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The Goblet of Seductive Fire




"Why do they have to travel in packs?" Harry asked Ron, nervously pausing at a group of young girls huddled together. The girls ceased talking and waited for Harry to say something. Harry opened his mouth to speak, yet no words formed in his mind. He grumbled and hurriedly walked off.

Bloody Hell, this was so awkward! Harry had no problem with asking a single girl out, but they all seemed to travel together no matter where they went. How was Harry supposed to ask a girl out if he couldn't even gather the courage to ask when they're out together? He was Harry Bloody Potter- he fought a full-fledged Basilisk at age twelve! Asking a girl to the Ball should be a piece of cake compared to that!

Either way he looked at things, Harry was stressed out way too much. The Second Task drew closer and he still hadn't figured out his Egg. That incessant screaming messed with his mind, Harry had no idea where to even start with that thing. That was the major source of his stress, until Professor McGonnigall brought up the dancing for the Yule Ball. Now he needed a date. He had an idea of someone to ask out, but he could never get close enough to her. Harry often watched Cho Chang when she was in proximity. He noted her beauty, but other than that he didn't really know her. How was he supposed to start a conversation with someone he barely knew?

Harry bundled his scarf tight around his neck in the cool morning air. He was on the way to the Owlery to spend time with Hedwig and maybe clear his head a bit. He tried not to think too hard about small things, but the more he put off trying to talk to a girl, the more it scared him. He was lost in thought as he bumped into someone on the way in.

"Oh, sorry, I-"

"No, it's my fault, I'm sorry," a soft feminine voice replied. Harry froze. That voice belonged to none other than Cho Chang.

"No, it's alright...," Harry replied. He noticed she looked a bit in a hurry, so he stepped aside to let her pass.

"Well... see ya, Harry.."

"See ya..."

She's alone, which means her friends aren't around! Go talk to her!

"Hey, Cho!"

"Yes, Harry?"

"WouldyouliketogototheBallwit hme?" Harry swallowed his nerves down in one breath.

"..I'm sorry? Say that again?"

"Would you like to go to the Ball... With me?"

"Oh Harry... I would, but, well, someone's already asked me," she sighed, disappointed.

"Oh, well, that's okay then."

"I'm really sorry, Harry..."

"Yeah, it's okay.."

"Well... See ya..."

"Yeah.. Bye..."

Harry walked through the Owlery door dejected. Snow had fallen all around giving the room a glow of pure white. The sun peaked through the window, the epitome of peace reincarnated through spots of sunshine. So much for asking Cho, he thought. He was slightly put off at the thought of Cho going to the Ball with someone else. If only he had the nerve to ask her sooner. Hedwig's hoot broke the strained silence. Harry put it behind him. He would find a date. He was sure of it.

Severus had about enough of Potter's arrogance. How dare the boy disrupt the quiet tranquility of Severus Snape's Study Hall? Had the boy no shame? Oh no. Severus was not about to let the boy go unpunished. He slipped his sleeves up elegantly, making a show of himself as well as giving the boy ample time to quiet down. No? Idiotic boy. Severus pushed Potter's head down in his book, effectively reminding him he needed to work on his essay instead of goofing off. Insolent Potter.

Severus smirked at the boy in question from behind his book. Oh, the wicked thoughts of Potter in various *punishments*. The mere idea of Severus being the one to teach the so called 'Chosen One, Savior to the Wizarding World' a lesson sent shock waves of pure thrill down Snape's spine. Severus spent the rest of class persuading himself it was in a professional sense and had nothing to do with Potter's fitness. No, Severus certainly did *not* spend his free time thinking about the bane of his existence. He most assuredly did *not* think unnatural thoughts about his students, Potter was no exception. Severus had his dignity to uphold, after all.

Study hall with Snape was turning out to be dangerous. Harry wished he could pay attention his essay, but he was so distracted by everything. The ball was days away and he still didn't have a date. He was desperately loosing hope by this point, but thankfully Ron was in the same position. They discussed it quietly in Study Hall, whispering around Snape's hawk-like glare. Harry caught Snape's eye and he swore the man was smirking. Then again, Harry had been a bit sleep deprived. Maybe it was just his imagination.

