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Almost storming through the hallways, the oldest prince of Italia just wanted to go back to his room and rest. But that was impossible, because a certain nuisance was following him, shadowing his every action. The sound of small shoes skipping on the marble tile was making the six year old prince's eye twitch. At his sides, hidden by the small cape he had on, his fists were clenched tightly, nails digging into his palms. He was renowned for his awful tempter and his picture perfect brother was not helping. All he could think about was making it to his bedroom and shutting that pest out.

"Veh, fratello!" the young child giggled, trying to keep up with him. There was a huge smile on his lips, seeming to brighten the area around him like it was the sun. Those normally closed eyes were open, the warm amber hues training only on the older brother. The eldest ignored the other, trying to pretend that he didn't exist, as if he was a figment of his rather lacking imagination.

"Fratello?" Again that voice rang in his ears, making it hard to ignore him. A tiny hand waved in front of his face, making him flinch and have to sidestep away. Keep ignoring him, he'll go away if I do, the prince told himself, jaw clenched. A whine sounded from behind him and his eye twitched again.

"Fratello, I want to paint with you!"

That was it. Screw trying to ignore him. It was far more satisfying to yell at his younger brother anyways, even with the consequences. But he preferred not to think of those.

"Go away!" Lovino growled out, anger showing on his face. Beneath dark brown hair, burning hazel eyes were gleaming in warning. Why couldn't he just leave him alone? He had just gotten done with his lessons for the day and he was tired, couldn't the stupid brother of his see that? He stopped and turned on his brother, catching those now wide and confused eyes in his gaze. The three year old stopped short in order to not run into him. Just by looking at that round face surrounded by short brown hair and those innocent eyes that seemed to stare right into his soul… Why did he have to look so much like mother? Why did everyone like him? It was he that was trying hard to learn the way of the kingdom, not his brother!

"I don't have time for painting." The eldest prince snapped.

"Stupid…" He muttered the insult so that the oblivious brother wouldn't catch it. It was tiring having to curb his temper all the time so he would not get into trouble. Every time he insulted his brother and someone was nearby, all it took was his brother to cry and he was the one being punished, not Feliciano! Every single time! It was never his fault; but everyone preferred the charming little pest instead of him. Why did he have to be so perfect? He always got what he wanted… Lovino turned around, his cape swiping through the air. Behind him the child looked down, pouting at the answer he received.

"But… I want to be with fratello…" The child prince whimpered as he stared at the ground, resolve crumbling. Did his brother not like him? It seemed as if he never wanted to be around him, always avoiding him or brushing by him. He tilted his head as he looked back up, seeing that his brother had gotten up to where the hallway was forked. He blinked and then ran after him, a new smile in place; face alight with renewed childish hope. He stopped in front of the other brunette, causing the other to have to stumble back. He disliked having this… idiot… following him around like a lost puppy. Why couldn't he understand that he hated him? Just by being alive, he unintentionally flaunted his mother's looks.

Why was it him who got her looks? He hated it! Lovino had been unlucky to have the same eyes as his father, and his hair was lighter than him, but darker than his mother's. He barely looked like his parents, why was that? Why did he have to be the odd one out?

He looked so much like her, but he couldn't ever replace her. He was too cheerful and stupid and childish. His mother was a very calm and sweet person, smiling gently at anyone around her, and beautiful far beyond the likes of anyone else! His father loved him more than he loved mother then, right? He forgot about Lovino, and probably about mother too! His heart clenched and he glared down at him. How could he?...

"I have adult things to do! Now. Leave. Me. ALONE!" Lovino snarled, pushing his brother out of his way, about ready to walk away. However, he looked down as his brother tripped and fell down onto his back. Those big watery eyes… He looked away quickly. That was how he had been able to trick everyone into getting what he wanted. His resolve may have wavered moments before, but he would show everyone, especially his father, why he should be the favored one.

The younger prince sniffed silently, a small whimper sliding from his lips even as he tried to stifle it. Why didn't he want to hang out with him? They were brothers… and he loved him a lot. All he wanted was to spend time with him. And what adult things was he talking about? He was only three years older; he couldn't be an adult, right? His young mind tried to comprehend the question. Lovino loved pasta, how could he say no to that? He even could sneak some extra tomatoes from the kitchen to use… If there was one thing his father had taught him before he got busy, it was how to make pasta… at least when the kitchen staff was around. A pout almost curved onto his lips at that. He could never cook alone because of his young age.

"B-But…" Lovino stared back down at Feliciano, anger still there, ignoring how his lip quivered ever so slightly. He had already been thrown into history lessons and other such lessons to learn how to run a kingdom. His father believed that as heir, even at a young age, he had to known almost everything. It was taxing, which caused him to be in a foul mood most of the time. It wasn't fair though, since he was heir, the child before him could do anything; having an almost infinite amount of free time. He even found it hard to pay attention and could barely remember anything when the lessons went on. He alone was the one who had the scrutiny of their father and the watchful gaze of the kingdom breathing down his neck. Although he was proud to be the heir, he couldn't help but be jealous of his ridiculously adorab- No… Don't think of him like that.

Turning away from Feliciano, he instead glared at the nearest wall, as if it was the object of his hatred. He couldn't help but hate him; him and his well beyond average way of painting and cheerful innocent outlook. Even the pasta he helped make was great. It just wasn't fair…

"F-fratello?" the younger prince asked, frowning slightly. With so many emotions running through his brother's face, he found it a bit concerning. Why wasn't he happy? And what was he thinking about? He never could tell because of how he always looked so… mad all the time. All he wanted to do was make Lovino smile, that and just be around him. It wasn't as if there was anyone else he could play around with… The older prince finally relented and looked down at him, his stomach growling slightly. Sighing, his face softened slightly.

"Fine, we can have some of your stupid pasta, but only because I am hungry. After that, I'm going back to my room." He scowled, but it was less angry looking than before. It was too hard to turn down pasta; he always longed to eat it whenever possible. It wasn't as if he was looking forward to having his younger brother's pasta… Okay, maybe he was looking forward to it. He even found a way to persuade the kitchen staff into doing exactly as he wanted when they helped. How could he be so good at cooking it when he was so young? Was he even surpassing him at cooking as well? Was there anything he couldn't do perfectly?

So deep was in his thoughts that he almost didn't notice that his younger brother's face brighten as if it was the sun. Feliciano jumped back up onto his feet and ran over to his brother, slipping his hand into his, and then tugged on it, leading him to the kitchen. A carefree laugh trailed through the air, lightening the tension in the air. The older prince stared down at him, hardly being able to react at being pulled like this.

It wasn't fair. His laugh… It was so melodic, so pure. How could he remain mad at this monster who stole his mother away from him? That laugh was too innocent. Why could he not mimic that perfect childish glee? He couldn't admit it to himself that he tried to replicate it, wanting to see if he too could produce such musical laughs. But all attempts failed. He didn't have enough happiness that he could draw from, not like his younger brother. To be free from any burdens of being the heir, not that he was complaining of course. He quickly huffed and looked away when those bright eyes turned onto him.

"I'm only having your pasta because I am hungry… and because my lesson was so boring." He grumbled, the scowl reappearing on his lips. Feliciano shook his head, barely paying attention to what Lovino had said. All he knew, for a fact, was that his brother was coming with him for once. Even if it was for an hour to eat pasta, he wasn't going to be lonely anymore!