Hey everyone! Back with another great story! This time it's an Itacest, so all you lovers of that pairing, boy do I have a treat for you! I have to thank my friend Sara because we've been roleplaying this. So we have been having fun creating this gem, or at least I hope it is! Enjoy Spirale's prologue everyone!

A pained scream shattered the air that came from the third room on the right in the corridor. A small child pressed a hand to the wall, shaking slightly at the scream. What was that? It sounded like his mother… But why did it sound as if she was in pain? She had been fine in the gardens yesterday. The three year old prince made his way unsteadily to it, seeing that it was cracked open by an inch. Having escaped from his appointed 'ever watchful' nanny, he knew the consequences of being caught at this time of night would be grave. His father was quite a stickler for rules at night, especially when it revolved around his only son. However, curiosity did beg him to peek through that crack. Another scream pierced the air before it was cut off.

Hazel eyes narrowed in confusion. What was that scream about? He tiptoed into the room, managing to squeeze through the cracked door without making it squeak. Inside he saw his mother laying on the bed, with his father bent over her. Nurses were running back and forth around the bed, seeming to be panicked. Eyebrows furrowed as the small brunette child crept forward. He flinched back when he heard a loud roar emanating from his father all of a sudden. He shut his eyes, holding his arms up to block his face, fearing that he had been discovered. A few seconds passed and the child peered out from beneath his hands. His father hadn't noticed him? He listened for his mother to gently scold his father and tell him to quiet down, but nothing came. Frowning, he took a step towards the bed, trying to see over his father's figure.

"Mama?" The young prince sounded soft and confused, barely above a whisper. A nearby nurse spotted the small boy and rushed over to usher him out of the room, but he refused to leave. He wanted to know what was going on. Again, he repeated his call for his mother, reaching out to the bed, fingers outstretched. Silence was all that answered his cry. The king's figure was shaking, and it scared the young prince, not understanding what had happened. Finally the man looked up, his dark amber eyes burning with an emotion the child wasn't familiar with. However, he wasn't looking at him, he didn't even noticed that the young prince was there. Yelling at the nurse, he demanded to see if the child was okay. The prince frowned, listening. Child? Wait… His eyebrows furrowed. The activity of the women increased, each of them bustling in unison to remove something that was tangled in the blankets at the bottom of his mother.

Slowly being wrapped in a warm blanket, something started to squirm before a high pitched cry filled the room. The child frowned and put his hands to his ears, hating the sound instantly. The cry slowly faded away into a pathetic whimper, the struggling decreasing until the bundle stilled, lulled into a calm state by the nurse who held it. Turning his head, the prince turned to see his father shaking his mother. Concerned, he tried to walk closer but the nurse held out a hand to stop him. Stepping forward, she respectively bowed her head and held the child out.

"Sir, he… needs a name. You have another beautiful son." She said, daring to look up just enough to realize that he wasn't going to look back at the child she was holding. Slowly she cradled the small baby close to her chest, looking down at him. The prince, Lovino Romano Vargas, was puzzled. His childish mind could not understand. His curiosity finally got the better of him and he tugged on the nurse's skirt, wanting to see whatever she was holding, whatever had been making those noises. A shiver ran down his spine when he registered a strange sound. Was his father…. Crying? He leaned against the nurse, nervous now. His strong father, crying?

"She wanted him to be named Feliciano… Feliciano Veneziano Vargas." The sadness and pain in his father's voice didn't register properly in his ears. So his brother's name would be Feliciano? Thinking back, he remembered how happy his parents had been at the thought of a new child, how happy they thought Lovino would be with a baby brother or sister, so why was his father not looking happy? Didn't his mother say that this would be the happiest moment in their life, after Lovino's own birth? The nurse knelt down to introduce the three year old prince to his new younger brother. Instantly the prince stepped back, unable to look at the baby. How could he even be something to be proud of? He was so scrawny, pink, and ugly looking! The child flailed slightly, having been disturbed. Even at the small cries of the baby, the king refused to look back at them.

"Take them out." The order was crisp and cold, sounding so strange from the usually joyous king. All the king could focus on was stroking the cheek of his now deceased wife, wishing, praying to see those beautiful eyes open once more. Trying to smile down at Lovino, the nurse put a hand on his back, gently pushing him forwards to the door.

"Come, we should wait outside for your father, dear." Following them was the rest of the midwives until there was no one but the queen and king left in the bedroom. Watching the other nurses leave, he yawned slightly, having been tired from running around in the gardens with his nanny.

"What's wrong with mama?" What could have happened to change his parents from happy to sad? Wait… His hazel eyes turned to narrow upon the bundle held by the nurse. There was the reason. It was because this…. This thing... His so called brother, he was the reason that his father was sad and why his mother was silent. He could never like something that caused this change of events! He stepped back, glaring at the bundle. The nurse saw his change in behavior and frowned. What could she say? That his mother was dead? She soothed the child that was in her arms.

"Your mother, she…" She trailed off, looking unsure on what to say. Parting her lips again, she meant to distract him with something else; children's ttention spans were so small. But Lovino darted past her, running to the door. His blood had run cold, fearing the answer due to her unease and fear of speaking. He pounded on the now locked door, begging his father and mother to open up and let him in. Tears threatened to stream down his cheeks, but he stubbornly held them back.

"Madre! Padre!" The words echoed throughout the hallway as the nanny ran into view, picking up the child prince to drag him away, screams and cries from the little prince blending into one unharmonious tune.