Once upon a time, there was a pea-brain who had some pieces of silver. He was so paranoid his awful neighbor would steal them, he buried them in his backyard. But then he still felt uneasy. So, he wrote on a wall saying.

"There is no silver buried underground here."

Then the freaky neighbor (who I presume was stalking him the whole night) went and stole the pieces of silver.

The moral I think I was supposed to learn was you shouldn't be too paranoid or overly conscious about something because that something might not have had been a problem in the first place, but aggravating it would make it so.

Oh and also, you might not be as clever as you think you are.

But then again, even if he didn't bury the pieces on the ground, his creepy neighbor would have trespassed into his house and steal the money from there.

If it's going to be like that, I would gladly give up those pieces of silver. Hmph. I'm not about to invite strange men into my room while I'm not conscious.

Ugh, did I just say I was the pea-brain?

He whirled around, trying to locate the person who took the picture. To make things even worse, wild thoughts flew through Syaoran's head, what if someone somehow managed to locate Sakura, and then somehow discovered her talent and then somehow got her to sign with a record company?

He would have nothing. There wouldn't even be jobs for him to model if his popularity was shot to pieces.

His career as a celebrity would be an extremely brief experience. He would probably be forced to become a manager for someone. Knowing his mother, if he had tainted their family reputation and her baby (as in her company and not himself) then he would be in charge of Eriol...

Someone grabbed Syaoran's arm. He spun around, poised to attack or flee, depending on which was suitable.

"Calm down, it's me."

It was Sakura, Syaoran was about to apologize for suddenly running off when Sakura spoke again.

"Don't worry, whoever tried to take that photo would have only got a reflection of themselves taking a photo with flash." said Sakura, she smiled impishly. "So your secret 'date' is safe with me."

Syaoran gave a sigh of relief, he noticed that Sakura's cheeks were slightly flushed from running, trying to catch up to him. The corners of his lips turned upwards. Sakura caught his smile and grinned back at him, showing her pointy incisors. She placed his hand in hers.

"Come on, let's go explore!"

Syaoran looked down at their joined hands, affected by the sudden body contact. Stupid heart, why was it beating so fast? He glanced up at Sakura who seemed completely unaffected by their proximity.

"I know a pretty good place." Syaoran said evenly, trying to act every bit as composed as he wasn't. He led Sakura into the heart of the city, the night markets were still bustling despite it being well into the witching hour. Regardless of the time of the year, and in festivities even more so; the center of Tomoeda had a night market which was always swamped with people.

Sakura and Syaoran stuck close together, still holding each other's hands tightly. Neither of them wanted to be swept away by the never ceasing, incoming crowd of people. That was Syaoran's reason anyway.

In the most crowded area; the main street, was like a river during salmon's mating season. Bodies swarmed and slid past each other, their movement slow but they never stood still. To prevent Sakura from being crushed, Syaoran nudged Sakura behind him, and she grabbed his sides tightly. Sakura was glad, her nostrils, previously filled with the warm smell of armpits were now granted temporary relief. Curious, she took a sniff at Syaoran. Yes, he did smell a lot like sweat but she could detect the hint of the spicy bass notes in the cologne he wore.

The couple made slow progress through the night market. Bright flurries of colors, attracting—demanded their attention. Merchandise piled high on thin wooden tabletops; they let out soft wooden groans under the seduction of gravity. To make use of the space above the stalls, vendors hung samples of their product on the skeletons of their tents. The goods swung periodically, resonating with the heartbeat of the crowd's footstep.

Sakura tugged Syaoran's arm, she pulled him along, cutting perpendicular through the congestion. They stopped inside one of the tents that sold masks. Sakura plucked one of the masks from its perches and placed it alongside Syaoran's face.

"This is perfect for you."

Syaoran took the mask from Sakura's hands and scrutinized it. There was only one word to describe the mask: hideous.

The mask was in burning shade of vermillion, with an unnaturally long nose. The eyebrows were etched into a cruel frown, the lips were an upside-down smile. Syaoran was terrified, the mask seemed to be a reflection of his heart and intent.

