It's been four hours since Edward's lips were on mine, yet it seems like forever.

The rest of the night we spent apart. He was busy with Carlisle, and Esme and Alice and Jasper disappeared to God knows where.

After mingling a bit with everyone, I snuck up here, took a shower then changed into my pajamas. Well, really it's just a t-shirt and some boxers.

The buzzing of my phone catches my attention; I reach over and see a text from Edward.

Hey, you.

I smile and text back. Hi there.

Were you asleep?

I laugh because that's the opposite of what I am. Actually I'm wide awake.

He takes a while to respond. I'm getting anxious. Finally I see those little dots on the screen, letting me know he's typing.

Meet me in the backyard.

I jump off of the bed and look around for some shoes. Besides heels, all I have are hot-pink wedge boots.


I grab my grey sweater wrap and hurry down the stairs and out the back door. My stomach has butterflies. I feel like a teenager again.

"Edward?" I whisper, looking around the yard.

"Down here."

I follow his voice down the flower trail. He's waiting for me at the end.

God he looks perfect. Thermal shirt, sweatpants hanging from his hips.

He looks delicious.

Edward's eyes scan down my body and he lets out a loud laugh.

"Really, Bella? Boxer shorts and pink boots?"

"Hey!" I laugh, pinching his arm. "I didn't pack an outfit for frolicking around the yard."

His lips curve up into a half smile.

"Come on, let's go."

He grabs my hand, his fingers wrap around mine. I follow him past the pond and into the woods.

"Edward. Where are we going?" I grip his hand tighter as we make our way through the dark.

"You'll see." His hand squeezes mine as he leads us through the dark path. The sound of the forest night echoes through the trees. I can hear animals moving, crickets chirping. There's barely a moon tonight, making it even harder to see around us.

After a few minutes we finally make it to an open field.

It's the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen.

All you see are millions of stars. The sky looks like someone threw glitter into the air and it never fell down.

Edward lays out a blanket and takes a seat, patting the spot beside him.

"I can't get over how beautiful this is. I've never seen the stars this bright." I lean back on my hands, taking in the amazing view.

Edward leans over and whispers, brushing my hair away from my ear. "The view is definitely beautiful."

His warm breath makes me shudder; my skin is instantly covered with tiny goosebumps.

"Are you cold?"

I shake my head and smile up at him. "No, I'm okay."

He leans in and brushes his lips against mine.

"I missed you."

I smile against his lips. "Are you talking to me or my mouth?"

He laughs and shakes his head. "Both. Equally."

I roll my eyes and he drags me down against the blanket, my head fits perfectly in his open arm.

"How did you know about this place?"

He takes a deep breath as his thumb rubs against my shoulder.

"When I was a kid, my mother and I used to come out here at twilight. She would pick flowers and I'd try to collect fireflies. Some nights we'd stay until dark. I remember trying to count all the stars in the sky, insisting that I could do it."

His words are soft; there's a sadness in his voice.

Edward has never mentioned his parents before. I know only the little Alice told me.

"When did you leave Forks?"

"I was seven. It was the day of my mom's funeral."

I squeeze his hand.

"When we moved to Chicago, I was immediately put into boarding school." He pauses. "I guess everyone deals with grief in their own way. For my father, it was not seeing me, almost ever. Up until the day he died, he was basically a stranger to me."

He sits quietly for a few minutes, I look up at him. His eyes stay focused on the sky.

"When I wasn't at school, I was away for the summers. Most of the time with my friends but a few times, I came here. I loved staying with my aunt and uncle." He smiles through sad eyes, "Those were my favorite summers."

His fingers play with my hair as he continues.

"Don't get me wrong, my dad never mistreated me. He was just indifferent. Which for me was worse. I wanted something from him. Love, hate ... anything but indifference. It was like I wasn't even worth being hated."

Tears start to trickle down my face. "I'm so sorry, Edward."

He turns to me, his thumbs brush away the fallen tears. "Shhh." He kisses my cheeks where the trail of tears were. "Things happen for a reason. I'm believing that more and more every day."

"Me, too." I smile up at him and he lies back down beside me.

"Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut." I blurt out of nowhere, sensing a subject change is needed.

"Really?" He laughs loud, "Sorry, can't picture that at all."

