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September 7, 1885

"Come on, Doc. Let's get back to the future." He sighed.

"I'm sorry, Marty. I can't come with you. Not after what you've done. You've probably ripped a hole in the space time continuum and I have to go fix it… Alone." The Doc began to sob.

He raised the telescope rifle, towards his best friend's head and before he fired, he whispered to himself in loneliness.

"Infernal time-machine…"

October 27, 1985

The DeLorean landed back in the original timeline it was created from onto the now completed railroad - the ravine now aptly named 'Brown Ravine'.

The doctor now nestled inside the car, was quickly removing the garments he wore in the Wild West to swap with a brilliant white lab coat. He refocused his attentions to the rails ahead.

The Doc watched the railroad crossings lower, and then he gasped in horror and realisation as he saw a bulky train racing towards the powerless DeLorean. Then he grasped the fact that although the feeble time machine could never fly again, it could still bounce because of the suspension!

"Engaging leap gear!" Shouted the mad doctor.

The springs of the suspension tensed tightly on the fragile car, then once the springs had snapped free, the DeLorean skipped off the tracks, which only just missed the chugging machine.

The Doc breathed a sigh of relief.

'Too close!' He thought as he exited out from the time car's lifting doors to examine the state the suspension was in.

He wasn't too far from where he worked on his manic experiments, so grunting with effort and fatigue; he - with difficulty - pushed the time vehicle to its safety.

Once home, the time machine threatened to roll down the hill that an extra three people had helped push up the steep incline. Emmett unbolted the garage and again shoved the car into its temporary resting place. The friends that had helped the old man, walked back to their appropriate places where they belonged after receiving some pay for their troubles.

Groaning, the Doc slumped into the comfy chair he had yearned for, for so long – Einstein by his immediately by his side.

"Einie, looks like I have to fix the DeLorean and fix the past. I don't want to have to kill Marty again. I can't have that burning into my conscience. Not ever. I just couldn't live with myself, if I did." He whispered lightly to his faithful companion.

The grizzled dog whined softly and nuzzled his muzzle to his master's hand affectionately.

The master's hand softly fussed the tangled fur as if trying to find some aspect of consolation from doing so. His usual vivid eyes had dimmed to almost appear glazed over. The crow's feet at the corners of his eyes creased deeper into the chasms, as the Brown drooped his lids in order to disappear deep into thought.

'If I could travel just before Marty engages with Buford Tannen, then I could stop the events from taking place – thus restoring the timeline that should've occurred. At least the universe wouldn't be ripping itself to shreds then – and I've got an empty conscience too.'

The eyelids lifted open slowly.

The crazed genius left the comfort of his seat to tend to the time machine that was the creator of problems and the destroyer of problems.

It is now or never…

Yes, yes! I know what you are going to say... Maybe... The DeLorean has no fuel, so how the hell does it bounce? That will be revealed in later chapters and if anyone noticed the accidental pun, man you guys are brill! This is also the universe where the DeLorean DOESN'T get destroyed. Anyway one last thing - if you enjoyed it, please review! Thanks. :D