I'll never forget the night that changed my life forever. I was eight years old when my legend began. My name is Anuri; I'm a werewolf that originates from the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom, just like my father and grandfather before me. My grandfather is Sarosi, the almighty lord of all werewolves; the werewolf that fought alongside Avatar Aang. My father is Havik, the youngest of Sarosi's five sons, and the Alpha of our mighty pack of over 2,000 werewolves after Grandfather Sarosi retired.

That horrific, tragic night I mentioned before, was when I became a powerful legend alongside my good friend Korra, the Avatar I fought alongside. Everything around us was ablaze with fire, the entirety of the village going up in flames. I, my younger brother Tamaska, and my mother Nuna, were petrified by the damage the firestorm was causing. Dad was mortified. "Quick, we have to go!" Dad said. "Follow me!"

Dad changed to the feral side* of his werewolf form, black fur covering the entirety of his being. Mom, Tamaska, and I changed too. Mom's fur was silver with some slightly darker ears and upside-down triangle-like markings under her silver eyes.

Tamaska's fur was dark gray, and he had Mom's silver eyes. My fur was silver just like my mother's, but I had Dad's blue eyes. From my forehead, to my ears, to my back, to my tail was slightly darker silver (my paws were the same).

Suddenly, in the midst of our run, a large burning tree fell, separating my brother and me from our parents, who disappeared into the darkness. We yelped in surprise, turning and running back towards another exit to our camp. As we came close to the exit, the fires began to close in around Tamaska and me.

Paralyzed with fear, my brother and I huddled together, and suddenly, in front of us, about a meter away, was a giant twelve-hundred pound grizzly bear, and it was a female. It was the monstrous she-bear herself: Katahdin.

Red crimsons eyes glowing with hate, the bear came straight at us. Right before Katahdin could get to me and my little brother, something rammed into her from the side. I looked up; there stood my grandfather, blue eyes glowing in the light of battle. "Grandpa!" I exclaimed, holding my little brother close to me as he shook with fear.

Grandpa Sarosi looked at me and my brother and said, "Run, you two, while I told Katahdin off!" He looked at me as if this was going to be his last battle, and I read the message loud and clear.

"But, Grandpa…" I tried to protest.

"I'm not asking, Anuri! You and Tamaska go, now!" Grandpa yelled rather harsher than he meant to.

Deciding not to argue with him any further, I looked down at Tamaska and said, "Let's go, little bro!" and we began running away from the camp, out the exit. As we ran further and further from camp and deeper into the dark forest, I heard loud snarls and growls from a distance. It was my grandfather fighting Katahdin with all he had, I was sure of it.

Soon, we found a small cave next to a ditch to hide away in the rest of the night. We fell asleep, violently shaking with fear as we did so.

The next morning, Tamaska and I woke up, in our human forms (don't worry, we had clothes on) to the rank and horrifically strong smell of smoke nearby. We slowly and cautiously got up and crawled out of the cave, standing up once we were out of it.

I sniffed around, but it didn't look like anything was around, and I couldn't smell practically anything at all due to the smoke. "Seems like the cost is clear, Tamaska," I said to my six-year-old brother.

"Yeah, it seems so, big sis," Tamaska said, eyes wide with fear.

"Come on, let's get back to the village," I said, and we jumped up out of the ditch, changing to our feral forms in the process. We followed the trail back to the village and soon enough, we were back home, but we were horrified at what we saw before us. Our village was completely demolished.

After we observed the damage, we heard a sickening sound that sounded like bones crunching, along with a pained yelp and a bloodthirsty bear roar.

Tamaska and I ran over to see what was going on, and what we saw was Grandpa Sarosi lying on the ground, motionless and fatally wounded, with Katahdin closing in on him for the kill.

Watching that, I felt something burn inside me, filling me with a deep and uncontrollable rage. My eyes began to glow a bright clear blue, and I changed to the anthro side* of my werewolf form for the first time, standing about five feet tall. "KATAHDIN!"I howled, and the bear turned to face me as my Lighting Attack snapped from the tips of my claws, electrocuting and burning the bear.

As my attack and rage subsided, I panted furiously, and Katahdin ran away from my sight, disappearing into the mist, the smell of burning flesh following. When Katahdin had gone, I changed back to my feral side.

