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October 27, 1985

Marty was finding it hard to stay conscious. His head was pulsating in a black ferocity – never ending screams echoing through his tired brain.

The Doc once again engaged the 'Leap Gear' to remove the DeLorean from the tracks and groaned with relief after the train yet again missed the duo narrowly.

The pair began to push the DeLorean back to Doctor Brown's home. The teenager seemed to be deep in thought on how the DeLorean time machine was able to get itself off of the tracks and avoid a head on collision with the train that was speeding in the opposite direction towards them.

Once they had heaved the time machine into the Doc's garage – Marty felt the impulse to ask Emmett Brown on the near miss that had occurred.

"Doc! How'd you do that? There's no fuel in the DeLorean… After we broke the main fuel line pretty badly using the strongest thing that bartender could give to us." Called a startled Marty Mcfly.

"Ahhh." The Brown chuckled heartily, "The other advantage about seeing myself here – I told myself – well my future self told me that a train would be coming and that he- No I, had installed a special device in the suspension to help it bounce. So although it would never fly again it could temporarily jump so I could get the time vehicle off of the tracks."

Mcfly looked befuddled. Suddenly, he yelled in distress, Doctor Brown immediately going to the boy's aid to see what was wrong.

"Stay the hell away from me, Doc! This- Graaaargh! This is what I wanted to tell you – but IT wouldn't let me! Ugh, this is so Goddamn heavy!" Screamed the teen.

"Marty, what is it!? When did this happen?" Asked Doc forgetting the logical ways he was so used to adhering to.

Marty screamed the one date that had made Emmett quake in terror.


"Great Scott…" Stuttered the Doc, "Marty, whatever you- Wait, you can't do that – the DeLorean has no gas to run on!"

The boy was clambering into the dead car and forced the DeLorean to start from an ominous power source.

"Where I'm going, I won't need gas or garbage to get this scrapheap moving…" An evil snigger escaped the Mcfly's lips and he lifted his head up to reveal sinister glowing orbs.

He revved the vehicle and crashed through the garage door – dissipating in a flash as he vanished to an unknown place and time.

Now the Doc had already formulated a plan. Sitting in the garage – undercover – was another DeLorean – a new DeLorean. It had Mr. Fusion attached to it and it was very able to fly.

As the doctor inputted the time needed to save Marty from his shadows he murmured to himself, with a few dribbles of salty tears.

"Marty, my boy. I will rescue you. No matter what it takes. You have my word."

And with that comment the new time machine hovered above the garage's floor before flying after the original into 2015.

Next Time...

"Doctor Emmett Brown... You'll never stop me, because it's time for you to die. I've waited my whole life for this moment, waited in 2015 for that worthless boy of yours to turn up - and when he finally does - he doesn't change the future. Chaos is my life, Marty Mcfly is MY life! I am the REAL version of Marty, the one you never saw."

The demented male howled with laughter as he prepared to kill the Doc...

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