a few hours Finn?"

"Sure Princess. We have a map there that we can cross out locations we've been so we don't go looking twice in the same place."

With that decided, the group trudged tiredly to the treehouse. When they opened the door, they were greeted by a very happy Ice King playing toss the pie with Neptr.

"Here Father, catch," Neptr said in his robot voice, before tossing an apple pie at Ice King.

"SIMON," Marceline cried with happiness at finding her father figure.

Ice King, distracted, turns slightly and says, "Whatmo-" before a pie hits him in the face, covering his tunic with sticky mess.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA I guess you lose this game father," Neptr says, spinning around with joy.

"Father," Marceline asks in confusion?

"It's a long story Marceline, involving pranks, princesses, balloons, and an Iceipede. I'll tell you later," Finn promises.

"BEEMO, you wanna play next," Neptr asks.

"I am fine watching from here Neptr," BEEMO replies, playing with a ball of yarn, not paying attention to Neptr.

"What are you doing here Ice King," Jake asks?

"I missed by boy. I came for a visit. I thought you guys would be here too but BEEMO assured me it would be ok for me to stay for a bit. Thank you for that BEEMO."

"No problem Ice King, just get me the code to level 17."

"Oh believe me, you'll like it a lot." Turning back to the group, he finally notices Bubblegum and asks, "Hey Bubblegum. You aren't still mad at me for freezing Dr. Princess, are you?"

"No Ice King. Dr. Princess accepted your apology and I respect her decision. It was her you froze anyway. Listen Ice King, Marceline tells me I need to see your Crown for a bit. Do you mind?"

"My Crown? Why?"

"I just need to test a theory on it. It's completely up to you though. I give you my Royal Promise that I will give it right back."

"Well… If you promise…" Ice King says reluctantly before handing it over. Bubblegum touches the Crown all over with no reaction. She even rubs her forehead on the front jewel.

"Is something supposed to happen, Marceline," she asks?

"I don't know. I had hoped something would," Marceline says with disappointment.

"Wenk Wenk," a voice that could only be Gunter cries out and a bottle drops down from the ceiling directly onto Ice King's head, shattering and causing him to fall to the ground, unconscious.

"FATHER," both Marceline and Neptr cry, rushing to his side. They check his head, which a gash is visible from the glass and the impact.

"Wenk Wenk," Gunter cries sliding down from the top and hugging the Ice King's unconscious body while small penguin tears fell from his eyes.

"We gotta get him to the hospital," Finn cries. Dr. Princess can fix him up."

"Finn's right. Ice King needs medical care," PB responds before tying a cloth around the gash to stem the bleeding. Jake runs outside and stretches his hands inside, growing them big enough to carry the Ice King easily and still get out of the house. PB, Finn, Gunter, and Neptr ride on Jake while Marceline and Flame Princess fly and slide respectively to the Ooo's hospital. Once there, one of the nurses directs Jake to lay Ice King onto a gurney while PB explains what happened to him. Dr. Princess finally enters the room and directs the medical staff on what to do for Ice King.

As time passes, the group sits in the waiting room, hoping for good news from Dr. Princess. After an hour, she comes out and explains the Ice King sustained a mild concussion from the blow and the gash wasn't serious. He was awake now and would be kept overnight for observation and to monitor his concussion. After a cry of relief and elation from the group, they followed Dr. Princess to the Ice King's room.

He lay in his bed, a bandage wrapped around his head and in a seemingly good mood, judging by his smile when everyone walked into his room to see him. "Hey guys. What's up?"

"How're you feeling Ice King," Finn asks?

"Well my noodle hurts a bit," Ice King admitted.

"Well Gunter accidently dropped a bottle on your head while I was examining the Crown," PB explains."

"Wenk Wenk," Gunter says sadly.

"I forgive you Gunter. It's not like you have fingers," Ice King says understandingly. Gunter ran up and hugged Ice King tight. "Wenk."

"I love you too Gunter. I love all you guys. You brought me here to make sure I was ok and stayed. That means a lot to me."

Everyone joined in for a group hug except for Dr. Princess. When Jake saw she was absent from the hug, he said, "Dr. Princess, join us."

"Oh I couldn't. I'm his doctor," she replied.

"You helped make sure he was ok Dr. Princess. I think you should get a hug," Flame Princess stated. With everyone nodding in agreement, Dr. Princess caved. As she approached him, Ice King said, "Wait guys. Where's my crown? I don't feel right without it."

"Here," Marceline said, putting it on his head.

"Thanks," Ice king replied. "Ok I'm good for hugging."

Dr. Princess closed the gap and the Ice Crown collided with Dr. Princess's jewel-pendant, during the hug. There was a giant flash of light and when the group opened their eyes, instead of seeing Ice King and Dr. Princess, they saw Simon and Betty Petrikov hugging each other tight, crying each other's names and crying with happiness.

"SIMON," Marceline cried.

"FATHER," Neptr yelled.

"WENK WENK." Gunter wailed.

Simon looked at them all and beckoned them to him. As they joined him on the bed, Simon looked at Betty and said, "My princess, this is Marceline, Neptr, and Gunter, my adopted children."

Betty looked shocked for a moment before focusing on the penguin and whispered, "Gunter?"

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