A/N: Okay, short OneShot of when Sawako and Shouta would hold hands... It might not be as good as I planned, but I hope you will like it!

The hand that reached out for me was gentle but rough. His fingers bowed upwards, wanting me to accept them humbly. The pads of my fingers swept his palm as I delicately placed my hand in his. His palm was sweaty from when he held this hand in a clenched fist, moments before. As my fingers were curled slightly against his skin, heat radiated into my fingertips and spread throughout my whole entire body. This slight touch made my heart pump frantically against the inside of the cage which concealed it. My mind became a blur, with the exception of the color pink, flowing across the usual blank, black screen. This hand was so careful, so intentional, so… Strong. It pulled me into a world where only the two of us existed.

I racked my brain for words to drag me into a normal conversation, but the hand was just too… Distracting… It's like he wanted me to keep quiet, the way he squeezed my hand tightly and tenderly, and oh-so softly at the same time. I clutched my shirt with my other hand and exhaled heavily; he squeezed again. Slowly, we turned our hands and began interlocking our fingers together. An electricity jolt flared through me and lit my face on fire. This hand felt secure. Like when you held your father's hand going across the street, but of course, this was much more complex. Compassion and love was the intention of this gesture, but the one of your father's would have been security.

His hand felt large compared to my own and it amazed me. This is just a simple way of interacting, but it felt like so much more. The way we held onto each other's hands, it was as though we were trying to let our minds connect. He slowly rubbed my fingers with his thumb as I felt them go numb. I squeezed his hand; one. He responded back; two. A war of this went on for a while and I knew it was childish, but it reminded me that he wouldn't let go, even if I asked him.

We swung our hands joyfully and smiled at each other as we walked along the sidewalk. This was as normal as eating or breathing, although, it was abnormal as well. Our hands molded together with warmth and caused them to become sweaty, but we didn't care at all. It was more important to pay attention to the feelings we led through our hands.

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