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It was Monday and it was the day Benny and Ethan were going to go public with their relationship.

"You ready?" Benny asked as they stood in front of the school doors.

"I just hope we don't get bullied for this." Ethan said then took Benny by the hand and started to walk into the school. Everyone instantly stared at the two boys. They could all see that Benny and Ethan were holding hands. There were "OMG!"s and "Wow!"s everywhere. The first person to come up to them was Rory.

"Woah, how did this happen?" he asked as he stared at how their fingers intertwined.

"It just happened." Benny lied.

Ethan looked at Benny then at Rory. "It happened over a month ago!" Ethan said proudly.

Rory smiled brightly and congratulated them. Then he walked away letting the two enjoy themselves. Benny remembered that they haven't told Sarah anything yet and stopped when they got to their lockers.

"Ethan, you know we still haven't told Sarah anything yet. We didn't even talk to her since the last time she tried to drain me." Benny said as he opened his locker.

As Ethan took out the last book he needed from his locker, he spoke. "Yeah, even all those Fridays when she has to come over and babysit Jane, we were in my room. I guess we just didn't have time for her since we have each other."

Benny nodded.

Just as they finished talking about Sarah, she came up to them.

"Hey guys. Haven't talked to you guys in a while." She started.

The two boys stared at her then at each other. Sarah looked at how the two boys were holding hands and asked, "When did this happen?"

"It happened that night you-"Benny started then stopped when he saw a confused look on Sarah's face. Ethan filled in and asked, "You don't remember anything from that night, do you?"

Sarah shook her head then continued to stare at Ethan and Benny's intertwined fingers.

"So how about we talk about it after school. My house?" Ethan asked.

Sarah said, "Sure. I need to know what I did on that day anyway. Erica has been questioning me about what I did on those days without her." Ethan nodded then she started to walk away.

"Dude, really? Are you really going to tell her about that night she tried to drain me?" Benny yelled quietly.

"Hey, you were the one who wanted to tell her!" Ethan argued.

The bell started to ring for their first class to begin and Benny quickly said, "Fine, but I have to be there. Make sure nothing's going on between you two."

Ethan could see the jealousy in Benny's eyes and asked, "Jealous much?"

"Not jealous, just protective. I just don't want her to drain your blood." Benny as he closed both their lockers.

"Hey, she won't drain me. If she wanted to drain someone, it would be you. And also, it's not a rainy day so she isn't in a trance." Ethan said as they started to walk to their class.

The two were still holding hands as they got to the door of their first class. When they got there, they sat in their seats. Ethan sat on Benny's left and there was an empty seat on Benny's right.

"We have a new student joining us today. His name is Aaron." Mr. G said as he signaled the new kid sit in the empty seat next to Benny.

The new kid had brown hair just like Ethan's and brown eyes like Ethan. He was very much like Ethan except that the kid was a few inches taller than Ethan.

Woah! He's kinda cute. Benny thought to himself as Aaron walked pass him to sit in his seat. Wait, what? No, he is not cute. I love Ethan! Only Ethan but it wouldn't hurt to get to know this Aaron.

Ethan saw the smile Benny had on his face when he looked at Aaron and started to get jealous. Throughout the whole period, Benny kept staring at Aaron and Ethan started to make paper balls. He threw many of them at Benny but none of them caught his attention until one had hit Aaron. Benny saw the paper and turned to face Ethan.

"What?" Benny mouthed.

Ethan took out another piece of paper and wrote, "Stop flirting with the new guy." He tried to throw the note to Benny but Mr. G turned around from writing on the board and saw Ethan.

"Well, what do we have here?" he asked as he walked to where Ethan was sitting. He signaled Ethan to give him the note but Ethan shook his head. This is one of the only times he would disobey an adult. The whole class was now staring at Ethan and waited for Mr. G to go back to the lesson. Mr. G was forced to take the note from Ethan since he didn't want to give him the paper. When he took it, Ethan put his head down in embarrassment.

"Stop flirting with the new guy." Mr. G read.

Benny stared at Ethan who still had his head down and did the same when he realized that the note was for him. The class started to laugh and Aaron was blushing.

"Silence!" Mr. G yelled. The whole class became silent and faced the board. "Ethan, you've got a week's detention." Mr. G added.

Ethan brought his head up when he realized that Mr. G has never gave anyone detention before. "Uhh, Mr. G , I thought you don't give detentions." Ethan asked.

"I figured that people don't take things seriously unless I give them detention." Mr. G replied then continued to write on the board.

After class, Ethan tried to get to his locker as fast as he can before Benny caught up to him. Unfortunately for Ethan, Benny did catch up to him.

"What were you thinking?" Benny asked as he reached Ethan at his locker.

"I was thinking that you were flirting with that new kid. Didn't you hear what the note said?" Ethan replied while not looking at Benny.

"Are you really that jealous?" Benny questioned which made Ethan slam his locker close.

"When you do that, of course I am. Can't you see we were meant to be together?" Ethan asked as he turned to face Benny.

"Yes, I see that. And I was not flirting. I was just getting to know him." Benny stated.

Ethan started to walk away. All he could think about now is talking to Sarah. The whole day passed really fast since Ethan and Benny didn't have most of their next classed together. Before they knew it, it was already after school.

Ethan met Sarah outside the school and they started to walk to Ethan's house. When Benny came out of the school, he saw that Ethan and Sarah were already gone so he said a spell which led him to them. When he popped up in the middle between Sarah and Ethan, they weren't surprised and Ethan said, "Aren't you supposed to be 'getting to know Aaron'?"

"I told you, I was not flirting. Don't you trust me?" Benny asked as he could Ethan trying to not get jealous by talking to Sarah.

"Of course I trust you but I can't stand seeing you flirt with some stranger that you just met!" Ethan exclaimed as he stopped walking.

"Uhh, did something happen?" Sarah asked as she watched the two boys argue.

"I'll tell you when we get to my house." Ethan replied.

"We'll tell you." Benny butted in.

"Whatever." Ethan said with a non-trusting tone.

They started to walk but none of them said anything until they got to Ethan's house.

The main summary of this chapter is that Ethan is mad that Benny was flirting with the new kid, Aaron.

The next chapter will mostly be about trust issues between the two lovers. (P.S. There's gonna be a lot of conflict.)