Which would explain why Harry could not stop watching the man lately. Harry blamed his overworked brain. That was the only explanation he would accept for thinking Snape was actually looking stressed, even for Snape himself. Harry wished he knew more about the mysterious man. Harry found himself honestly concerned at the dark shadows and lines around the man's face, the fact that he seemed more on edge than ever lately, as if he were holding his breath for an explosion to happen right in front of his face. It worked Harry's nerve to sense the fact that his Potions Master might be stressed about something irrelevant to just classes.

Wait a second. Did I just feel concern for Snape?

Harry inwardly laughed. Yeah, I must need sleep.

Somewhere deep inside him he heard a reply, "Keep telling yourself that.."

Severus stood in the farthest corner in the Great Hall he could find. His purpose at the Ball was to watch and monitor all rude and inappropriate behavior, but this was unacceptable. All the children were on the floor, rutting like, well rutting like the hormonal teenagers they were. His top lip curled with distaste. How unfitting for society.

His sharp eye did not miss Potter and Weasley sitting at their table, their dates sorely disappointed. With the exception of Potter's introductory dance, neither had taken any dance otherwise. Tsk tsk. The future of the Wizarding World was left up to morons.

Harry was content with sitting out, watching everyone else having the time of their lives. He wasn't necessarily nervous, seeing as how the biggest part was out of his way. Harry enjoyed his dance with Parvati, but it lacked.. something. He was only fourteen, fresh to his own hormones. He barely understood what was starting to happen. He couldn't explain it.

Harry would have liked to be in a relationship with someone, namely Cho. She was absolutely beautiful, her raven hair falling around her face in perfection. Harry wanted to be close to someone like that, like the way Cedrick held his hands around her waist. Harry wanted to have someone to hold in that way, to lean in and whisper in their ear, to kiss, to share memories with. Harry wanted to love and be loved.

He turned around, averting his eyes from all the happy faces on the dance floor. Seeing everyone coupled with someone just wasn't helping his mood. He scanned the walls, noting the decorum, anything to get his mind away from this incessant feeling of being alone.

His eyes passed Snape's figure in the corner, glaring at the dancing crowd.

Harry's breath suddenly left him.

The sheer simplicity of the scene knocked Harry senseless. He soaked in the way Snape stood, foreboding, a pillar of true strength. His trained eyes scanning the crowd, not missing a beat. His arms crossed over his chest under his robes, which pooled around him dramatically. His hair shined in the dim lights, his facial features amplified with the low tones and the way the light hit him.

Harry knew he was staring, but he couldn't help it. The man looked delicious, Harry felt he could eat the man up right where he stood. Did I just want to.. Eat.. Snape?! Oh, the things Harry's body was going through. Harry felt his heart speed up as his breath came in sporadic spurs. Then something happened that rendered all of Harry's upper brain functions null.

Snape's eyes wandered directly from the crowd and locked with Harry's.

They stayed like that for an eternity it seemed to Harry. Snape's expression stayed blank, Harry knew from observing the man that he stayed stoic. Harry momentarily stopped breathing, his face went white. He would later realize it wasn't from terror, but from something else. Harry thought Snape would scowl at him, mentally berate him for staring at his Potions Master.

Quite to the contrary, however, Snape managed to shock Harry once more. Snape smirked at him, his coal eyes glistening bright. Harry openly gaped at the man, his mouth slightly falling open. Harry didn't think it possible but the smirk turned into a full-blown smile. Severus Snape was smiling at Harry Potter. The smile was brief as Snape turned, breaking eye contact, and left through the front doors to the Hall.

Severus knew the boy was watching him, years as a double agent spy taught him how to clearly observe without being caught; but when Potter was downright *staring* at him, and in public at that, Severus drew the proverbial line then and there. He would fix that impertinent brat once and for all. Severus's eyes met that of one shocked Harry, and Severus did the impossible- he smirked at Harry. Smirked. At Harry.

Potter's immediate reaction brought the highest level of satisfaction to Severus. Potter's eyes widened like that of a wild cat's. The boy sat there as if Severus had him under a spell, his mouth agape. Severus was pleased to the point of smiling.

Severus. Smiled.

