I woke up warm. Weird, since I was undead and all. From across the room, I could see sunlight peeking through the window, and I grimaced. I shouldn't have even been awake at that time. The reason for all this was lying next to me, still fast asleep on my arm. I was trapped, and my skin felt a little sticky. Bubblegum will do that. She had called me over the night before, told me she was conducting an experiment on slumber parties and that she needed my help.

"You can stay the night," she'd said. "But you'll have to be on your best behavior." And well, I didn't have anything else going. Plus, any chance to stay the night with her, just the two of us…how could I say no? The idea that she wanted me there was way more exciting than it should've been. I mean, I knew that she didn't like me…like that or anything, but I could still dream.

And now, there I was, trapped under her sleeping head in my PJs, waiting for her to wake up. I got to sleep next to her. That was enough. I couldn't remember everything about the night before. We'd played video games. I'd brought some music for her to hear. She was wearing that shirt I gave her… But the later the night got, the fuzzier my memory was. Weird.

"Good morning, Princess! Have you—" Her little candy butler came in through the door, but he stopped when he saw us. Wanting to mess with him a little, I hissed threateningly, and he squealed and ran away. While I was laughing, Bonnie started to wake up. She mumbled in her sleep and rolled over, then pushed herself up. When she saw me, she seemed surprised, but she smiled back.

"Good morning," she said. "I didn't expect you to stay all night."

"You kinda had me stuck," I teased.

"Right. Sorry about that." Her smile stayed, but she still looked tired. Really, she almost looked sick.

"You okay?" I asked, frowning. "You're kind of pale."

"Hm? I'm sure I'm fine," she answered, distracted. "I do feel a little strange. Maybe it's because we stayed up so late." She reached over to her nightstand and grabbed the notebook she had been using to make her "observations" all night. She scribbled down a couple of lines, then paused to read over what she had written before bed, nibbling on the end of her candy cane pen. Then she bit down, and the end of it snapped off in her mouth.

"Whoa, what's wrong? Is your blood sugar low or something?" I was making jokes, but she looked pretty shaken up. One of her hands lifted up to push her hair back, and that was when I saw it. There, on her neck, there were two little dots…spaced just like my fangs. Oh, glob. I bit her? When did that happen? I didn't remember it at all! But that would explain why she looked pale, and why she was feeling weird… Had she given me permission? I hoped she had given me permission; when I got really hungry, I wasn't good at taking "no" for an answer. "Bonnie, I don't—" She shook her head, looking completely lost (for once). Her hands were clutching her notebook tightly against her chest, and her eyes just stared straight ahead.

"Marceline," she said quietly. "I think you should go." Crap. She was mad. Of course she was mad. And I didn't even remember what I'd done!

"But…it's daylight," I argued weakly. Don't get me wrong; I was so ready to run away from this, but burning and dying was a little too far… She got up and went to her closet, dragging out a long, thick cloak. She threw it on the bed in front of me, then went into the bathroom without a word and locked the door. I waited for about ten minutes, but she didn't come back. What was I supposed to do? I got out of her bed with a huge pit in my stomach. How could I do something so stupid?

"Okay," I said quietly as I put the cloak on and covered my head with its hood. "Bye…" Then I flew out the window as fast as I could, fast enough for frustrated tears to be blown off by the wind.