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"Wow Kenzi, that smells great." Bo greeted as she walked into the kitchen but stopped short when she saw that it wasn't Kenzi she was talking to. "Nandi, hi, when did you get back from Africa?"

"My flight came in at two thirty and I missed my Kenzi so we had a sleepover. You don't mind do you?" Nandi asked and Bo shook her head at her friend.

"Not as long as I get whatever your making." She smiled at Nandi who returned the smile.

"Sit, I have my first batch done already." Nandi set a plate of what looked like mini pancakes in front of Bo along with an empty plate.

"Oooh, I love panckaes, these seem a little thick though." She said as she set a couple on the plate while Nandi set out a lazy susan with different sauces and syrups on it, then placed some whipped cream and a bowl of berries next to it.

"They're pofferties, a traditional Dutch breakfast. My nanny used to make them when I was young and taught me her recipe. I recommend the whipped cream and fresh berries as a topping." Nandi told her and turned back to the task of making a new batch while Bo tentatively did as Nandi suggested and put some whipped cream on the little pancakes.

"Is this homemade whipped cream?" Bo asked, impressed by the effort that went into making this breakfast.

"It's the only kind I serve. How were things here while I was away? Kenzi said you only had a couple of cases." Nnadi asked as she looked at Bo and Bo shrugged.

"It really was slow, we only had a couple of missing pet cases and one case of a stolen amulet. It turned out the housekeeper threw it out because she thought it was junk. No big." Bo said then tried the poffertie and closed her eyes in bliss. "Oh my god, this is so good. How was Africa?"

"The same as it always is...home... Someday I want to take Kenzi with me, show her where I come from. I'd like to bring you too, show you how Fae conduct themselves in different parts of the world." Nandi told Bo as she plated another batch of pofferties.

"Have you asked Kenzi to go with you? I think she'd love it." Bo told her friend and Nandi frowned.

"I asked her before I left on this last trip. She said you needed her so I didn't press the issue. The last thing I want is for her relationship with you to suffer." Nandi told her honestly and Bo got up and walked to Nandi. Nandi looked confused for a second before Bo hugged her. Nandi smiled and hugged her back.

"That's nothing for you to worry about. I want Kenzi happy and she's happy with you. Just give her time to get used to this whole thing." Bo said sagely and Nandi nodded as they broke apart and played with a strand of Bo's hair, so similar to her own in color and feel.

"I'm glad she belongs to you Bo, your neutrality gives her a chance to explore the Fae world as a whole instead of keeping her to the Dark. If I were given the choice I'd be neutral as well. My Dark brethren aren't exactly the best at times an the Light isn't much better." Nandi smiled sadly and Bo nodded, completely understanding her sentiment.

"Well. I'm glad she's with you. The only good Dark Fae I know." Bo smiled again and kissed Nandi's cheek before she sat at her place again and continued eating. "Did you make any bacon or sausage? I feel like this sweet needs a little salty."

"Coming up." Nandi grinned and opened the oven where she had a pan of different cuts of bacon warming. She knew what her girl liked and always tried to deliver. As the two chatted and Nandi finished making breakfast Kenzi wandered into the room and wrapped her arms around Nandi's waist as she rested her head on her lover's shoulder.

"Here's where you are. I woke up all alone and didn't like it." Kenzi pouted but then brightened up. "Pofferties and bacon! Yay, sad Kenzi's now a happy Kenzi."

She gave Nandi a quick kiss then filled her plate and joined Bo, happy to be sharing breakfast with her two favorite Fae.

"Stop straightening out your bodice. You have nothing to be nervous about. You're beautiful and the fuchsia accents of the gown make your eyes pop." Nandi told Kenzi as she took her hand and kissed it. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have you at my side."

Kenzi smiled at her girlfriend but couldn't stop her stomach from doing flip flops. She'd never been at a place like this and it was a bit overwhelming. They were about to enter a ballroom filled with the most powerful, wealthy and dangerous Fae in the Northern hemisphere and she was probably the only human there that wasn't on the menu.

"So what's this shindig again?" Kenzi asked and Nandi smiled.

"We're here to celebrate a series of new business ventures for the Dark, business ventures that have expanded our territory and netted us some prime revenue. One thing about the Dark Fae, Kenzi my dear, we know how to party and we do it up big." Nandi's smile took a wicked edge and Kenzi found herself smiling back. The smile promised no end of fun.

"Let's do this, show me how the Dark side parties it up." She smiled at Nandi and Nandi smiled back and led her into the room.

