I watched as my child slept, tears started to roll down my face. I am not sure what to do or how to really tell everyone what really happen that week before I left. Its not something that you can really just up and say. And the Cullens what will they think of me, how will they react when they really find out the truth?

Its been my nightmare for seven years now. I may have gotten older and a new life but its still haunts my dreams. Thats why I work at night and usually sleep during the day when Gabe is at school. But Summer you cant do that with a seven year old, so I changed my occupatian and started a book store called The Swan. Not very creative but hey what can I say. I started that two years ago and am now making it a chain seeing it grow so loved, in memphis I had to share it with the world.

So I decided that I would give the store back home to my Assistant to take charge of and start another one here in Forks. It only seemed right when I promised Gabe I would let him meet the rest of his family. Besides I would need a job anyways. Look at this I am trying to convince myself that this was a good idea to blame it on work. Get a grip Bella, everything will be just fine.

After awhile I finally dozed off, it seemed like Id been sleeping for minutes before Gabe started to jump up and down on the bed. I groad and threw a pillow over my head. "Go back to sleep child."

"No can do, I am going fishing with uncle Emmett and you have to go to the store to get things started." I sighed. "Beisdes its already almost ten o'clock." I threw pillow off my head. "Whao."

"What?" I asked seeing his weird look.

"You have a bad case of bed head." I groad again. "Come on mom, Nana made some pancakes for you, uncle Emmett is already here. See ya." He kissed me on the cheek and ran out the door with an, "I love you mom." I sighed and got up.

After I got dressed I headed out to town. It was still weird to be back here back to the place my life changed forever. I pulled up to the empty lot where my book store would be and smiled to myself. Today would be the mark of a new life, of my new begining here I would have a great job with my son who had family surrounded him. If he was happy then so would I.

A car pulled up beside me with a woman getting out. She had long beautiful blonde hair and skinny with an amazing tanning job. Yea can you say fake? She was wearing a sin stripped suit with a light pink shirt upderneath. I shook my head but then the bimbo walked up to me. "Are you Isabella Swan?" She asked with a smile on her pretty fake face.

"Uh yes?"

"My name is Tanya Denali, I am your realtor." my life just stoped. It cant be her, can it? I mean how many people have that name here in this small town? I groand. "Ms. Swan are you alright?"

"Huh? Oh yea I am fine. Um how can I help you?"

"I came by to give you the keys and your copy of the lease." Duh, I knew this.

"Oh right. Sorry I am a little out of sorts right now. Thank you." She smiled dug through her bag and pulled out a key ring with two sets of keys and a packet, I am assuming is the lease. She handed over to me with another one of those annoying smiles and it tookk everything in me not to roll my eyes. "Thank you." She nodded and jumped back into her car. That was her, that was Tanya. The one I was going to have to compet with to get Edward back. Great, I was screwed. I sighed and headed for the door. I needed a plan and I needed one soon. So I called the only person I knew who could help me, but first I would have to tell her my deepest darkest secret, and I didnt know how I would be telling her but I needed her to know.

"Hey Ali, I need to talk to you. Can you stop by my book store?"

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