He looked at Sakura, but her expression was unreadable. For a second, Syaoran's heart stopped, were his intentions revealed and she was giving him a warning?

"If you want to continue, you'll have to take this," said Sakura, "there will be trouble if people start to recognize you, right?"

Syaoran fingered the mask, a sense of foreboding washing over him. If he took the mask... ugh, he blamed his English teacher for all the literary techniques he identified in this scene. Oh, the symbolism! If he accepted and wore the mask, it would be a physical affirmation on what he planned to do. He would be kind to be cruel. To mask his true motives, he would hide behind tricks and ploys to achieve what he wanted.

Sakura snatched the mask from his hands and secured it tightly with a dead knot behind his head.


Syaoran tried to push the mask up to free his face, "My hair's stuck in it!" He turned his back on Sakura and pointed to the knot, "Help me!"

Sakura moved right next to Syaoran and tried to pry the knot loose with her fingers but her efforts were in vain. "Just man up, and pull it free! It's just a few strands of hair!"

"Just a few strands of hair?" Syaoran echoed feebly. "Do you know how much it hurts when you have to forcibly pull hair out?"

Sakura raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow.

"Never mind," huffed Syaoran. He braced himself and pulled the mask quickly off his head, taking a few strands of his hair with it. Syaoran winced and rubbed the back of his head before putting it back on again.

"Aw, there there." Sakura gave Syaoran a consoling pat on the head. She then grabbed an identical mask and held it up towards her face.

"Now it won't be embarrassing, since we both have them on." said Sakura, her voice sounded slightly muffled. "Help me put this on."

Syaoran took the mask out of her hands and leaned close to her, crouching so their eyes were level. He secured the mask onto her face, tying a ribbon knot (at least he was conscientious enough to tie a knot which she could undo easily later!) Sakura leant forward closer, until the elongated noses touched.

Without warning, a large group of people swarmed in.

"Ahaha, you think peanuts are tastier than cashew nuts? You've got to be kidding me!" a young man shoved his mate beside him with his elbow. Obviously, those who preferred cashew nuts were stronger than those who preferred peanuts because when the young man shoved his friend, he went careening into the nearest body.


The back of the boy's body slammed into hers like a freight train and she flew forward into the tent. Soft lips hit plastic and plastic hit plastic. Sakura and Syaoran steadied each other as the perpetrator turned back.

"Sorry!" the boy yelled, obviously not sorry for what he had done. After all, it wasn't his fault. It was his stupid friend who preferred cashew nuts!

Syaoran straightened himself out, trying to process what had just happened. No, it was nothing, and if it was anything, it was a huge cliché. And clichés, especially in writing were bad, and held absolutely no value.

Yup, what happened here had absolutely no value. It was so unimportant, it wasn't even worth remembering.

"Um!" the booth owner approached the pair, melting their rigid forms. Two masks turned to face him. "Are you going to buy those?"

Syaoran nodded, found his wallet in the back pocket of his jeans and purchased the masks.

"Come on, let's get out of here." He grabbed Sakura's hand and exited the stall, fighting the swarm of people. They cut through the torrent, fighting for their paths. People pushed and shoved; pressing Syaoran and Sakura close together, side-by-side.

Syaoran tried to take a look at Sakura, though it was impossible to guess what sort of expression she wore on her face with the mask on.

The two of them moved further away from the main street and were finally on a somewhere with less people. Though the amount of available space increased, the distance between the two did not.

They continued walking along the street until they hit a line of people. Syaoran looked across and saw that they were lining up for a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

"Want to take a ride on that?" asked Syaoran, pointing.

"You want to turn what was an accident into something intentional?" said Sakura, smirking.

Syaoran's eyes opened a fraction wider, he was such an idiot. If he looked closely, most of the people lining up were snuggly couples looking for fifteen minutes of privacy to snog. Embarassed, he kicked dirt around with his shoe. "I-I didn't mean it that way!"

