Technological World


Nearing the begging of December 2012, everyone was on their computers doing whatever it is that people do. Computers started to get viruses and odd pop-ups, people would ignore them thinking they were some sort of advertisement. Little did the people know, it was the end of the world that we ruled. Now the pop-ups would just play a recording of laughter and close. These events kept getting worse and people wondered what exactly was going on.

As the end of the year neared these events seemed to have gone away and life appeared to have returned to normal, if you could call it that to begin with. As the days turned to nights still without the pop-ups or viruses the people wondered, "Is it gone, has it finally ended"? Yet did they know exactly how far from the truth they were. As Christmas passed by the odd occurrences slowly started up again, begging with a text that read "Your time as rulers of the world is drawing to an end". This made people worry about what may happen to them.

As the virus spread to televisions and other devices and people became more and more worried. Finally, New Years was here and it was total chaos. As promised the computers brainwashed almost all of humanity. It was like a zombie plague, people began to go under some sort of spell. I am one of the lucky few to escape that fate.

I am a survivor.