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Apparitions in the Night

Chapter Nineteen: Dirty Little Secret

"He asked you to marry him," Amelia said, "He told me he was going to once the house was finalized."

Olivia was stunned as she walked out of Fitz's parents' compound hours later. There was no way that it was Amelia, she had no idea what was going on. Amelia wasn't scary to her, that was why she had decided to go in without anyone else. It was incredibly low risk, Amelia was physically harmless. Amelia had confessed to knowing that Fitz was going to ask her, but nothing else. She was disappointed that Olivia hadn't accepted his offer – but Olivia didn't have the heart to explain to her exactly why she hadn't. She instead made it seem like she had panicked, which wasn't entirely a lie.

What she was panicking about now, however, was the fact that if it wasn't Amelia, it had to be Fitzgerald Sr. That, was a thought that terrified her. She had no idea what exactly he was capable of, or what he was thinking he was going to gain by outing Mellie's evil secret. She took a deep breath as she sat in her car - with the doors locked. She took a deep breath. How was she going to handle the dinner party the next night? Fitz was having a "Last Supper", a little get together that night – that was if she was still invited.

That was a whole other thing entirely. Her extraordinarily long talk with Amelia, his mother, had made her feel even more guilty for not accepting Fitz right away, in addition to the panic of realizing that Fitzgerald Sr. was behind all the crazy mess.

"Huck?" She said, calling him on the phone as she drove away from the house, "It's not Amelia – she has no idea."

"Are you sure?"

"It's Fitzgerald Sr.," Olivia told him – it was so obvious, how had she missed it?

Fitzgerald Sr and Mellie were so ridiculously similar that it wouldn't be all that of a stretch for them to on the same wave length. Afterall, even though it was a horrific plan, it was politically brilliant, and Fitzgerald Sr.'s brain worked the same exact way. He was the patriarch, of course he was keeping tabs on everyone, he probably had people following each of his children's spouses. He didn't trust anyone.

"What's the new orders?" Huck asked.

"I'm sorry, I know I told you you could sleep – but"

"We both know I don't sleep."

"I want you to get into his office, see if he has anything in there that proves he's specifically working on this issue surrounding Mellie."

"Ok," He said.

"Call Abby and Quinn," Olivia continued, "They're on their plane, but leave them a voicemail telling them that they are to go directly to the compound to watch it for the night. If anything happens they are to protect Amelia first, ok?"

"Is she in danger?"

"I don't think so, but Fitzgerald Sr-"

"Don't worry about it, Olivia," Huck said, "We've got your back."

She had apparently missed quite a few calls while she was in with Amelia. A message popped up telling her about them after she hung up with Huck. She looked at them, one was Harrison, and the other four were Fitz. She took a deep breath, wondering if anything could even be fixed over the phone – she didn't want to call. It would be easier to call him in the morning, she could say that she fell asleep. He would know the truth, and then it would be worse.

"Thank God," He breathed as he answered the phone, "I really don't feel right about you leaving. Could you please come back?"

That was a good idea, she didn't want to be alone at her apartment by herself that night anyways.

"I'll stay the night," She told him, "I'll just go swing by my apartment and get enough things for tomorrow."

"That would be great too," He replied, "And don't worry, I'll hide the ring away. I won't…"

"You keep that ring out," She replied, taking him slightly off guard, "I have something to discuss with you – but then, you better be ready to get down on one knee –"

"That was a quick turn around," He replied, teasing, "What if I don't want to marry you anymore?"

"Then I'll just have to go find someone else."

"In that case, get here as soon as you can?"

"I'm coming," She replied, "But we do have to talk first."

"Ok," He replied, "I'll have Tom meet you at the desk."

Olivia parked her car, and didn't even have to get to the front security desk when Tom met her.

"Twice in one evening?" Tom asked as he walked her up to the front of the White House, there were cameras everywhere, "What does he do the pleasure?"

"Miaa Pope, it's late," One of the reporters said as they tried to walk by, "And you were already here this evening."

"I had to step out for a couple hours for work," Olivia told them, "But I promised I would come back."

"Are you spending the night tonight?" Another reporter called from behind that one.

Olivia didn't answer that, but simply kept walking with Tom past the guard, and into the lawns. She was heading straight for the front door of the White House, and Tom nodded and motioned for her to follow him instead. He led her around to the side yard, which was protected from view by tall hedges, it was dark, and there wasn't much over there. No one went over there, and she was starting to wonder why Tom would have brought her this way, until she saw Fitz standing there, in the middle of the lawn, waiting for her.

"I thought we'd walk, and talk?" He offered, and she nodded as she took his arm, he kissed the side of her head as Tom went to take her things to the residence, leaving them in the capable hands of the grounds security.

"I love you so much," She said, and he smiled as she dropped his arm so that he could drape it around her shoulders.

"You know there was a time you said that so rarely I could count them on one hand."

"This is true," Olivia replied, "Listen, I'm really sorry about earlier."

"You were upset," He said, "I'm sorry I didn't…"

"Fitz, Harrison called to tell me to call Huck," Olivia started, "Because he thought that he had figured it out. And my gut's all messed up because this is basically your case, and so I've been leaning on the team. Huck thought it was Amelia, who was snooping around. We know now that's not true – but she's your mother…"

"And I was asking you to marry me the minute that you realized that you had to stalk my mother," He said, understandingly, "Who you know is the only parent I get along with…"

"But I went over there," She said, "And I talked to your mom, for hours. She has no idea."

