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"Mom, dad!" Luce cried hugging them close as they appeared in a strange room that she had never been in before.

"Luce, her mother said hugging her tightly as she and Harry glanced around with fear and concern wondering where they were and how they got to this place.

"Callie!" Luce said grabbing her hand and hugging her closely.

"Hey Luce, what's going on? Where are we?" her friend asked a worried look on her face.

"I'm not sure," Luce admitted a frown of her face.

"Hey look, there's a note." A boy with dreadlocks announced.

Everybody turned towards the boy with surprise and noticed a large rectangle table, which had a note close to everybody including some books.

The boy picked the note up and read it aloud,

"Hello everyone, here are some books in which everybody deserves to read. There are important things that you must learn from these books and you must read them to understand what is going on and what will happen soon."

"No violence is allowed, everyone must keep an open mind until the books are finished. Everybody will be staying here as well as eating here, you must do your best to get along and not cast judgement before-hand."

"I hope with the knowledge it will make things better for everyone." Roland finished reading a frown on his face.

"I don't understand what's going on," Luce' mother said with a frown on her face. One moment she had been with her family at their house and the next minute they were here, wherever here was.

"I'm sure there's a reason why we're all here," A girl with dark hair reassured her.

Luce' mom frowned at this but didn't know what to do next so she stayed silent, realizing that they were all trapped here.

"So...whoever is doing this, brought us here to read some books?" A girl with spiky bleached hair, a bunch of piercings on her face, and a angry look on her face asked.

"Apparently," a skinny dark-haired girl said.

"Hey I'm Arriane," The girl with dark-hair said giving Luce a bright smile.

"Hi, I'm Luce, these are my parents, Harry and Doreen, and my friend Callie." Luce said pointing at each one respectively; curious as to what was going on.

"I'm Roland," The boy with the dreadlocks that had read the note said grinning at her.

"Gabbe," a girl with blonde hair and nice looking clothes said with a Southern drawl.

"Cam," A boy with black hair and bright green eyes said grinning at Luce making her blush slightly.

"Pennyweather Van Syckle-Lockwood," A girl with a bunch of sweaters said, "But everyone calls me Penn."

Luce couldn't help the grin that escaped her thankful that it hadn't been a laugh.

"Molly," The girl with the piercings muttered.

"Miles," a boy with brown hair replied with a grin.

"Shelby," A girl with green colored eyes said a frown on her face looking at the boy with blond hair with surprise.

The blond-haired boy looked at her with shock on his face and managed to mutter, "Daniel."

Luce looked at Daniel in wonder, she had the strangest sensation that she had seen him somewhere before, but that was crazy; she couldn't remember ever meeting him.

"So...should we sit down and read than?" Roland asked curiously grabbing the books and holding them close.

"I suppose so." Arriane said with a grin.

They all moved to places to sit, Luce sitting at the end while everyone else choose a seat to sit at.

"So, who wants to read first?" Miles asked curiously.

"I can, if that's okay?" Luce asked uncertainly.

"Sure, go ahead." Roland told her handing her the Fallen book.

"Wait, how do you know the order of the books?" Arriane asked.

"It was in the letter, I just didn't read that part." Roland told her.

"Ah," Arriane said.

Luce took the book and opened it up to the first chapter on it.


Luce at the end

Doreen, Harry, Roland, Miles, Molly, Gabbe, Daniel all on the right of Luce. Daniel on the end

Callie, Penn, Arriane, Cam, Shelby on the left.