As soon as he realized it, he was out the door in a flash. He doubted the boy's miniature brain comprehended the action. Severus calculated that he would still be sitting there, too petrified to even move.

Severus decided to spend the rest of the evening patrolling the courtyard. Fifteen minutes later, Severus found himself in a frantic conversation with Igor Karkaroff.

"Severus, you cannot ignore the signs that-"

"Igor, I am not pretending to-"

"Then what do you propose we do?"

Severus blasted a car door open, exposing two adolescents kissing in the back seat. He let his anger at Karkaroff explode as he grabbed the students out one by one.

"50 points from Ravenclaw, each. Get moving."

The students scrambled off from the courtyard in a frenzy, no doubt to continue their frotting elsewhere. Severus couldn't care less, really. He just needed a distraction from the persistent bug currently gnawing at his side. That, and he had an image reputation to uphold.

Severus wished Karkaroff would just leave him alone. He was already aware that Voldemort had something planned. He would not run off like a lost puppy however. This was not child's play, and Severus was not a child. He hadn't been for so long.

"I for one plan to run, Severus. The damage has already been done. I want to eradicate my existence in this from day one."

Regret. Oh yes, Severus was familiar with that feeling. Images of Lilly's lifeless body floated in his mind, his chest still tightened to this day whenever he thought of the past. Oh how much time had he spent wishing he could change the past? Years in fact. Severus knew all too well what Karkaroff was feeling.

"If that is your wish then you shall do so."

"..And you, Severus? When the Dark Lord returns, where will your loyalties lie?"

"I shall be wherever I am needed, Karkaroff. You see... I do not run from my fears. Not anymore."

With those words of annoyance Severus strode off, his robes billowing behind him. Harry quickly dodged behind a stone statue to avoid being seen. He couldn't make sense of things from the conversation he overheard. He knew Snape was an ex-Death Eater, and he knew that Dumbledore trusted him. He may have just told Igor what he wanted to hear to get him off his back. Harry was almost sure that's what Snape was doing.

Harry walked around the courtyard, not wanting to go back inside. He rushed out at the first opportunity he could. Between Hermione and Ron fighting over nothing and the crowded atmosphere within the Great Hall, Harry was starting to feel suffocated. He needed a bit of fresh air. He was grateful he was alone for the moment, it gave him time to think. He wanted to know more about Snape. He was a bit astonished at himself, firstly for thinking about the man so much lately. He tried to control his thoughts better, but everything he thought about ended up with Snape.

Not to mention the fact that Harry's progress with his Egg was at a standstill. Harry tried everything; he tried flying with it. Nothing. He tried feeding it. Nothing. He tried shoving it under his bed and listening to it. Nothing. Absolutely nothing he tried worked. He was on his edge with everything lately. He angrily kicked a pile of snow and stomped the ground in a rampage.

"Easy there, Potter!"

The voice came from behind him. Startled, Harry quickly turned on the spot to find Cedrick with an amused look on his face.

"Oh, hello, Cedrick.."

"Have you made any progress with your Egg?"

"No, I don't even know what to do with it anymore."

"Why don't you take a bath?"

"A what?" Harry gave him a confused look.

"Trust me, take your Egg with you and have a nice long soak. Matter of fact, why don't you use the Prefect's bathroom on the fourth floor?"

"I.. Well, sure, I guess..."

"See ya, Harry!" Cedrick left Harry even more confused than before the boy showed up. Harry shrugged it off. That was the one thing Harry hadn't tried yet. A nice long soak sounded wonderful to Harry right about now.

Harry made his way to the Prefect's bathroom, armed with his towel, bath robe, Egg, clean clothes, invisibility cloak, and wand. He anticipated the worst at all times. He was looking forward to a nice long bath to wash away his worries and to hopefully sort out some feelings. He ran the multicolored water as hot as he could stand it, which was insanely hot. He loved the feeling of scorching hot water on his skin. It wasn't exactly a burning sensation as much as it was tingling his stress away. Once his body was accustomed to the temperature, he spelled it hotter.

