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May and Blaziken had finally arrived at Slateport Bridge. May returned the exhausted Blaziken back in his pokeball and waited.

One minute had passed, two minutes had passed, it was only four minutes to New Year's but there was still no sign of Drew. May sighed. She was an idiot for even thinking Drew would come. After all, she had rejected him painfully.

May turned around to leave but as she did that, she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Are you getting married?" the voice asked.

May turned around to see a boy her age which beautiful emerald eyes and hair. May giggled and asked back in response. "Why? Are you proposing to me?" she asked giggling happily and uncontrollably.

Drew smirked as he watched May run to him and embrace him. Drew then dragged May and forced her to stand on the railing.

"Are you ready to face what we were meant to face 20 days ago?" May asked Drew as she balanced herself.

Drew nodded unsurely. "I don't know one jump from here and then splat! I got a better idea; it is a bit romantic though." Drew suggested.

May nodded in agreement as they both hopped off the railing and onto the road. They then went towards the beach. Drew's plan was to slowly walk towards the deep side of the ocean until they drown.

They walked into the water, hand in hand. As they were getting near, Drew set his private plan into action.

He found an empty bottle from his pocket with a piece of paper contained in it. Drew let go of the bottle and it slowly drifted towards May.

May didn't see what Drew had done so she suspected that the bottle was the one she had written before.

May squealed happily. "Drew, look what I found! It is the bottle we threw from Snowpoint Ocean! It has come back to us!" May said, tears of joy in her eyes.

Drew floated towards May. Already, the water had reached their shoulders. May opened the bottle and read the message with a tone of confusion. "It says: You have to live life to the very best. Whether you are about to die or not." May read.

She then scanned the bottom of the page. She read it out loud. "By the way, will you marry me?" she read. She looked at Drew, who was holding a ring in front of her.

May smiled and hugged Drew. Drew pulled May away so that she could receive the ring. But as Drew was handing over the ring, a Gyrados had come in between May and Drew. This caused the ring to fall into the ocean.

The Gyrados picked May and Drew onto his back. May and Drew continued to gap and the sea and the Gyrados. They had lost the ring.

They then heard a voice come from a giant boat nearby. It was Wake. Wake was smiling as he was talking. "I come to visit Slateport for New Year's and I find my previous patients!" He joked.

As Gyrados was swimming towards the boat, May randomly dived into the ocean. Drew called out to her, afraid of losing her but he received no reply. After twenty seconds of tension, May's head popped out of the ocean.

Her face was delighted with happiness. Drew stuck his hand out to help May. May grabbed the offered hand and pulled herself back onto Gyrados.

Drew looked at May concerned. "Why the hell did you just jump in the water like that?" he asked sharply.

May giggled. "Because I found this!" she said showing Drew the simple ring with the small sapphire on top.

Drew snatched the ring of May and showed it to her. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

May smiled and nodded approvingly. As Drew slipped the ring into her finger, fireworks had started to show.

Drew looked at the sky. "Some coincidence!" Drew commented.

May shook her head with disagreement "Not coincident, a special sign."

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