Chapter 1: The New Beginning

"Onii-sama, please come out... It's been three days since you didn't come for school..." Elsee begged her nii-sama as she persistently knocked on Keima's door.

A few days have passed since the reunion of the Jupiter sisters and the resealing of the weiss. Keima had shut himself in his room for the entire time, refusing to come out despite Elsee's pleas. Determined to drag her Kami onii-sama out of his room, Elsee used her hagoromono to open his door. Upon entering his room, she saw him sitting on his bed in deep thought.

"Kami onii-sama?" Elsee asked as she stood there waiting for a reply. "I can't decide!" Keima shouted in a frustrated tone. "Between a game with good music and a game with a good script, which one is a better one?!" Keima continued. He continued to mumble to himself about the games as Elsee looked at him looking at both games over and over again. "Why not just play both at once Nii-sama? You are the capturing god after all!" Elsee suggested in carefree tone.

"There's a difference you buggy demon! That's why you're such a..." Before Keima could finish his statement, Mari picked up Keima and kicked him out of his room as she screamed, "Just go out already!".

While Keima was picking up his stuff for school, Elsee was at the cafe talking with Haqua. While conversing with Haqua what happened in new hell after the resealing of the Weiss, Haqua suddenly asked,"Shouldn't you be going to school about now?"

Meanwhile, Keima was on his way to school when he met Tenri along the road. Tenri was nibbling on a rice ball as she stood along the road.

"Tenri." Keima said without hesitation.

"K-Keimai-kun?!" Tenri said in a surprised tone. there was a moment of awkward silence before Tenri greeted Keima.

" I'm not prepared to meet Keima-kun yet... What should I do?" Tenri thought as she panicked. "U-Um, Keima- kun..." Before Tenri could finish her sentence, her stomach growled.

"Why don't you finish your rice ball first?" Keima suggested before the two continued towards Majima High.

" I'm really glad you came outsid... U-um I don't think everyone is mad at you, so... " Tenri said meeklynut was interrupted by Keima.

"I'm fine! Everything is over snice the goddesses have all been found and the Weiss are gone too. The real can finally leave me alone as I return to my realm, the gaming world!" Keima declared.

When they reached Majima Private High School, Keima turned around and asked Tenri, " Don't you go to a different high school? Why are you following me?"

"U-um well, because... During the resealing of the Weiss, the spiritual energy exerted was too high so it caused minor quakes which sort of destroyed my school so I transferred into Majima High. Didn't you see my uniform? I'm also in the same class as you Keima-kun." Tenri explained.

Keima took a good look at Tenri before realizing that she was wearing Majima High's school uniform but continued to play his PFP as though nothing happened.

"Is that so, well nothing up to this point could surprise me. That includes your transfer." Keima said in a monotone voice.

"I-Is that so.." Tenri said half-heartedly.

As they were strolling along the school grounds, the bell for first period rang.

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