Bridges to terabithia 2:

Chapter 1: A new start

It was a bright morning; Jess woke up just in time to went to school. The pain of losing Leslie still ache his heart, but he was smart enough not to show it out. Things had indeed been better at school these days, with Janice being on his side most of the time. Days past by quickly, it was the summer holiday before he knew it. Jess planed to hang out in Terabithia in the summer holiday with his little sister Maybelle, maybe she had just enough imagination as Leslie to see Terabithia.

It was the summer morning, Jess woke Maybelle up and they rushed to terabithia. When Jess arrived at the bridge, his heart aches again, seeing the brokened rope which Leslie had tried to swing across to Terabithia with, it had broked and Lessie fell to the darkness. He wasn't there to saved her, he was hanging out with Miss. Edmund in a museum of art, totally forgotten about Lessie and Terabithia. It was all his fault, if he had just been there to saved her…

'' Jess!''


''Aren't we suppose to cross the bridge?''

''uh, yeah, follow me''

Jess take Maybelle by the hand and they cross the bridge together.


"What Maybelle''

''I know what you are thinking''

"What did I think about''

''Stop pretending, I know you are thinking about Lessie, it is not your fault she died, stop.''

Jess looked at her for a while and decided to keep his mouth shut, he knew it is no use arguing with her. They keep walking till they cross the bridge.