"Gabriel Anthony get your butt down here right now!" I heard a loud thump and "ow" then him open the bathroom door. My child my beautiful child, Seven years old today. I couldnt believe it. It seemed like just yesterday when I changed my life completly. when I ran away from everything I loved, just to keep him safe to keep him loved. He looked just like his father already. Tall bright green eyes and that shaggy brown hair, and tan skin. He was the child adonis I knew he would be.

"Yea mom?" He asked hopping on one foot trying to put his shoe on. I smiled, running my hand through his hair. "Ugh, mom stop, do you know how long it took for me to get it to stick up like this?"

"Oh I dont know maybe ten minutes." He rolled his eyes. "Yes my dear child you took ten minutes to get ready, you take longer than me I swear."

"Mom we are going to a new town with people I dont know, I have to look presentable." I just laughed. "Besides, I'm finally going to meet my grandparents." I sighed.

"Baby you look just fine. Besides its not a new town, I grew up in this town. I know pretty much know everyone here. And your grandparents wont care what you look like, they will be so shocked to see you that they wont even be looking at how your dressed, or what your hair looks like." Yes after seven years of running I was finally coming home. It was all because my son was so smart (just like his father) that he asked about his family, his grandparents, his dad. So I sat him down and had a very long talk with him told him everything that happened. At first he was angry with me for keeping him away from his family, then he was happy that he had a family out there. He told me how things were going to be and what we were going to do. Of course me not being able to tell him no for nothing I finally agreed after weeks of begging. I couldnt express how nervouse I was, and I think he saw that.

"Mom everything will be ok." He said rubbing my hand. "Now can we go, please!" I laughed nodded grabbed my purse and walked out the door of the motel. Him running down the hall to the exit door.

"Gabriel do not run out that door!" I yelled shaking my head. Thats one thing he didnt get from his father. His stealthyness, hes just like me tripping over thin air. We walked to the car jumped in and headed towards the house I grew up in the house I had my first steps, my first date pick me up, my first cheer practice, my first prom. My first everything. This house was everything to my parents. When my dad got out of the military this is where they wanted to settle, at first being a child I didnt understand why. It was in the middle of no where, but now I knew exactly why. Peace and quiet. Nothing ever happened here in forks washington, everyone knew everyone.

Everything looked the same, the trees, the buildings the streets, even the street signs. I smiled thinking of all the memories I had in this small town. I couldnt believe how much has changed since then. I was the captain of the cheer squad of forks high school, I was the leader of the BETA club, and the president of STUCO. My life was all planned out, I had everything in line, I was going to go to Washington state and study to be a teacher, I was going to come back start a life with the love of my life and have the life my parents had. Then one night everything changed.

"Alright Gabe, I want you to sit here for just a minu-" I started to say as I pulled into the oh so familure driveway but he was already out of his seat belt running to the front door. I sighed and jumped out follwing him. He was already bangging on the door. As I reached him the front door opened. There stood my father, the man I could trust with anything, the man I let down in the worst of ways.

"Isabella?" He asked as he stepped out of the door.

"Hey dad." I said with a small smile. All of a sudden I was being picked up by my old man and being twirld around. I couldnt help but laugh.

"I thought you were dead or somethig." He put me down and kissed me on the cheek. I whiped the stray tear that fell from my eyes and smiled up at him. "What are you doing back." Thats when my rude little boy coughed to get our attention.

"Hey grampa." He said with a bright smile on his face. Charlie looked at me then looked at Gabriel then back at me. All I had to do was shake my head and he knew, he knew whos child he was.

"Well hello there, and what is your name?"

"Gabriel Anthony Swan." He said proudly. I couldnt help but laugh. "I am seven years old and I am your grandson."

"Well hello Gabriel, how about we go inside and you can meet your grandma." He nodded and ran inside. "Bells you coming."

"Yea I'll be right there." He nodded and headed after Gabriel. I sighed and looked around the yard and accross the street. The huge house still stood. The house I grew up in, if I wasnt at my parents I was accross the street. The family there I knew since I was in high school. I was best friends with their daughter. She was the one I was going to go to college with and have be my god mother of my childer. Then everything changed, I let her down. I let them all down. I whiped the tears off my cheeks and went inside.

All I heard as I walke through the house was laughter. My mom especially, my little man must have been feeling them in about everything, and anything. I smiled as I walked into the kitchen. There stood my very beautiful mother. She was always so pretty, with her dark chocolate hair and brown eyes, pale skin. Everyone said I looked like her as I started to grow up. Of course I never believed any of them, because she was so beautiful.

