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A/N: The POV in the prologue goes from Lucas' first person to third person through flashback 1 and 2 and back to Lucas' first person.

Throttle of Metal: Another Brutal Legend ~ Prologue: Where It All Begins pt. 1

Well, I've never thought I would end like this. As the colossal metal hand of the band's giant statue that is a fusion of a heavy metal icon and a boar's worst day ever, a light hit the hand in a way that I began to see what my life was before this whole fiasco happened.

As day became night, there was a knocking at the door.

It must be 10 o'clock at night, thought the old man, as he slow rises from his chair, Who would be visiting me this late at night?

As he slowly unlocks he's front door and yells, "Who is it? I don't have anything of value so you should go away!"

But the knocking stills continuing. He finally opens the door to find a violin case and moving basket with an envelope, with Malcom written on it, attached to it. The old man carries both back into his home and reads the note as he removes it from the basket:

Dear Malcom,

If you are reading this, then I am dead. With this note are both my prized violin, DeS'tiny, and my son, your grandson, Lucas. I know we had our differences in the past, but ever since I married your son, I have never wished ill-will towards you or your kin. Because of this I ask for two things: One, for your forgiveness; I feel that his death was mine own burden. And, two; Please watch over my son. This may seem to be asking a lot of you, but I trust you enough to take really good care of him as you did with my husband when he was young. As for DeS'tiny, I feel you know when best to give it to Lucas. I know I have never said this to another person except to your son, but I wish you to have the best of life when you can.

Thanks for everything in my life,


As Malcom finishes reading the letter, he felt a warmness running down the side of his cheek. He went to wipe he's eyes with his hand; he found tears watering the sides of his face.

Was I crying this whole time? He thought, as he began to put away the letter and opened the violin case of his late daughter-in-law. Malcom felt an energy that he didn't feel since he found his son who went missing for 10 years. The same energy he felt when he saw Her, the person who was carrying his mortally wounded son when he found them and the person he would never expect his son to marry 2 years ago. Then he saw it, DeS'tiny. The violin looked like any normal violin except that what seem to be wood but was raven black with deep purple metallic flames, like you would see on any car nowadays. As he flips the violin over to look in awe at the craftsmanship of the instrument, Malcom saw an engraving with golden lettering that looked as it was hand-written into the wood that read:

DeS'tiny, the one who plays with the strings of Fate.

Underneath the engraving, there was a symbol, the same symbol that was on Jessie's clothes when he found them. As he returns the cursed object back to its case, he kept staring at it, like it was trying to do something, pulling him in. Drawing him in and…..


Holy shit! What was that? He thought as he jumped a few feet into the air.

The baby! He thought. He opened the basket, he saw his grandson. Not too much older than a few months, laying there in a basket that was lined with a dark purple blanket.

Lucas Stamen, he thought, He reminds me so much of his father.

As Lucas saw his grandfather takes the younger him to presumably clean and feed him, the world around him slowly dims around him until there is nothing but abyss around him. When all was nothing and black, a hidden amount of anger swelled in him.

Why? Why did she have to die? I didn't even get to see her face. What the hell! He screams in his head as he felt warm tears of sorrow fill his eyes. Then, out of nowhere, a bright flash of white blankets his eyes as another memory comes to life.

As Lucas was playing around his grandfather's house, he opened a closet in his room thinking it was a cave he could explore. What he found was an old instrument case, a violin case to be exact. So he takes the case to show his 'GrandD' the treasure he found in the cave.

"Looky, GrandD-y, I found a treasure chest!" said Lucas, holding the case up thinking he was that person he saw in the game GrandD let him play.

What was it? He thought, Ooh, that's right! I'm Zelda!

As his GrandD turned around, little Lucas went, "Da da di DA!" GrandD chuckled, and said, "Are you still that pers- Where did you get that!"

Startled, Lucas began to sniffled, "I…I-I found it in my closet. I didn't mean make you mad, GrandD."

With a sigh, GrandD sat down in his favorite chair and picked up little Lucas, put him in his lap, as he took the case and set it down on the table in front of them. "Look, Lucas. I didn't mean to startled you, it's just that what is in this case is very special to me, and soon, very special to you."

"What do you mean, GrandD?" said Lucas, with tear-clotted eyes.

"Originally, I wasn't going to give you this till you turn six, but since it's so close to your birthday, I'll let you get this as an early birthday present."

"Ooh, ooh. I hope it's a guitar!" Lucas said, with the glint of wonder in his eyes only children are able to get around Christmas. As Lucas reach for the case, he heard a strange and unknown, yet warming and caring voice talking to him:

Yes, please open this so I can see my boy again.

"Did you hear that?" Lucas said, "You heard that right, GrandD?"

GrandD, looking confused and concerned, said in a tone only when he knows something, but keeps that kind and gentle smile of his, "What are you talking about boy? Go ahead and open it."

Lucas, more cautious than ever, not because of the bodiless voice talking to him, but the smile and the look he got from his GrandD, slowly open the case…..Click! One side down, when that voice spoke again, but this time he could of sworn he heard it before, like it was from someone that was with him since he was born but forgotten them later:

One more click, then Mother will reunite with her Son.

Yes, one more click till I get to see mommy… He thought….. Click! Then, some strange, but familiar energy was slowly pulling him to open the door of the case. With much glee, little five-about-to-become-6 years old Lucas opened the case to reveal his present from his GrandD….. A violin.

"This was in my closet the whole time? I thought it was a small guitar." Lucas says with a pout.

"But this is not an ordinary violin, Lucas, it belong to your mother."

"My mother?" said Lucas, looking confused.

"Yes. A little after your mother p-passed on, she left you to me. And told me to give you this when I thought you can handle it. But remember, this violin was not made for this world. Do you want to learn how to play it?"

Eagerly, Lucas, making sure he did not hit anything with it or touch it, carefully takes the violin and bow in hand, while in his grandfather's lap, began to play music that was not only calming and joyful, but also played like there was a long lost sorrow that would never be forgotten.