Kenzi stood at the buffet table less than two feet from Nandi while Nandi talked to one of the bigwigs. Kenzi had been so starving that she'd turned to the food as soon as she'd arrived to the table. While she ate she noticed other people doing the same thing. All appeared to be starving.

"I see you've gone back to the slums to find your companions Nandi, what happened to the beautiful girl with the hair of fire? She had class." The Fae smiled at Nandi with sharp teeth and she looked hard at him.

"To answer one of your questions, the girl with the hair of fire is dead. She was killed by a Gancanagh and we've already observed a period of mourning for her. As for my companion. Her name is Kenzi and she is my gift. I will not have you demeaning her in my presence Niles. Especially since you are the kind that spreads famine where you go." She glared at him before she turned and looked at Kenzi then turned back. "Speaking of which, release my lover from your hex or I'll be forced to tear out your jugular and bathe in your blood. I don't think you'll enjoy that very much, but I most definitely will."

"Always an expert negotiator." He smiled and his facade slipped, leaving his face that of a living skeleton and his bones flashed beneath his paper thin skin. "There, your girl is released. I'll be at the mansion Thursday for my appointment. Be sure that my beautiful goddess is ready for me."

"Cocoa is always ready Fear-Gortach. Just remember what was said here today. You leave my lover be and we won't have an issue. If your control slips...so will mine." She gave him a small, dark smile and he nodded in acquiescence.

"Why couldn't you be Morrigan? So ruthless but fair." He smiled and she smiled with him.

"The Dark doesn't exactly do fair." She chuckled and he nodded.

"Go to your lover, I must talk with Drake. He owes me some money." He drank the rest of his champagne in one gulp and it was Nandi's turn to nod.

"Remember, he's a cuckold. If you imply you're sleeping with Natasha he'll be more likely to give you money to make you go away. Speaking of which, go away." She lightly commanded and he turned on his heel and walked away while she turned to Kenzi who was holding her stomach. Her body hadn't been prepared for its intake.

"Nandi, I don't feel so good babe." Kenzi moaned as she pitched forward and Nandi quickly grabbed her.

"It's going to be fine dove. Just come with me." She whispered as she moved quickly through the crowd, practically carrying Kenzi. Once they were in a side room she set Kenzi on the nearest chair then grabbed her own. "I'm so sorry. I should've stopped Niles sooner."

"What happened to me?" Kenzi asked as she laid her head in Kenzi's lap, her stomach churning.

"You ran afoul a Fear-Gortach. He made your body believe you were starving so you tried to quench your hunger. Don't worry any longer dear. Just lie here with me for a little while and I'll take on your excess pain and discomfort. You'll be fine." Nandi reassured Kenzi who moaned and ran her fingertips along the line of Nandi's skirt.

"You're so good to me. I know I'm safe with you." Kenzi smiled despite her sour stomach and took the fabric of Nandi's skirt between her fingers. "I like your dress. I don't think I got a chance to tell you before. You look really hot and the fabric is so soft and smooth."

"I have a negligee made out of this cloth, I could wear it later if you'd like." Nandi offered and Kenzi's eyelids got heavy as she smiled.

"I'd like." Kenzi told Nandi before she moaned and clutched her stomach. As Nandi ran a hand down her arm the door opened and in strode Evony. Every powerful inch of her bedecked in a gown that looked like it was woven from shadows and wearing enough diamonds to make Cartier drool. She glared for a long moment at Nandi before she spoke.

"What are you doing here Nandi? You're one of our guests of honor. You should be schmoozing, gaining contacts and greasing the right palms, not playing nursemaid to your human pet." It was Nandi's turn to glare as she looked at her oldest friend.

"My place is here and I'll stay until Kenzi is well enough to return. She is my companion and there's no way that I'll leave her unattended and ill in this viper's nest." Nandi explained and Evony continued to glare.

"Fine, I'll tell the guests that this little human is more important than they are." Evony looked triumphant and Nandi just smiled.

"Then I'll counter by telling them that I have such little respect and regard for you that I would rather spend my night in here than assist you. Which sounds worse?" Nandi asked and Evony took a deep breath and let it out.

"Fine, what's wrong with your pet?" She asked and Nandi glared but spoke softly and evenly.

"She was the victim of Niles' wasting hex. She ate too much rich food. Her body couldn't take the volume." Nandi explained and Kenzi moaned for good measure while Evony sighed and rolled her eyes.

"I'll send Antonio with something to fix that but once she's better I expect you to go out there and schmooze like your life depends on it...It might." Evony threatened before Nandi whistled to call her back.

"One last thing dear Morrigan. Her name is Kenzi and she's my partner, not my pet. Get that right or I'll be forced to release the video I took in Mexico City. Donkey show anyone?" Nandi said with a smirk and Evony left in a huff while Kenzi chuckled.

