Drew stared out the window which showed the beautiful beaches of Slateport City, with wonder. He was frowning. His job was too pressurizing just because he had won the grand festival.

Of course, an ordinary person would have been proud and joyful winning the Grand Festival but not Drew. He owned a pokemon training school for coordinators despite him being only 21. Winning the Grand Festival caused him many problems but the main one was the fact that since he won, many rookie coordinators were desperate to join the school and Drew was finding it somewhat difficult finding coordinators and breeders who were willing to help train these coordinators and he was already having many of his staff resigning due to lack of payment. In other words, winning the Grand Festival was a disaster.

But it wasn't Drews fault; after all, the coordinators he battles against were just TOO EASY!

Drew's thoughts were rudely interrupted by Brock, the co-manager of the school. He had made his way through the beautiful ladies (which he found quite difficult) and slammed his fist onto Drew's desk.

"Drew! If you keep sitting here and not even trying to help solve our problem, I swear you are-" He immediately stopped as he watched an old man with pure white hair and beard come up to Drew. He also slammed his fist just like Brock had done not too long ago.

"Drew! That is it! I have lost all patience with you so you can kiss this business good bye and everything you had bought of MY MONEY!"

"Professor Rowan…..just one more chance?" Drew sighed in protest.

"I expected exactly this of you Drew. You are spoilt and deserve nothing but to shut this company down and get out of the house you are staying in right now!" The professor's tone calmed slightly but the stern look on his remained.

Many interviewers around were staring at the sight in confusion for what they saw was a old man who seemed have no emotions except anger, a wise man about thirty with brown hair which almost matched his fine sun tanned skin but many of the females in Slateport City knew him as 'THE FLIRT' and a much younger man with perfect green hair which he could smoothly flick away if necessary. He had gorgeous emerald orbs and in a much shorter form, he was perfect.

Watching the three different generations of men speaking in such a serious tone made the interviewers not just curious but also scared. They abandoned their mission to interview the winner of the Grand Festival and scurried away back to their office.

"Drew, I do not wish to do this but I have to! You have been well…DISPICABLE! You NEVER put a thought into this school, you NEVER thought about all those hard working staff! Look at Brock here, always so concerned about your position although he is on the same level as you! You both are managers of this business but Brock seems to be doing all the work!" The professor lectured.

"Biased professor" Drew thought rolling his eyes. He couldn't care less about the business. There were barely any employees left so it wasn't a bad idea shutting the school down.

"That means that right now you go home and pack your bags and find some other damn place for you to spend the rest of your miserable life in!" The professor finished.

Drew snapped into reality. He realized that he had no home to stay in, no job to earn money from and no friends to keep an eye on him.

"You cannot do this to me professor!" He shouted in rage but the professor simply shook his head, chucked a piece of paper at him and stomped off. Drew carefully straightened out the piece and read the piece of paper. It was a warning letter which said that if Drew doesn't move out of the house by tonight, he was going to be legally sued.

Drew was shocked. He chucked the paper at Brock with a disgusted look on his delicate face.

"Brock, look at it! He plans on suing me! He doesn't possibly think that I can live like a hobo, does he?"

Brock gave a look of despair at Drew. "I was your friend Drew but not anymore! You need to work out everything yourself!" He said in a serious tone. Drew felt like he was back stabbed, by one of his most trusted friends! He felt like he lost everything, like there was no reason for him to live anymore. He felt like it was time for him to leave the world. "Tonight" He muttered to himself "Tonight"

Drew was so intent on his plans for tonight that he didn't realize how upset Brock was. Brock never wanted to back stab Drew. But he felt that what he was doing was for the good, that Drew may realize that his stubborn and uncaring attitude was actually hurting those close to him. He thought that what the professor had done was right but if he had any idea what was going on in Drew's head, he would have regretted what he did. He would have regretted his actions more than anything he had done, including rejecting the stunning professor Ivy.

Lillian watched in shock as Brock walked passed her without even giving her a glance. She was the only interviewer who witnessed all the actions of her victims. Although she couldn't hear a word either of them had said, she knew something wasn't right. She knew because of Drew's facial expression which was deep in thought, but Drew never thought, in fact Drew never gave a shit about anything. The other confusing thing she notices was that Brock, who was head over heels in love with her, had walked away without noticing her despite her being right next her as he walked by. Normally, he was able to smell the scent of her from miles away, HE HADN'T NOTICED HER! She never liked Brock when he was acting like a flirt but she knew something was wrong…TERRIBLY WRONG!

She looked at a mirror nearby and smiled fondly at her wonderful curls of orange hair but frowned as she noticed that her lipstick was fading away. She decided that going back to the studio wasn't a bad idea but as she gave one last glance at concentrated Drew and left the room, she felt butterfies cram into her stomach and she knew something terrible was going on….something terrible