"I could have told you that, she hates Mellie – but she would never accuse anyone of that…"

"Except the Private Investigator that's been following her since God knows when is being paid from her account," Olivia continued, "Her joint account with…"

"My father," said Fitz, unsurprised, "Why didn't I see that one."

"We still have to wait and confirm that that's why that particular investigator is following her."

"Damn it," He replied, and she nodded, "Let me talk to him, tomorrow."

"You need to let us handle it," Olivia told him, "It's bound to get messy, and I don't want your already messed up relationship with him to get any worse."

"My father and I's relationship is already far beyond compare," He replied, "This, isn't anything. Actually, this is classic Daddy."

There was sarcasm in his voice that Liv rarely heard.

"We'll take care of it, ok?" She said and he nodded.

"Thanks," He said, as they wandered into the rose garden.

"You planned this out nicely," She commented, and he smiled.

"Can we pretend for once that you don't already know what I'm going to do?" He asked, "It means that I never get to surprise you. "

"Well, this is the second time tonight you're doing this," She said as he led her deeper into the garden.

There were candles set up in the center, they were beautiful – they looked like a Christmas service.

"Apparently, candles don't take very long to set up," He smiled as he stopped them in the middle of them, "Liv, our relationship has never been easy, or perfect. And if you want, I'll take what you said into consideration, about not wanting to get engaged until this is all over. But that's not our style, Livy. We're together first, and handle everything else second. We focus on us, and that's how we get through everything else."

"Fitz," She breathed, as he gazed into her eyes.

"Are you telling me to stop?" He asked, leaning in ever so slightly – causing her knees to quake.

"Go on," She smiled, and he grinned.

"You were wrong, earlier," He said, more firmly, with more confidence, and she nodded, "C'mere."

He pulled her in closer, so really the 'c'mere' was more of a courtesy than anything else. He leaned in the rest of the way and kissed her, passionately as he hands wrapped around his neck. He felt her starting to need air, but knew that she wasn't going to be the one to pull away. He smiled against her lips, then started to trail kissed down the side of her neck instead. He kissed her right down her side, even onto her thigh as he made his way slowly down to one knee.

"Livy?" He said, looking up at her, nervous as hell, he had to be insane, "You are the love of my life, I know now something that I didn't know before. I know that no matter what, I want you by my side, I can't live without you. Will you marry me, and grow old with me, and have everything we've ever talked about – a life, together?"

"Yes," She breathed, certain that she had cut him off but he just smiled as he pulled the ring back out of his pocket, still as perfect as ever as he slipped it onto her finger.

He jumped back up to his feet and wrapped her up in his arms as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him to help him out. He kissed the side of her neck as he buried his face into it, and she could feel tears rolling down her cheek. He carried her inside that way, and right up to his bedroom.

The next morning, they were sitting at the table in the kitchen when Karen and Gerry showed up for Breakfast.

"Yes!" Karen jumped right up in the air as they walked in, spotting the diamond ring on Olivia's hand with ease.

"Seriously?" Gerry asked, his eyes going to where his sisters were – a huge grin coming across his face.

"You have to keep it quiet until tonight, ok, guys?" Fitz said, "We're going to tell everyone tonight at dinner. However, the press will probably be finding out about the same time."

"Secrets safe with us anyways," Gerry said as they sat down and get to breakfast.

Fitz smiled over at her, holding her hand on the table, admiring the way it shined in the morning sun. Just like he was twelve hours later, as they sat around the dining room table and he was admiring the way it looked in the moonlight instead. The table was stacked – Gerry and Karen for once permitted to be there, his sister Caroline, and his brother Dennis, and their spouses. It was more of a family dinner than anything else. Olivia seemed to be fairing well with his siblings, which he was thankful for. He didn't even get along with Dennis as well as she was.

"Ok, kids," Amelia looked over at Karen and Gerry.

"Time for bed," Fitz teased them, checking his watch.

"No," Olivia cut across him, "But Hal's waiting to take you guys to your friends' party."

"What?" Karen said, looking at her father, "I thought you said we couldn't go."

"Because you had to be here, for dinner," He replied, "But stay close to Hal, and be careful."

"Yess," Karen said, getting up from the table, "C'mon, Ger."

"Have a good time, Kids," Amelia called after them as they left with Hal.

The rest of them got up from around the dinner table, and moved to the next room for drinks. Fitz sat down on the end of the couch, pulling Olivia in right next to him.

"So, please tell me that I'm not the only one not ok with this?" Fitzgerald said as he walked into the room, a little blitzed, and Fitz looked at Liv.

"Well, that's fine dad," Fitz spoke up – to the surprise of just about everyone in the room, "Because this is my life, and I am in love with Olivia."

"This is my family –"

"NO," Fitz corrected him, not even bothering to stand up, "This is my family, Dad. Olivia, the kids, all of them are my family. I know what you've been doing, with Mellie –and it ends now. You're going to leave her alone, because she has nothing to do with us anymore, and doing whatever it is you're doing, it's going to end up hurting my kids more than anyone else. And you can hurt me, disapprove of me, punish me all you want – but you're not putting that on them. You're not. This is done."