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Chapter 1

I'm so wiped out all I want to do is crawl into bed. The past few months I've been going nonstop, and tonight's when everything comes together.

I'm going to the engagement party for Alice's cousin, Edward. From what she's said, he and his fiancé are big-shot attorneys from Chicago. I can't imagine why they'd want their party here in podunk Forks, but I'm not gonna complain. The party preparation's been great for business.

I own an upscale clothing boutique in Port Angeles. Business is usually steady but since the engagement announcement, things have been chaotic. Including my best friend, Alice, and her mother, I've dressed over thirty women for the party. Me? I still have no idea what I'm wearing. At this point, sweat pants and a t-shirt sound pretty good.

After a long shower I feel alive again. There was a time when I loved going to parties like this, but lately they've all turned into meat markets. Same people, different day. No one around here has ever made me blink twice. Plus, who needs a man? Not me.




Pulling up to the Cullen house, I notice all the cars. Thankfully I got ready in record time or parking would have been a bitch. I decided on a royal blue, one shouldered, silk draped dress. It's simple, elegant, and most importantly, it's comfy.

As soon as I walk through the front door, I hear Alice's high-pitched voice through the crowd. "Bella! Oh my god you look gorgeous! Can you believe all these people? How do I look?" She grabs the sides of her dress and spins, giggling when she stops.

"The leopard dress looks perfect on you. So, you ready to pounce on he who shall not be named?" I chuckle as she buries her face in her hands.

"Shhh! I haven't even seen him yet. He better not show up with Angela. I'll scratch her ugly eyeballs out!"

I let out a loud laugh as I shake my head. "I'd pay serious money to see that."

"You know I'd win." She sticks out her tongue at me. "Okay, enough about skank girl. I need a drink."

Now she's speaking my language.

Alice drags me to the bar. "Heineken for her and a strawberry daiquiri for me. Oh, with two umbrellas!"

I smile. "You and your daiquiris. How do you drink those?"

"Don't judge. Just because I don't like drinks that make you burp like a man doesn't mean I can't hold my own."

I laugh as I turn and see people filling the house. "Geez, Ali. Who are all these people?" I chug my much-needed beer.

"I don't know," Alice says. "I think they flew in from Chicago. My mom is running around like crazy person and dad's chumming it up with all the hospital execs."

My eyes scan the room and of course I check out what everyone's wearing. I easily spot the women I dressed. They stand out, just like I knew they would. To my right, I see Alice's mother, Esme, trudging through the crowd toward us. Her voice sounds frustrated when she arrives.

"Bella, Alice, can you believe all these people? You'd think they'd have the courtesy to RSVP, especially if coming from out of town, but apparently not." She looks beautiful. The tangerine hue of the dress makes her skin glow.

"Ha! After meeting the 'bride-to-be', I'm surprised any of them RSVP'd," Alice says, obviously annoyed.

"Stop that, Alice!" Esme whispers. "She's a little different, I admit, but we have to be cordial. She's going to be family soon."

"Distant family, thank God." Alice replies as she twirls the umbrella in her drink.

I lean over and whisper to them, "What's wrong with Tanya?"

"Ugh. She acts like her shit don't stink," Alice huffs.

I choke on the last sip of my beer, her words catching me off guard.

"Mary Alice Cullen!" Esme's eyes narrow at her, but you can see she's trying her best to suppress a laugh as she turns to me. "Tanya is very educated. She doesn't mean to sound condescending."

"And she has a case of the 'Madonnas'." Alice blurts out.

"The what?" I smile as the bartender hands me another beer.

"You know, a fake British accent," Alice whispers.

I look at Alice confused. "Isn't she from Chicago?"

"She's from New Jersey," Esme replies. "But I was told she studied in London for a few months."

"Exactly. Hence her case of the 'Madonnas'." Alice shrugs nonchalantly.

Esme shakes her head, "I hate to break up the gossip but I need your help in the kitchen, Alice." She smiles over at me. "You should walk around. Mingle. I bet there are some single guys here."

I shake my head, "You know me. Bella the man-eater."

"Mom. Leave her alone." Alice turns to me and rolls her eyes. "I'll be right back."

After waving them off I sneak toward Carlisle's study; that's where he keeps the good stuff. I hurry into the room and lock the door behind me. Since the moon is shining on the liquor cabinet, I decide to keep the light off. No need to draw anyone's attention.

Lucky for me, the combination hasn't changed since high school. "Now this is more like it." I grab the Remy Martin Cognac and fill a large tumbler, smiling as I make a toast. "To Madonna and what's his face!"

After downing it in one gulp, I clutch the bottle and feel my way across the dark room to the couch, kicking off my heels as I go. "Finally. Peace and quiet."

I let out a soft moan as I stretch out my legs. Deciding on another shot I bring it to my lips, then out of nowhere I hear what has to be the sexiest voice ever from across the room.

"Care to share?"

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