A World of Weird

Author's Note: I recently submerged myself in Nubianamy's Donutverse, and consequently had dominance/submission on my mind. I woke up one morning with an image of a girl kneeling before Kurt. This is my attempt at turning that image into a story.

Chapter 1: Karaoke

She was here every Thursday night because he was. Sometimes he was alone. Sometimes he was with a group of friends. Usually, he came with two guys; one was really tall, and the other wore his hair in a Mohawk.

She sat as close to his table as she could, sipping her diet coke, waiting for him to wind his way through the small tables and take his turn at the mike. Her whole life was just this; this boy. Her world was his voice, his face, his eyes.

For weeks now, she had managed to restrain herself, to smile and clap like everyone else, to pretend that this boy didn't own her. But tonight, her control was gone. Her hands shook. Her breathing was shallow and rapid. Her body moved without any permission from her.

She stood in front of him, and he smiled up at her tentatively, wondering how he knew her. She stared into those amazing eyes, and then she was on her knees. Her eyes downcast, she focused on his black leather boots. Her breathing evened out, her hands stopped shaking. For the first time in weeks she was calm. She was right where she belonged.

"What are you...?" Kurt's voice was a whisper, his eyes wide with shock. He glanced at Finn and Puck. The three boys stared at each other. Finn put a protective arm around his step-brother.

Puck went right to belligerent. "What the fuck are you doing?"

She didn't react to the question, Puck wasn't sure she had even heard it. The three boys exchanged glances, they didn't say anything but they were all thinking the same thing. What the hell is this?

Kurt reached out and touched the girl's shoulder. "Ummm, what are you doing?"

She didn't look at him. "I don't know." she shook her head, long hair brushing her shoulders. "Please, I just need to stay here for a minute." she looked up at Kurt. "Please!"

Kurt touched her hair gently. "Sure, sweetie, take your time." He looked at his boyfriend and shrugged. Puck snorted, but he wasn't surprised. Kurt was a care taker, he just couldn't help it.

They watched the girl, and waited. The kneeling girl went unnoticed in the crowd, as everyone else was focused on the stage. A waitress gave them an odd look as she skirted their table, but she was busy and she had seen a lot of weird things over the years.

Just as Puck started to lose patience, the girl sighed. The long exhale seemed to vibrate through her body. She smiled up at Kurt, her lips trembling, her face clearly embarrassed. "Thank you."

She stood, threaded her way between the tables, and was gone. The boys looked at each other. "That was fucking weird." Finn glanced around; making sure the girl was gone.

Puck stood, pulling Kurt up with him. "No shit! Let's get the fuck out of here."

Kurt sat at a small table along the back wall. He was on his own tonight. Carole had roped Finn into cleaning up his sports equipment in the garage, and Puck was at a movie with his sister. He glanced around and relaxed. No strange girl in sight. He ordered a diet coke, and tried not to wince as the Elvis clone on stage hit a painfully wrong note.

He was flipping through songs in his mind, trying to decide what he wanted to sing, when he saw her. He shrank into his seat, fervently hoping that she wouldn't see him. Useless! She came directly to him, not even looking, as if she were a human radar detector. She stopped before him, and knelt at his feet.

The mind was an amazing construct. The bizarre became normal very quickly. Kurt spoke softly; he didn't want to spook the girl who clearly had major issues. "Wouldn't you rather sit at the table?"

She shook her head, and Kurt rolled his eyes. Of course not! Dior forbid that this girl do anything even remotely resembling normal! She couldn't just stay on her knees, in front of him like that; someone was going to trip over her. Not to mention, that it freaked him out. Kurt kept his voice low; convinced he was talking to a ticking bomb of emotions. "Sweetie, do you have to stay on the floor?"

She shot a quick look up at Kurt, her eyes confused. "I think so."

Great! Fan-Fucking-Tastic! "Do you think you could sit here?" Kurt pointed to the floor beside his chair. The girl nodded and shifted till she was sitting at his feet, her legs tucked under her, her shoulder grazing his calf.

Kurt waited, watching her, but she didn't say anything. She stared straight ahead, apparently focused on the aging hippie who was hugging the mike.

"What's your name?"

A smile curved her lips, but she didn't look at him. "Heather."

Kurt was getting pissed. "Care to tell me why you're doing this?"

She looked at him then; all bewildered blue eyes. "I'm sorry, I really don't know. I just feel better when I'm near you."

The girl was obviously off her meds! "You would still be near me if you sat in a chair."

She looked at the chair beside Kurt and shook her head. "No, I don't think so. It just wouldn't feel right." She tilted her head to the side so that she could look up at Kurt. "Please, just till the end of the next song."

"Fine!" What was he going to do, call the cops? Officer, this girl is harassing me. Yeah, right!

A chubby guy, with his hair in a Bieber shag, took the mike. They sat in silence, Kurt in his chair, Heather on the floor at his feet, as the man on stage warbled his way through 'As Long As You Love Me'. Kurt hoped desperately that no one he knew dropped by the Karaoke bar tonight. How could he ever explain this? He didn't know what the fuck was happening here! He looked down at the girl sitting quietly at his feet. He was fairly certain that she didn't know either.

The mike switched hands, and Heather came out of her trance. "Thank you."

Kurt watched as she slipped through the crowd on her way to the exit. He stood, pulled out his wallet, and tucked money under his empty glass. Somehow, he didn't feel like singing anymore.

Kurt and Finn were screaming at the TV, and each other, as they played Mortal Combat. "Noooo!" Finn threw his controller down in disgust. "I'm getting a coke. You want something?"

"No, I'm good."

The doorbell rang, and Finn answered it. The crazy chic from the Karaoke bar, stood there, hair wild, face pale, eyes flooding with disappointment when she recognized Finn. "Is Kurt here?"

Oh, man! This is just too good! "Yeah, come in. I'll get him for you." Finn closed the door behind the girl, and called to his step-brother. "Kurt!" He heard the TV go silent as Kurt hit pause. He leaned against the door, behind the girl waiting for Kurt. This he just had to see!

Kurt's boots tapped on the hardwood floor, and then he … "Heather! What are you doing here?"

Finn wanted to smack himself. He was such an idiot, why didn't he think to get his phone out? The look on Kurt's face was the stuff Facebook was made for! He grinned as he walked over and wrapped an arm around Kurt's shoulder. "Your puppy followed you home, dude."