I Got U


I picked you out in a crowd of a thousand faces,

Yeah I found you-o-o-ou,

I chose the whys and the whens, all the random places,

Yeah I chose you-o-o-ou…

Nina carried her lunch to the tree that she usually sat at under the shade.

There was a figure perched where Nina ate at on a typical day.

Curiously, she walked a bit faster, and recognized the figure as Joy Mercer.

Nina knew the basics about Joy. She was a cheerleader, an A average student, and was typically nice.

Nina didn't know her too well, but they had had gym together in eighth grade, and there had been no one else to talk to, so the girls would chat while they lazed around in gym class, trying their worst and being really lazy about doing actual exercises.

She'd heard some really nasty rumors about her, about how Joy becoming a cheerleader changed her and such. But Nina didn't believe anything anyone at Anubis High School would tell her.

She was a loner for a reason, with only one best friend, but she liked it that way.

As Nina got closer, she noticed that Joy was in a ball, crying.

Nina ran faster to the tree, and sat down across from Joy.

"Are you alright?" Nina asked.

Joy sniffled, and look up. "Do I look alright?" she snapped.

Nina looked down at her feet, beginning to believe some of the rumors, and almost got up, but Joy pulled her back down.

"I'm sorry," Joy apologized. "It's just…today has been a really bad day for me."

"Why?" Nina asked. She didn't like to see people upset, unless they had done something really terrible, such as murder someone. But Nina probably would still feel sympathy for them.

It was weird for Nina. When someone was sad, it made her sad, too. She couldn't stand seeing someone sad, crying, or angry, when she knew that she could do something about it.

"My boyfriend broke up with me," Joy said, her expression turning dark.

"Oh," Nina didn't know what to say. "Is there anything I can do? Chocolate, water, anything?"

Joy thought a minute. "You know what? There is something you can do."


"Well, it would be a big favor to ask… But I know you like to make people happy. You're a people pleaser, right?"

Nina didn't know whether to feel offended by that, or not.

She nodded, wearily.

"You see, my boyfriend and I were dating for nine months. He had been bothering me for months to have sex with him. But I didn't want that. Eventually, last week, actually, I was so in love with him that I gave him what he wanted. He broke up with me before school started today," her voice broke. "He had also been cheating on me, having sleeping with some tramp, until he could get me to break."

"That's horrible!"

"And that's why I wanted you to do me a favor… I want you to break him."

"E-excuse me?" Nina spluttered. Why would someone want another person to feel bad? She knew that he did something horrible, but why would she do that? How would you ever achieve satisfaction from that? Nina's gran had raised her too well to do something like that.

"I want you to get him to fall in love with you, date him, get him to have sex with you, and then break on his little heart," she replied coolly.

"But why me?" Nina asked.

"Because he won't suspect anything of you. He doesn't know you. And we don't hang around, so he won't think that I put you up to this."

"Why would I do this, though? I couldn't possibly hurt a person."

"But you want to make your friend Joy happy, don't you? Besides, you'd be teaching him a lesson, so he won't do this to someone else." she said.

Nina nodded.

"Well, do this for me!" she whined.

Nina contemplated this thought, chewing the inside of her cheek.

"Okay," Nina sighed. She wasn't a virgin. That ship sailed in tenth grade, two years ago, on Prom Night, when Jeremy Ferguson told her she was beautiful.

"But our plan won't start until two weeks from now, when he will have completely forgotten me, and he would start craving for more."

"What do I have to do?"

"Exactly what I told you to do. But wait until about a month he's comfortable with you, and then have sex with him. The next day, break up with him. In front of the whole school. Humiliate him. Make everyone laugh at his misery."

"I need to know who he is, though," Nina said.

Joy nodded. She stood up, pulling Nina up with her.

She took Nina inside the cafeteria, careful not to be seen and foil the plan before it even starts.

Joy pointed to a boy at a "popular" table. He was laughing at some joke.

The boy had wavy dark brown hair that Nina wanted to run her hands through. His eyes were like a cloudless blue sky. He had a smile that made Nina want to melt.

"Fabian Rutter," Joy said, smiling deviously. "That's the boy that you're going to break."

Nina had no idea what she was getting herself into.

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