The Suite Life

Summary: Zack and Cody completed university with Cody being a docter and Zack taking over the Tipton hotel from Moseby. When Zack needs entertainment he finds Matt, James, Amanda and Lazar 4 young actors/song writer who need a place to stay and sleep. Throw in the actors from Hannah Montana, Glee, Starkid, Harry Potter and High School Musical you have got yourself a show.

Zack/Amanda (OC)
Lazar/? (New Character)

Zack Martin threw his hands up in frustration as he looked at his computer screen in pure anger. The band performing at his hotel dropped out and now he has no one to play for the guests. Zack Martin is the manager of the Tipton Hotel after Moseby retired and Zack applied to Mr Tipton for he completed the university course on management. He heard someone knocking at the door and he looked up. Maya Bennet or Zack's ex-girlfriend works at the Tipton hotel has a candy girl and a waiter at the restaurant after she returned to the United States from Chad. When Maya returned, they both decided to stay as friends and see other people and by other people, Maya had moved on but Zack was still trying to find that right person.

"You alright Mr Martin?" Maya asked innocently. Zack rolled his eyes and stood up from his desk in his office.

"Maya, you don't need to call me Mr, we're friends." Zack tried to smile but was too tired.

"What's up, Zack?" Maya said in a caring tone. Zack smiled a little and walked into the lobby with Maya close behind.

"The band just dropped out and after mom retired no one has wanted to become entertainers at the hotel." Zack frustratingly said turning around to her. Maya looked around for a second before thinking of a idea.

"How about Matt and his friends?" Maya gestured. Zack looked thoughtful and thought back to when he saw Matt and his friends play one time at a bar trying to raise money for charity.

"Yeah that might be a good idea." Zack finally said after a while.

"Do you want me to ring him up?" Maya asked smiling. Zack nodded and she rang up Matt. Matt Roberts the lead singer was everything any girl or guy would ask for: he has the looks with his messy brown hair and his deep dark hazel eyes, he has the smart's breezing through high school and university with high marks and he's got the talent with him being the lead singer of a very successful band. Now usually any rockstar would be cocky but Matt was the funny, caring type who people just love to hang with him. Their band got no gigs though because people thought they were stupid little kids. He was also Maya's girlfriend for about a year now.

"Hello?" Matt asked

"Matt, it's me." Maya smiled twirling her hair through her finger. Zack rolled his eyes and thought of when girls did that when he was dating.

"I know it's you babe, so what's up?" He smiled as he rolled his eyes

"Well, you know Zack Martin?" Maya asked.

"Yeah I've met him."

"Well, he has a opportunity for you and your band." Maya asked before their was silence.

"Really! That's so good, I'll come down their and talk to him." Matt said before hanging up.

Maya looked at her phone and rolled her eyes.

"He could have said goodbye." Maya said putting her phone in her pocket. Zack smirked and pointed his finger to the door and they both saw Matt walk in wearing a singlet and some board shorts.

"I swear to god, I just saw the girls faint?" Zack teased Maya. She rolled her eyes and basically ran over to Matt. Matt turned to see his girlfriend run up to him, he bought his arms out and she jumped into them as they hugged.

"Hey baby." Matt said pecking her lips. Maya smiled as she dragged Matt over to Zack's office. Matt knocked on the door and Zack stood up from his chair and invited Matt and Maya in his office.

"So, I heard you have a offer, MR Martin?" Matt asked sitting down in the Zack sat down and looked at Matt seriously.

"Here's the deal: your band performs every night and I'll pay you." Zack bargained. Matt looked at Maya and shook his head.

"How about: my band will perform every night and we will perform when you want to even for personal reasons and you give us a suite to live in." Matt smiled as Maya jaw dropped.

"Deal but you have to buy your own furniture." Zack bargained, Matt nodded and they stood up and shook hands as Maya looked between the two boys.

"Men." She whispered to herself

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