I huff in feigned annoyance. "I'm serious. I'm obsessed with astronomy. When I was little I memorized the constellations, studied the galaxies. I'm completely fascinated by it."

Edward turns to face me, his head rests on his bent arm.

"From astronomy to fashion. That's quite a stretch."

I chuckle. "Have you seen how unflattering space suits are?"

He shakes his head.

"I even have tattoos of my favorite stars." I look up to the sky, searching for them. "There, you see those?" I point to a small cluster. "Those are the Seven Sisters. Their name in Greek mythology is Pleiades. They're one of the closest star clusters to earth, making them easy to see ... especially out here."

"They are beautiful." Edward replies. "And where on this delicate pale skin are said tattoos?" He says with a mischievous grin, his fingers tip-toe toward me.

"Tsk tsk tsk. No can do, Mr. Handsy." I slap his hand lightly. "You're not distracting me with your wicked ways until I get some answers from you. You've already distracted me once tonight."

He narrows his eyes playfully. "What would you like to know?"

"For starters, are you and Tanya over? For good?"

He smiles and nods once. "Yes. Tanya and I are one hundred percent over."

My stomach does a flip. My heart does, too.

"And she's okay with it?" I probably shouldn't ask, but I have to know.

He laughs. "Tanya is not used to hearing the word no. Unfortunately for her, that's the only word I have for her. The only polite word anyway. She's going to have to be okay with it. I'm not changing my mind. Ever."

"And what about work? What about your life in Chicago?"

Edward reaches out to touch me and I push his fingers away.

"No sidetracking me, Inspector. I can't concentrate when you touch me."

He smiles and responds. "I've decided to open up my own practice here. Maybe do some pro bono work." He shrugs. "Something to help out the community."

"Isn't that a serious pay cut?" I ask, maybe overstepping my boundaries but I'm curious.

Edward shifts, "I don't have to work. My parents ..." He hesitates before finishing. "They left me enough to where I don't need to work. Being a criminal defense attorney, it ... it wasn't for me. I just followed in my father's footsteps, hoping he'd notice."

I'm quiet for a moment, letting his words process. "Are you sure that's what you want?"

He smiles that boyish smile of his and replies, "I'm sure of what I don't want." He laughs, his fingers trail lightly down my throat. "Now, is there anything else you want to know before I say hello again to that mouth of yours."

Focus Bella!

I flick his roaming fingers. "Three things." I sit up and turn towards him. "First, what's this about your friend ... the buyer for Neiman Marcus?"

Edward sits up, too. His arms drape over his bent knees.

"I got a phone call a few days ago from my friend Eleazar. His wife, Carmen, wants you to contact her. She was asking if you were working on a line. She liked your sketches at your store. Something about Fashion Week."

Did he just say Fashion Week?

"Are you serious? Fashion week?" I bury my face in my hands. "I want to call her right now! Do you know how many connections she must have? How many famous designers she knows? To have those people see my work. See my designs. It would be indescribable."

Edward chuckles and pulls my hands away from my face. "I'll give you her number. She'll be excited to hear from you."

Edward leans over and whispers in my ear. "That's one. Two more questions to go."

I bring my knees to my chest, nervous about this question.

"That night, at my apartment, you said I deserved better than you. What exactly did you mean?"

Edward lets out a deep breath and runs his fingers through his hair.

"Up until a week ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I've spent most of it trying to make other people happy. I needed to find out what and who makes me happy. I felt like you deserved someone who could answer those questions. You deserve the best."

He reaches for my hand; his thumb gently rubs across my skin as he holds it tight.

"Bella, you literally fell into my life." He chuckles. "From the moment you stumbled into that room, I was a changed man. You're so real, so honest. You don't let others stand in your way. You have a confidence that is just addicting. You may not see this but you have everyone's attention, without even asking for it."

My heart is pounding as my words come out like a whisper, "Is this real?"

His green eyes never look away from mine. "You and me? Yes. It is very real."

Without hesitation, his lips are on mine.

We fall back against the blanket. He kisses across my chin and down my throat.

"Edward." I pant out as his tongue moves down my skin, he stops when he gets to my chest.

This is happening. THIS IS HAPPENING.

I whimper as his mouth leaves my skin, I open my eyes and look down at him. He's halfway down my body.

"You are so beautiful."

His thumb grazes across my hardened nipple that's poking through my thin t-shirt.

