Chapter 18: Witheld Emotions, before the revelation.

"Mmm..." Ayumi woke up as she rubbed her eyes lazily. She was an early bird as she always did her morning training at this time of the day. But what greeted her wasn't the roof of the tent, but a patch of brown. Getting up, she realised her situation. She was sleeping with Keima, again. How innocent his face was, just sleeping like that. She let out a small smile. Her eyes were naturally drawn to Keima's lips. How tempting it was to kiss the person she loved once more. Although there were other's in the tent besides her, that did not bother her. She approached him as she tried to kiss him. "No! I can't do that!" Ayumi thought restraining herself. She decided to enjoy it while it lasted and went back to sleep.

Yui opened her eyes, to find herself hugging something. Upon closer inspection, she realised she wasn't hugging something but someone. Getting a good look at the person inside the sleeping bag, she blushed. Although one could say she was daring, but she wasn't daring enough to sleep with him. It was like choosing to wear male underwear with her uniform, which she still couldn't do. But to experience something was also nice once in a while. She hugged him a bit tighter and returned to her slumber.

"Haau..." Shiori let out a soft yawn as she woke up. She hit her head against something soft as she got up. "Ow... what's this over here?" Shiori thought, looking at Keima's motionless body. "Ka-Katsuragi?!" She exclaimed in her thoughts. "Wait, why would I be here?" She thought to herself. "All I remember was returning to my tent and going to sleep..." Shiori thought back on last nights events. "How?..." Shiori wondered while tilting her head in confusion. However, she stopped thinking about it and decided to treasure the moments where she could truly be close to the person she fell in love with.

"Yawn~" Tsukiyo let out a small yawn before waking up to find herself sleeping next to Keima. "!?" This surprised her as her face instantly became red. "W-Why..." She began stuttering, thinking of possible explanations to her situation. "..." She took another glance at the sleeping gamer's face. A slightly less intense blush was on her face. How imperfect this man was, playing around with other girls. But yet, she had fallen in love with him. No matter how imperfect he was, she couldn't bring herself to truly hate him. She could feel his warmth as she leant on him, falling back into her slumber.

"..." Tenri woke up, rubbing her eyes lazily. Her pillow felt hard and she wasn't on her sleeping bag. "?" She sat up and realise she was lying on Keima's arm. "Keima-kun..." She spoke softly to herself as she looked at the sleeping innocent Keima. She had not felt his warmth ever since her conquest. She was happy that the usual Keima was back. Even if he didn't look at her always, he still tried his best for her, and all the other goddess' hosts. She maybe just wanted to be spoiled by him once in a while, hugging onto his sleeping bag, she closed her eyes and dozed off.

Surprisingly, none of them saw each other since they were sleepy. But the real wasn't that kind as to give the capturing god his peace. Moments later, a alarm rang in the tent and woke up everyone. They rubbed their lazy eyes, stretched and yawn. "!" As they opened up their eyes, having fully awoken, they saw each other's faces. "Wha-" "How-" "Why-" Several questions were raised but they were all cut halfway as all of them were speechless.

"Fwah..." A person rose in the middle of the ring of girls. It's morning already..." Keima said, taking his spectacles off to wipe them. When he put them back on, he realise the girls were awake. "Good, since most of you are here, I shall announce this now." Keima said seriously, pushing his spectacles up the bridge of his noes. "Everything shall be revealed tonight! Tell everyone except Miyako to gather at the top of the roof tonight." Keima declared, pointing at the girls. "Now if you would kindly leave..." Keima said, unzipping the tent entrance. Ayumi and Tsukiyo both got a little mad and hit Keima as hard as they could and left with the rest.

"What's with the noise from that tent?" A male student said, looking at Keima's tent.

"Hmph!" Ayumi exited the tent, followed by Tsukiyo, Tenri, Shiori and Yui.

"I guess they must've been having some girls talk." A female student said.

"What's with them?" Keima said, rubbing his sore head as he stuck his head out the tent and then returning to close the tent entrance.

"Wha-" A male student exclaimed.

"Wasn't that the Otamegane?" Another male student gasped.

"I definitely saw him!" A female student said with a shocked expression.

"What's the Otamegane doing with the girls..." Some guys thought, letting out their collective jealously and hatred directed at Keima's tent.

"Why do I have the feeling someone is watching me?" Keima thought, packing up his things.

During the morning washing up, when everyone was brushing their teeth, a female student asked Ayumi, "Ayumi~ Why were you and other girls in the Otamega's tent?"

"Eh?" The question caught her totally off guard.

"Well, because... Er.. You see.. There's a reason for this..." Ayumi tried to think of a excuse.

"Because Nii-sama's tent was so roomy! We had our sleeping bags laid out so we didn't have enough space to fit everyone in our own tent so we borrowed Nii-sama's tent!" Elsie said.

"I guess that makes sense, since that Otamega has a huge tent to himself. He didn't do anything to you guys, did he?" The student asked out of concern.

"Wh-What? No, never! If he did try, I would have just beat him up!" Ayumi let out a forced laughter.

"Of course~" The girl agreed with Ayumi, finally dropping the topic.

"Nice save there, Elsie." Ayumi sighed, petting Elsie on the shoulders.

"Nii-sama told me to say that if anyone gets suspicious!" Elsie said cheerfully.

"I see." Ayumi replied, combing her hair.

"That Katsuragi, just what does he want, telling us to gather at night?" Ayumi thought, continuing to comb her hair.

"Ayumi, if what Katsuragi is going to reveal is what I think it is, it is vital that you know of this." Mercury said, appearing in the mirror Ayumi was using.

"What do you mean?" Ayumi asked, inquiring further.

"I do not know what Katsuragi is planning and I will not interfere." Mercury said before disappearing.

"Grr... Being kept in the dark is really frustrating..." Ayumi made a annoyed face as she finished up.

"That lucky Otamega..." The boys thought as they stared at the oblivious god of conquest.

"Ignore it.. Just Ignore it..." Keima brushed his teeth furiously as he looked away from all the jealous eyes.

"I'll finally reveal everything and then, I'll finally obtain my game time!" Keima said, his eyes shining brightly and clenching his fists.

But we all know the real wasn't as kind as to let the capturing god off so easily.

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