"Oh Isabella!" She said running to me and pulling me into a hug. "Dont you ever leave again." She said tightning her hug. I nodded my head as I hugged her just as tight.

"Hey Renee, mom wanted to know if you wanted to go to-" The voice of my ex best friend said walking through the house. She reached the kitchen and just stood there, face to face with me. We both just stood there looking at each other. My mom let me go and turned to her guest with a huge smile on her face. "What are you doing here." She asked looking at me confused with a look of hurt in her eyes.

"Hey Alice." I said.

"Dont hey Alice me, where the hello kitty have you been all these years! What are you doing back. Have you seen him, how long are you going to be here." She ranted. I was going to answer her I really was but all I could think and do was grab her and hold her. Hold the only person I ever trusted with everything, except maybe the one thing she really should have know. She started to cry as I held her, along with her cries I cried too. I dont know how long we stood there, I do know after a while everyone left the kitchen leaving us together. She finally pulled away and smacked my arm. "Dont you ever leave again without me knowing!" I laughed and whiped my eyes.

"I am sorry Alice, I really am." She nodded her head. "I have to tell you something."

"That, that beautiful child that was sitting with charlie at the table is my brothers, yes I know. I knew the moment I walked into the kitchen." I sighed. Of course she noticed him. "Whyd you run Bells."

"I was scared. I was only seventeen Ali, I didnt know what to do, a child wasnt in my cards not yet anyways. But I could rearange my plans, he couldnt. He had a scholarship, he had plans I couldnt ask him to change them becuase of my mistake."

"You know he never went to Dartmoth, he went WU got a doctors degree. He changed after you left, everyone did." She sighed. "Oh Samuel got married to Rose. Can you beleive it, the ice queen finally let him take her out. Three months later they where getting hitched." I was shocked. Emmett as her other brother, he was after Rosalie since they where freshmen. Of course she never gave him the time of day. He was the captain of the basketball team and her the head cheer leader before me. Youd think shed be all about him, but not Rosealie she was the opposite, she didnt like titles she didnt like to be labled.

"Wow." was all I could say. She nodded her head. "And you?"

"I am a teacher at forks, and married." There was a long were bothing thinking about the same thing. I was suppose to be there, I was suppose to arrange it all, to be there when she got cold feet, be in front of her walking down the isle and standing right beside her as she made the biggest move of her life. "Hey its ok, your here now." I nodded. "Now can I meet my nephew and godson or what?" I nodded. We got up and headed towards the livivng room.

"Gabe, I want you to meet someone. This is your aunt Alice." He jumped up and walked straight to her stuck his hand out and a huge smile.

"Hello aunt Alice my name is Gabriel Anthony Swan. Its a pleasure to meet you." She giggled like true Alice fashion and picked up with one of her bone crushing hugs. "Mom shes squishing me." I laughed.

"Yea son shes real good at doing that." She humphed and sat him down.

"Are you going to take him over to meet mom and dad?" I sighed. "He wont be there, hes out for a couple hours." I nodded and looked to Gabe.

"Wanna meet your other set of granparents?" All he did was nod. Alice jumped up and down clapping. "Mom Dad we will be home in a couple hours."

"OK Ill start dinner and get your bags out of the car." I nodded as I followed Alice and Gabe out the door and accross the street. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was beyond scared.

"Mom Dad I have some people you should come see." Alice yelled as she walked through the door. I laughed a little, she hadnt changed one bit. Two of the most important people in my life came walking out of the kitchen. I came face to face to my second parents.

"Bella?" Esme asked. I nodded my head. She came running to me with open arms. "Oh my god I thought Id never see you again!" She said hugging me tighter. She let me go then Charlisle came up and gave me a huge smile and a quick hug.

"Hey Bells, welcome home."

"Mom." For a second I forgot he was here I took Gabes hand and pulled him to me.

"Esme Charlisle, this is Gabriel, your grandson." They looked at me then to him then back at me. I nodded my head, that made Esme tear up and pull him to her and hug him just as tight as Alice did. Then Charlisle came up beside them pulling them into a bigger hug. I smiled, maybe I could do this maybe things will be ok. Of course that changed the second the door opened and he came in.

"Hey mom dad I am home, I hope you have-" I turned around face to face to the one person I preyed I would never see again. The one person who I know hurt worse than anyone. "Bella?" I questioned.

"Hey Edward." I said with a small wave.