"Lazy Sunday"

a/n: Just a cute drabble

Prompt: Addison spends a traditional "Lazy Sunday" in bed with her family

Setting: AU season ; Addisam/ Ella, Henry centric.

Please Enjoy!


Addison Forbes Montgomery(soon to be Montgomery-Bennett)'s favorite day of the week.


Well for one, the practice was closed on Sundays, which meant that she and Sam didn't have to work, which gave them one guaranteed day of rest and relaxation.

This lazy Sunday was just like all of the others:

Addison and Sam were snuggled in bed next to each other, whispering about how much they loved one another while throwing in talk about their upcoming spring wedding, along with possible hints that more babies could play a factor in their future. The kissed cuddled, made love a few times and then Sam got out of bed, when downstairs, made coffee and brought it, along with the paper, back upstairs where he and Addison sat out on the balcony watching the sunrise. Around 7:30, Henry woke up, Addison got up and went into his nursery and scooped the little boy up out of his crib, cuddled him and gave him a few kisses before changing his diaper and dressing him, bringing him back into his parents bedroom to snuggle underneath the covers with them, well, more like play peek-a-boo underneath the covers. Half an hour later, 7 year Ella Montgomery-Sloan sluggishly made her way into Sam and Addison's bedroom, her blonde hair in disarray as she rubbed at her bluish-green eyes. Addison smiled softly at her eldest child as she pulled back the covers back, making room for the little girl to crawl into bed, directly in between her mother and step father, where she immediately fell asleep, that is until Sam went downstairs to make breakfast. Then, she woke up and began playing with her little brother as her mother looked up from her crossword, smiling fondly at her children.

Sam came back upstairs with a tray full of a typical lazy Sunday breakfast: a bottle and a bowl of cheerios for Henry, Cereal, along with Pancakes(chocolate chip), eggs and orange juice for Ella. For himself and Addison, Pancakes(blueberry for the redhead and chocolate for himself), Eggs, panned sausage, fresh fruit and 2 glasses of orange juice and another cup of coffee. The family of four sat in the extra large king-sized bed eating breakfast, well Ella and Henry watched their favorite Sunday Morning cartoon, Phineas and Ferb while eating. Once breakfast was done, the children were dressed and awaited their parents to shower(together of course) and dress. The rest of the day was spent outdoors at either the park, the beach or some other outdoorsy place(today it was the zoo followed by an arcade for Ella's sake). That evening was spent out on the deck where Sam grilled while Ella and Henry ran around on the beach, building sandcastles, well Ella mostly, Henry was trying to eat the sand. Addison occasionally joined the two young children on the beach, running around with them and letting Henry get his feet wet. Now though, she was curled up on a lounger, watching contently as Henry, who had just started walking recently, sat on the deck playing with his toy trucks while Ella helped Sam cook. After settling the kids with their dinner, Sam brought Addison over a plate. Leaning in and softly kissing his fiancé, he asked her,

"You seem a little distracted, everything okay baby?"

The redhead smiled at him, reaching out to touch his cheek

"Yeah, everything's…perfect. I was just thinking about how much I enjoy Lazy Sunday's and how I can't wait to have a hundred more of them with you guys" Addison said.