Sighing contently with himself, he let his head lay back against the stone side of the massive tub. Instantly his mind drew up images of Snape from last week's Yule Ball. He was able to stop thinking about the man throughout the week, only saving his thoughts for nighttime. He had no choice there; lately Snape even invaded his dreams. Harry would dream of a tall, dark, handsomely refined man with black luscious hair, stalking him from the shadows, seducing every inch of Harry's innocence without speaking. The Harry in his dreams would allow himself to be consumed by this figure, willingly and completely. Harry would usually then wake up, painfully aroused, and seek a nightly *cough*walk *cough* to calm his spirits. Seriously, he would usually walk, or fly, it off.

Here, in the emptiness of this luxurious bathroom, Harry had all the time in the world to think about why his body and his mind were doing this to him. By now, Harry was consciously aware that he had a school boy crush on his Professor. His subconscious was screaming something else at Harry, something he wasn't ready to deal with. He memorized every dark detail of the man at the ball; how he stood, robust in appearance with his domineering sneer; His hair, sleek and well maintained; his emotions, even in his mask Harry could tell the man was hiding something. The way he smirked, Merlin help him, Harry was already half hard in the bubbles. The man's smile, a true genuine smile, Harry wished he could see more.

Leaving his imagination to work, Harry pondered the reason why Snape smiled at him in the first place. Maybe Harry had some punch on his shirt? Maybe Snape was aiming at confusing him. Maybe...

Harry grunted in frustration, taking his fogged glasses off and placing them beside his towel on the side. He couldn't make heads or tails of the man's strange behavior lately. Smirks and smiles were very uncommon, or were until recently, with Snape. Or so Harry thought. He wished he could see through the man's mask to tell what he was thinking. He knew nothing of hiding expressions with his looks alone, in fact Harry was the opposite. It seemed everyone could tell what he was thinking with one look at him.

Harry let his hands roam his body aimlessly, no destination intended. When his right hand brushed his thigh, however, he had to suppress a moan that turned into a small squeak. He hadn't realized how hard he became while thinking of Snape. His already warm cheeks grew even hotter as his hand betrayed what his mind was saying. He slowly stroked the length of his shaft, shivering at the pure sense of pleasure he felt.

Oh, this is not good! I cannot be doing this, I cannot be doing this, oh fuck oh fuck it feels too good to stop. I've been pent up for so long... Oh please! Yes!

Harry gave into his mind's indulgences. He let his left hand slowly trail up his abdomen to his chest, playfully touching his most sensitive places. His moans grew louder as his right hand worked up and down his length, pulling and squeezing, exerting the right amount of pressure in the right places he needed it. Soon his breath was labored, his body jerked up to meet his hand. The water added increased stimulation, making Harry whimper into the empty space. He suddenly threw his head back, imagining Snape's long and thin fingers working magic instead of his, Snape's slim body looming over his, Snape's tender mouth on his neck, Snape Snape Snape.


Harry moaned out Snape's name as something deep within his stomach constricted, and all at once released itself. He felt pleasure ripple throughout his body, it rendered his senses momentarily useless. His cock pulsed, a hot sensation that had Harry drooling. He panted, sitting up straight and reaching for his glasses, trying to catch his breath.

Bloody Hell...

I want him...

There it was, at last, the source of Harry's repressed subconscious's work. Harry wanted Snape. He could deny it no longer. Snape was the very being Harry craved the most- the fortified Professor, always in control to the very tip of his personality. Even the way Snape dressed screamed control freak. Harry wanted to be the one to break Snape's control, he wanted to know how to make the man tick. Harry wanted to make Snape his.

Harry groaned, a bit irritated with himself. He spelled the water hot again, then immersed himself completely. This was too complicated. He slammed his back against the tub's wall, causing a vibration that made his Egg fall under water. The Egg opened when it hit the bottom, a beautiful melody emerging and capsizing Harry's ears with its message.

"Come seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot speak above the ground.

While you're searching ponder this,

We've taken what you'll surely miss.

An hour long you'll have to look,

To recover what we took.

Past an hour the prospect's black,

Too late, its gone, it wont come back..."

Harry surfaced, lungs constricted, gasping for air wildly. He couldn't believe what he just heard. He dunked his head back down to listen again, and again, until he had it memorized. Suddenly all his worries were rinsed clean.