Breathe, Bella.

"Brunettes Do It Better?" He smirks as he reads my shirt out loud, his thumb still grazing my nipple.

I moan at his touch and simply nod.

"What exactly is better?" His lips replace his thumb, barely touching the hardened peak as his head moves back and forth, slowly teasing it.

"Lots of things." I choke out.

"Do you taste better?" His tongue swirls across my shirt-covered nipple, his teeth capturing it and sucking it into his mouth.

Oh. My. God.

My fingers grip his hair, my legs open to him, letting his body fall in between. His hand finds my other nipple, pinching and pulling it.

"So good." He looks up at me, his mouth wet and swollen.

I want him to touch me. To really touch me.

I drag my teeth against my lip and look down at him. "Here. Let me help."

I grab the hem of my shirt and tug it upwards, exposing my white bra, covered in multi-colored polka dots.

"Fuck, Bella." He runs his fingers through his hair, his eyes taking me in.

My fingers trail up my skin stopping at the ruffled cup of my bra. I pull it down letting my breast fall out. The cool air causes my already damp nipple to tighten more.

A guttural groan comes from him and he scoops me up, pulling me onto his lap. His mouth finds my awaiting breast; I arch my back and whimper, finally feeling his tongue on me after all this time is almost too much. He squeezes it and alternates between sucking and biting. Without realizing it, my body starts to rock against him.

He moves away from my breast and gently lays me back down against the blanket, his body on mine.

"You definitely taste better." He whispers in my ear, his body presses against me.

I chuckle and brush the hair away from his eyes and pull his lips to mine.

"There's a lot more of me to taste."

He moans and wraps one of my legs around his waist, letting me feel how hard he is.

"Bella." He whispers on my throat.

"Hmm?" I respond, my fingers fisting his shirt.

"I am going to taste all of you. You're going to feel me buried inside of you, but not here. Not tonight."


He shuts me with up a kiss and another hard grind into me.

"Our first night will be on your couch, with you straddling me, like that night." His tongue traces against my closed mouth. "Do you remember that night?"

I'll never forget. Me. Edward. Otis. Drowning.

"Yes." I whisper and push myself against him.

He bites playfully on my bottom lip. "You need to stop doing that Bella or I won't be able to control myself."

I push up against him again. "Just ... just touch me. Please."

His hands slide down my stomach and stop at the top of my shorts.

A mischievous smirk spreads across his lips. "So I take it no grannies tonight?"

I laugh and shake my head. "No. They're officially retired."

"Well in that case." His fingers slide into my shorts and tease me from the outside of my panties.

"Mmmm. You are so wet." Edward whispers into my ear. "You like me touching you, Bella?" He nibbles on my earlobe.

A desperate moan escapes my lips.

"You want me to fuck you with my fingers?"

Dear Lord he likes it dirty. I'm going to die.

"Yes." I whisper. "Please."

He pushes my panties to the side and runs the tip of his thumb over me, brushing across my swollen clit.


"Fuck." He hisses into my neck.

"Do I feel good?" I whisper, pushing myself to him, his finger sliding up and down.

"You feel so good."

I close my eyes, my breathing heavy.

"Here, feel." He takes my hand and guides it into my panties, his fingers resting on mine.

I am so wet. Drowning doesn't even explain it.

He pushes our index fingers in and moves them in and out. Very slowly.

Holy fuck.

"Don't you feel good? So hot. So wet." He sucks my nipple into his mouth again and I'm quickly losing control.

I can't respond. He adds our middle fingers, pushing and pumping them inside me.

"I like seeing you like this. Under me, fucking you with our fingers. I can't wait to feel you come on them."

That does it.

I pull his mouth to mine, my tongue fights for control as my body loses it around our drenched fingers. I start to shake as my orgasm pulsates through me.

I moan into his mouth, sucking on his tongue as the throbbing subsides. Once my body stills, he breaks the kiss, smiling as he looks down.

"You're amazing." He kisses me softly as he removes our fingers from inside me and rolls onto his back, both of us trying to catch our breath.

"That was amazing." I laugh, moving closer to him, wrapping my fingers around his.

Edward chuckles and brings our entwined fingers to his lips, kissing my hand softly. "Make a wish on the stars, Bella."

I close my eyes and think to myself ... It already came true.

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