"Suuure you didn't." She tugged his hand. "Sorry, but I can't. I need to go. I'm supposed to be sleeping over at Chiharu's place today, if my brother calls and I'm not there…" she made a slicing action across her throat with her index finger. She gave Syaoran a quick hug. "Bye!"

Without waiting for his reply, Sakura dashed off and melted into the throng of people.

"What the heck just happened?" Syaoran said aloud, he wrinkled his brow. Great, now she was in his mind for more than one reason. He pulled the mask up and off his head, recounting his time with Sakura.

Things were going pretty good. He got what he wanted, now he had sufficient reason to keep his 'tabs on her' without looking like a creepy neighbor stalker. Right?

Syaoran wrung his hands round and round and round. Now that he was home, in his bed and settled in for the evening, nightcap and all, the 'date' he thought that had gone fairly well might not be as good as he originally perceived. He realized he didn't get her number and they didn't make any plans to see each other again. But she had given a hug before she left… that meant that Sakura liked him, right? She liked him enough to meet again, right?

Syaoran glared at the fluffy pink bunny slippers sitting by his bedside. "Damn it," he swore. "Girls are complicated."

The innocent bunnies stared back at him in question. Syaoran rolled out of his bed and threw the slippers to the other side of the room.

"Ouch!" Sakura winced as she tripped over Chiharu's slippers and landed on the girl's bed.

"Did my brother call?" Sakura asked the girl who was surfing the net on her laptop.

"Nope," the girl replied, placing the laptop on her bedside table. "But you have to tell me how the date with Eriol went!"

Sakura shook her head, "Eriol sent me a text saying he couldn't make it." Sakura shrugged her shoulders.

"Then why did it take so long getting back?" Chiharu asked. Her eyes widened as she came to her conclusion. "Sakura, did you get picked up again? You know how much your brother freaks when you go off with random strangers."

Sakura stuck her tongue out. "Like he can say much! If anything, I caught these habits from him! Plus, he's not a random stranger. I've met him twice before. Even Touya knows who he is."

Chiharu squealed, "Oh my gosh, Sakura! Is this going to be serious? He's met your brother already?"

Sakura gave Chiharu a look, "You know me."

Chiharu sighed, slightly disappointed. "I don't know why your brother always thinks you are the one in danger!"

Sakura shrugged. "No one is in danger. I mean, seriously. We just hang out, have fun."

Chiharu rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure they have fun crying their eyes out when you're done with them."

"It's not my fault they're so emotional." Sakura said as she stretched onto her stomach on Chiharu's bed.

"But you're the one who get them all worked up."

Sakura tugged Chiharu's hair playfully. "I can't believe you're talking crap in front of me like this."

"You know what they say, true friends stab you in the front." Chiharu shrugged before she grabbed her pillow and whacked Sakura hard over the head with it.

"Haha, very funny!"

The next morning, Sakura woke up to the sound of her cell phone buzzing. She groaned and cursed the sender to stub their toe.

"Argh." moaned Sakura as she stretched and grabbed her phone on the bedside table. Through bleary eyes, she read the message.

From Eriol:

Vesperal Salutations! (Even though it's the morning, I just like saying that phrase, hehe.) ;)

Sorry for last night! I'll make it up real good to you next time I see you.

You know you love me, xoxoxoxooxoxxo


Sakura giggled, she could totally imagine Eriol saying that in real life. That man had no shame! Sure, she felt rather unhappy he ditched their fan meeting so easily. But as he said, there was always next time. Plus, she had quite a lot of fun with Syaoran, the fact that he was extremely good looking was a definite plus! While she was choosy and strict on whom she considered her friends, Sakura was shallow when it came to accepting dates. As long as their personality or face was to her liking, she would say yes. Or if they could sing. She was so easily charmed by a nice voice.

Which was lucky, because Syaoran seemed to have all which she looked for in a fun date. But there was something about him that was slightly off to Sakura. She bit her lower lip. There was something he was aiming for; Sakura dismissed the usual things males gave the chase. It was something Sakura couldn't put her finger on.

I need to find out quickly.

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