"Donkey show? Was she the rider or the ass?" She asked and Nandi smiled.

"Some information is too dangerous to share my love and that information fits the criteria." She leaned down and kissed Kenzi's temple. She'd be well soon then Nandi could show her girl off, and piss off Evony in the process.

"I can't believe it. I've never been to this pub before." Nandi said with a smile as Kenzi took her hand and led her into the Dal.

"Really, why?" Kenzi asked as she led Nandi to the bar and sat herself next to her girlfriend.

"Evony had a ban on this place for those of us in her inner circle for a long time. She only recently released it, and a lot of other bans she had in place." Nandi explained as she looked over the bar. it was a nice place and it felt safe, welcoming, she wished she would've just ignored Evony's decree.

"That sucks, well now you can come here with me anytime you want, it's like my home away from home. Hey Trick!" Kenzi greeted a small man who wandered over and Nandi found her attention drawn to him. He was very old and very powerful.

"Hello Kenzi, it's nice to see that you've finally decided to bring your girlfriend. Care to introduce us?" Trick asked and Kenzi smiled wide.

"Trick this is Nandi. Nandi this is Trick." Kenzi introduced them and Nandi inclined her head in greeting while Trick did the same.

"Nandi Van Der Linde, I've heard about you, just never had the pleasure or misfortune of meeting you..." Trick told her and she agreed with his assessment.

"Definitely pleasure. Nandi's amazing." Kenzi grinned as she took Nandi's hand and Nandi couldn't help but smile in return.

"What can I get you ladies?" Trick asked and Kenzi smiled.

"I'll just have some sparkling water at the moment. I'm not really in the mood for alcohol right now." Nandi explained and he nodded before he took out a bottle of water and a glass and a bottle of tequila for Kenzi.

"You are so my favorite bar owning Fae." Kenzi said with a squeal of delight before she clapped her hands. As Nandi smiled indulgently at her girlfriend Trick studied her. There was something oddly familiar about her dark eyes, the set of her brow, her full lips and the hair...the hair caused something in the back of his brain to tingle. He would have to look into it.

"Why don't we go to a table dear?" Nandi suggested and Kenzi nodded.

"Sounds good, talk to ya later Trick and thanks for the booze." Kenzi told him before she grabbed the bottle of tequila and walked with Nandi to a table.

A few minutes after they sat down he looked over and saw Bo join them at the table. As she hugged Nandi the tingle at the back of his brain grew in ferocity. He had to find out why. As he observed them Dyson came up to the bar and his eyes were drawn to the table as well. Trick noticed the intensity of Dyson's stare and moved closer to him in order to speak quietly.

"What do you know about Nandi?" Trick asked and Dyson looked at him briefly before he turned back to the table.

"Not enough. I know she loves Kenzi and Kenzi loves her just as much but she's a Dark Fae and the Morrigan's friend and one of her advisors. There's too much history there to ignore it." He said as he felt a tinge of concern as he saw Nandi take Bo's hand. They were getting close, their joint love of Kenzi, along with their shared powers left them with an endless amount of ways to bond and they were bonding.

"Find out what you can about her. I have this feeling and I want to know if it's a portent for something sinister." Trick gave Dyson the command and the Wolf nodded.

"I'll get what you need." Dyson said then he ordered drinks for himself and Bo and wandered to the table, being sure to leave some distance between himself and Nandi. The others may have forgotten which side she was on, but he hadn't.

Trick continued to watch Nandi as she interacted with those at her table throughtout the night. He was struck several times by the way she and Bo seemed to share mannerisms and how even some of their movements were the same. He could chalk it up to them being succubi, sharing the traits of their species but it was more than that. He'd just have to wait and see. As Kenzi leaned over to kiss her girlfriend gently Trick realized it was more than curiosity driving his need for knowledge. He needed to be sure Kenzi was safe. The girl had burrowed into his heart and was firmly lodged.


Author's Note: Here's the start of my new story. It's not going to be a procedural like my previous story. This story is going to be spread out over a long time with different cases and different events mentioned. It's about family, love, loss and friendship and how those things are strengthened and strained by outside forces. It's going to be an AU but Kenzi will still be getting Dyson's love back from the Norn and Trick will still be Bo's maternal grandfather. I'll include bits and pieces from the show that fit my story but it's going to be more about the people than the big bads. Right now my muse is fixated on Kenzi so this story will be continuing at a decent pace.

For those of you continuing on this journey with me, thank you. I appreciate your readership and hope I continue to write a story that you want to read. Thank you again for reading and reviewing my work.