Angel Beats! – A New Leader

Ayumu Nagato was the newest part of the SSS. He joined mainly because of the women in the group and was determined to use his "charm" on each and every single one of them.

"Are there any questions Ayumu?" Yurippe asked him.

"Well, now that you ask me that, I would very much appreciate some alone time with you." He said slightly insecurely.

Noda didn't take a liking to his last statement and threatened him with his halberd. "You disgraceful little…"

Yuri called off Noda and nodded. "Tomorrow work for you? We have an operation to take care of today."

He smiled and nodded to her and then looked around the room. "Uh, is there a chance I can talk to you alone about the operation. I'm sure everyone else already knows how it goes."

Yuri thought for a moment and then agreed. "Alright everyone, you already know how Operation Tornado goes so let me fill in the new guy. In the mean time, you can all go and do whatever."

After everyone filed out of the room Yuri sat down at her desk. "Alright, so you want to know how this operation works?"

"Actually, I wanted to show you something, if that's alright." She looked at him confused. "It's just a simple little trick I've been working on."

She sighed. "Fine, but hurry it up. The operation starts in an hour." She said in a now annoyed tone.

Ayumu picked up a pocket watch from his pocket. "Alright, it's an optical illusion. Just watch the um… pocket watch moving back and forth."

She looked at him with a bored expression. "Seriously? You're going to try to hypnotize me? If I wanted to be hypnotized I'd just go talk to Naoi."

He wagged his finger. "It's an optical illusion. I assure you that I'm not trying to hypnotize you." He moved behind her and got a grin on his face.

"Alright, fine. I'll watch it." She said annoyed.

Ayumu kept swinging the watch for about 20 minutes. "Anything yet?" He asked curiously.

"Nope, and I'm not tired, so nothing you're trying to do is working." She said as if you tell him she wasted her time, which she felt he did.

Ayumu put the watch away. "Well, that sucks. It's a really cool illusion. You see you watch it and eventually you, Sleep." And just like that her eyes closed and her head dropped.

He smiled, he had truly been trying to hypnotize her the entire time. "Yuri Nakamura. From this moment forward you will be my loyal, obedient slave. Do you understand?" He said confidently.

The sleeping girl responded. "Yes, I understand."

He grinned even more. "Good, then open your eyes and sit up strait."

She sat up strait and looked blankly at her new master.

"Now then, I am your master. I want to hear you say it." He said.

She continued her mindless stare. "You are my master." She said in a slow emotionless voice.

"Very good." He chuckled. "Now then, why don't you come stand in front of me?" He sad on the couch waiting for her. "And remove your shoes."

She stood up from her chair, removed her shoes, and went to her master, standing obediently in front of him, still staring ahead mindlessly.

"Now then, your master feels like having a little show put on for him. Why don't we start with a lap dance?" He insisted.

"Yes my master. I will give you a lap dance." She replied and she got on top of him and started to move seductively.

As she moved he ran his hands up and down her body. Feeling her every curve as well as her breasts and her ass. As he ran his hands over her she would let out soft moans.

"Stop. Stand at attention." He commanded as she followed.

Ayumu crossed his right leg over his left as well as crossing his arms with a confident smile on his face. "Now then, I think I'd like to see you do a sexy dance for me."

She complied once again and started moving her hips and body in the a very sexy and seductive way. She ran her hands up and down her body.

He chuckled. "So this is the leader of the SSS huh? So easily manipulated." He was enjoying having her under his absolute control. "Why don't you start stripping for me? Do it slowly so I can enjoy it longer."

As her hands found their way to the ribbon around her neck and the buttons of her shirt he gave a big smile. She removed her shirt and slowly let the sleeves fall down her arms and it finally hit the floor.

She continued to dance for a moment before starting to mover her hands to her skirt. "You really are a very sexy slave. And that pink bra of yours really matches you."

She let her skirt fall down to the ground revealing pink cotton panties. He decided to let her do her sexy dance like this for the next few minutes before letting her remove her black leggings.

"You may remove your leggings now. Then the bra and finally your panties." He commanded.

"Yes master." She said as she began moving her leggings down and she unhooked her bra. Once her bra was unhooked it moved down her arms and it hit the floor, joining her other clothes and revealing two soft breasts.

Ayumi grinned. "Play with your breasts a little as you dance. Keep moving your panties down though." She complied and played lightly with them as she teased her master by pulling her b=panties down slowly over the next few minutes.

Once totally nude he had her dance for his pleasure for a few more minutes. "Alright. I think you're danced enough." He grinned as he stood up and she stopped moving, once again staring strait ahead of herself.

"Now then, it's my turn to play with you." He said smiling. He came up behind her and began playing with her breasts as she let out soft moans. "Why don't you handle things up here?" He said moving his hand to her crotch as she placed her hands over her breasts and began slowly massaging her breasts.

As her moans grew louder and she grew wetter she started asking her master for things. "Master, please do me…" She said in a very sexy voice.

He stopped what he was doing and moved in front of her. "I'm the master, so I decide what you ask for. Now then, why don't you beg me for it?" He smiled at his last command.

She got down on her knees "Please master, I want it. I want you master. Please give it to me my master." She begged. The more she begged the more despite she sounded. "Master, I beg you, please. Please give me pleasure. I want to feel you inside of me my master. I am your willing slave, please master?"

He smiled. "Well, before I can, let's test your mouth even farther." He stood in front of her. "Suck on me first. If you're good enough I'll let you have it inside of you." She quickly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and moved them down along with his boxers and began sucking on him.

"What a perfect slave you turned out to be Yuri Nakamura. This afterlife thing might not be so bad after all." He said with a grin.