He would say thank you...

Could it really be true? She had been waiting two years for this moment, if it was to come. If it didn't happen she was quite certain what was left of her heart would break. She stood in the shadows of the cave, directly in front of the entrance to N's castle.

White had kept herself plenty busy over the course of these two years. Her and her beloved pokemon, her family, had faced many new battles, adventures, and found many new friends. Some of those new friends were tucked away, happily, inside their pokeballs.

Fuu, her Samurott, cooed at her side and nuzzled its face against the back of her shoulder in reassurance. All of her pokemon were supportive and understood what she was going through, but no pokemon knew her better than Fuu did. He had been with her since she first met him after all.

"Alright, guys," White told her pokemon, "If this is for real I want you all to be nice to N, and if it's not for real, well...then I want you all to take turns consoling me as I cry, okay?"

Her pokemon exchanged looks and nodded in awkward agreement as they followed White down the damaged stairs.

The castle was not as she remembered it. Age and battle had certainly taken its toll on the once beautiful structure. Pillars were chipped and the floor no longer had its gorgeous finish; instead, it was covered in cracks and holes. The castle itself seemed dim and no longer inviting. That wasn't what White was worried about though.

Cautiously, greatly nervous, the young trainer approached a very familiar looking room, and entered it. Instantly, White was met with the same ominous chill as last time when she had approached N's playroom. She remembered how haunted she felt by its pure, but frightening innocence, and knowing that for his entire life, that's all N had seen. The room itself wasn't entirely different other than a few carelessly knocked over toys. It still held that eerie atmosphere, but no N.

White wasn't deterred. She had only searched two rooms so far, and there were more floors. Hurriedly, keeping her hopes up high, she rushed out with her pokemon, and into the dark hall. "N! N, are you here?" Nothing greeted her in return.

Despite trying to fight it, White felt her hopes diminishing and her heart breaking as she continued her search. Her running shoes against the cool granite were the only sounds heard echoing through the vast halls as she raced through thme, and into the throne room.

The first thing that stood out was the big, gaping hole in the back of the wall from where N had jumped out of. The rest of the throne room was in as bad of a condition as the rest of the castle. White shut her eyes and felt the hot tears behind her eyelids.

She walked silently down the castle steps, her body halfway off the broken banister in despair. Her pokemon followed and gazed at her with pity and sadness, but they didn't know what to do.

White was at the entrance of the castle now, and her back was turned to her precious team behind her. Through her tears, a sad and grim smile graced her lips. "I did it again, didn't I? I got my hopes up again. I always do this." Her body shook with emotion. "I always fool myself into thinking I might see him again."

Her pokemon cooed mournfully and got ready to fulfil their cuddling request from before, but White gently pushed them away.

"Not now, guys. I know what I asked, but I'm just not in the mood right now." She started up the steps, and barely reached the door when the voice spoke.


White's breath hitched in her throat, and her heart came to a stop right there. His voice played consistently in her head, but she quickly realized it was actually him speaking.

"White, is that you?"

Slowly, White turned to him. There he was; it was unmistakable. That childish face beyond the shock, still in the same flannel shirt and brown pants. His tea-green hair flowed over his shoulders, slightly longer, White realized.

"N?" she whispered back. Slowly her feet began moving toward him, and his to her. They ran straight at each other, and stopped only inches away.

The adorable, blinking look on N's face deepened more in shock when he realized it was her. He gawked for a few moments, causing White to giggle. "White..." The two smiled at each other and spoke with their expressions, until N finally, softly whispered:

"Thank you."

(Playing Pokemon Black 2 has inspired some White/N stuff, and plus, I need to get my mind off this wisdom tooth infection. This was going to be a oneshot, as it worked well like that, but I think I'll make it a two-shot. c:)