Going back to the future, life imitates art …

Let's imagine a slightly different version of the last season of the West Wing in 2006.

During season 7, the Democratic nomination process has yielded a young unknown congressman from Texas as the dark horse for the nomination but surging toward the convention. The primary process showed that the more experienced candidates have not rallied the faithful around their campaigns. It was questionable if someone can make the delegates join together around and single candidate to come up with a nomination. They finally nominate the underdog Congressman Matthew Santos. In addition after a long fought battle, the underdog in the primary and also the underdog in the general election, Santos wins the general election to become the first Latino President. As part of the transition President-Elect Santos names his rival, a well-known moderate Republican longtime Senator, Arnie Vinik, as his Secretary of State.

So now that we've set the stage of what happened originally, let's chose a different adventure.

Let's say that instead of a young unknown Latino congressman from Texas, that the democratic underdog is a black junior Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. The front-runner candidate during the primary is a Senator from New York and is a former first lady named Hillary Clinton. The long fought campaign finally left the two candidates bruised but finally the Democratic Party gets together and nominates Barack Obama. The general election is against a well respected, war hero, long time moderate Republican Senator, John McCain. Just like Senator Vinik, Senator McCain's past support of moderate position lead to his selective a very conservative Vice President nominee and lead to a narrow loss. Once Obama wins, he then names his rival, Hillary Clinton, to be his Secretary of State.

So I'm wondering how much life imitates art. There are more similarities than differences in hindsight from what was written in early to mid 2005 to early 2006 to what happened in real life during 2008.

I hope to write additional chapters where the Obama administration intersects with the former Bartlet administration. Josiah Bartlet and his staff have such vision and wisdom that can help the major problems with our country during the Obama administration. In addition, having President Bartlet's Nobel Prize winning economic professor ideas to resurrect the struggling economy may yield effective solutions.