"A-Anuri," I heard Grandpa groan, as the lay on the ground, bleeding internally.

Gasping and widening eyes in horror, Tamaska and I ran to his side. "Grandpa!" I exclaimed, tears of pain coming to my eyes.

"Anuri, where has Katahdin…?" Grandpa said, but another spasm took him as he coughed up some blood.

"Katahdin has gone, Grandpa," I said, lying down on my stomach. "I badly burned her with my power."

"Ah, so your power has awoken inside you, has it?" Grandpa asked, and he managed a weak smile. "I'm glad for you, Anuri, I really am." He suddenly started coughing up more blood.

Panicking, I shouted, "Grandpa, no! Don't die on me! Grandpa!"

"Anuri, I need you to be strong now," Grandpa Sarosi said. "You know I'm not going to make it, and my time is up now. I can now go and join my many friends who have gone before me. P-promise me you'll become strong and brave… just like your father, just like Havik."

I cringed and said, tears now falling, "I promise, Grandpa! I'll become a great warrior just like you and Dad, for your sake." I smiled.

"Thank you, my lovely blue storm*," Grandpa said, now speaking now higher than a soft whisper. "Know this: I love you, and your brother. Tell Havik I love him as well, and that the great Sarosi died like a true werewolf."

"I love you too, Grandpa, and I will tell Dad," I promised, smiling as the tears continued to fall.

Grandpa smiled, and then his eyes closed as his breathing stopped and he went still. He was dead. Horrified and heartbroken, I let all my emotions out as I sobbed over Grandpa's dead body.

Tamaska, who was sitting nearby, was crying too.

Soon, I sat up straight and let out a long, loud, and mournful howl that rang out across the land. Little did I know that my mournful cry had reached familiar ears at a long distance from where our village was.

After my howl died down, Tamaska and I went to the nearest exit and buried Grandpa Sarosi right beside it. We laid down over the grave, fresh tears now falling from our bloodshot eyes.

Not long after, we heard the nearby grunt of a sky bison as it landed somewhere not far from us. We stood up and changed back to our human forms as we looked over who was coming.

"Sarosi! Havik!" an unmistakable voice called out. "Is anyone here? Answer me!" It was Tenzin, the youngest son of Avatar Aang and a close friend of my father.

"Tenzin, we're here!" I called, waving my arms so he could see me.

When he finally saw us, his eyes widened in shock. "Anuri! Tamaska!" he exclaimed.

We ran into Tenzin's arms, sobbing as we wrapped our arms around his waist.

"Easy, easy, you two…" Tenzin soothed. "What happened here? Where has everyone gone?"

"They've evacuated the camp, Tenzin," I sobbed as I looked up at him. "Everyone's gone missing because a firestorm destroyed our village last night, and the bear Katahdin attacked and killed Grandpa."

"What?!" Tenzin exclaimed. "Sarosi is dead?"

I nodded, and we continued to sob.

"There, there," Tenzin said, "easy now. You can come live with me and my family at Air Temple Island until we've discovered the whereabouts of the rest of your clan."

I looked up at Tenzin in shock and said, "Really?"

The airbending master smiled and said, "Of course. As your father's best friend, I'd consider this as repaying a long-said debt he paid me long ago."

I smiled and Tenzin led me and Tamaska over to Oogi, his sky bison, and once we were on, he said, "Oogi, yip, yip!" before cracking the whips and we took off into the air, away from our old village.

From atop the sky bison, I looked back down towards the earth, at Grandpa Sarosi's grave. Grandpa, I'm gonna keep my promise, I swear to you. No matter what, I will become a strong and brave warrior just like you and Dad, and… I will one day avenge you. I thought of the now mutilated bear, Katahdin, my grandfather's killer. I narrowed my eyes in anger as we flew away from the mountains.

Now for explanations. I've become really busy with High School work, so I haven't kept true to my promise, but please, go easy on me!

*#1: Feral form-makes a werewolf look like a normal wolf.

*#2: Anthro form-when a werewolf stands on two legs like a human.

*#3: Blue Storm-the meaning of Anuri's name. Her younger brother Tamaska's name means 'water devil'; her father Havik's name means 'black storm'; her mother Nuna's name means 'earth'.