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The Knight household was a complicated family, made up of one single mother whose heart was made of gold and her four adopted sons. Jennifer Knight, was just an average height, average weight, average looking, middle aged woman with red hair. Fed up with arrogant and rude men, she decided to start her own family one week in late January. In a rush of love, she adopted four young boys, from four different orphanages', to call her own. Unfortunately, some of her boys didn't see the light of having a loving family and shielded themselves off from everyone. This didn't deter her from striving to make a family, though. She loved each of her sons equally, as if they were really her own.

Her eldest son, James, was the first of the boys' she adopted. Born on the 23rd of April, 1996, he was currently 16 and defiantly hitting his peak in physical attraction, pulling in girls left, right and centre. He was very vain and confident, which sometimes was a good thing, although more so a bad thing for his brothers and mother. James came from a rich family, who after a night of partying lost all their money to a major mob boss. Now bankrupt and associated with the 'wrong' crowd, they decided to give up their 3 year old son in order to protect him. One year later, both parents were murdered after being unable to pay off a debt.

Logan was second to be adopted, and is the second youngest being born on the 14th of February, 2001, making him 11. He was incredibly smart but also had a brutal side. At school, few bullies who had picked on him had been faced with his brutal side. To put it bluntly, they never bothered him again. Logan had lived with his single father in a dodgy apartment, in a rundown town before he went to live in the orphanage. His father, faced with depression, turned to drugs and alcohol. After months of this behaviour, his father was majorly addicted and started to spin out of control. Logan, after being threatened and scared by his father on multiple occasions, decided to do what he thought was best and ran away. Knowing he would not survive street life, he enrolled himself in the orphanage and stayed there until he was adopted by Jennifer.

Kendall was next to be adopted. Born on the 6th of August, 1998, he had just turned 14, making him the second eldest son. He had anger management and attitude problems and was probably the hardest to control out of the four of them. He was rude to everyone except his girlfriend Jo. At school (and at home) he was constantly getting in fights and being reprimanded for crude behaviour. Kendall had lived with his single mother, after his father abandoned her after finding out about her pregnancy. His mother was a loving woman who cared for him the best she could. When he was 6, his mother took him to the cinemas. While walking home that evening, a gang of teenagers mugged them. After his mother gave them everything they had, the leader took out a gun. His mother sacrificed herself for her sons' safety. He watched them shoot her dead. The police took him to the orphanage three days later.

The last to be adopted, and also the youngest son was Carlos. Born on the 28th of November, 2005 he was currently 6. He was the most innocent, sweet and kind child, one could ever meet. Unfortunately for him, he was faced with a list of disabilities: Asthma, Dyslexia, Anxiety, Growth problems and a slight Stutter. He was incredibly small for his age and was a Latino. Carlos had lived with both his parents until he was 4 and child services took him away. He had lived in an abusive household, getting beaten by his father almost every night. He was not allowed outside (unless he was kicked out) and was barely given enough food and water to survive. His father was now in prison and his mother's whereabouts are unknown.


"Please?" A small, young Latino boy begged his older 'brother'.

"No!" Kendall stopped talking with Jo, his girlfriend, on Facebook to turn around in his chair to glare at his youngest adopted brother.

"Come on Kendall, please?" Large chocolate eyes stared up into green ones.

"For the last time Carlos, no! I'm talking to Jo. I don't have time to play with you or whatever. Go find someone else, or even better, make a god damned friend!" Kendall lightly shoved the small boy towards the door, Carlos stumbling slightly.

"Kendall you're my brother, you're supposed to p-play with me! You can talk to Jo at any time! The sun isn't up too much longer! Please?"

"I'm not your brother Carlos." Kendall shrugged the kid off harshly. He hadn't accepted any of the three other adopted boys as his 'brothers' yet. After living in an orphanage most of his life and then just being thrown into a family with three also recently adopted kids, life was confusing, and so he preferred to just shut everyone else out.

"Yes you are! By law it says-"

"By law, yes. But by blood, no. So get lost." Kendall rudely interrupted, smirking at Carlos' confused and upset face.

"B-b-ut we're still brothers..." Carlos stuttered at a lost as to what to say.

"How about this, you do something for me, and then I'll do something for you." Kendall smiled innocently, luring the young boy into his trap.

"Alright!" Carlos shouted excitedly.

"Tell who my father was and where he is now, and then I'll play with you."

"B-b-but that doesn't make sense. It's only us four and mama Knight... we don't have a dad." Carlos looked puzzled trying to decipher Kendall's words.

"No, my real father. You know, the one that left my real mum after knocking her up!" Kendall yelled in Carlos' face.

"That's unfair! No one knows!"

"Exactly, so now I'll never have to play with you."

"But, now we're your real family. So what does it matter? We l-love you."

"Yeah, well I don't love you. You're not my family and will never be. So scram, twerp!" Kendall shoved Carlos a little harder and turned back to the computer, ignoring his younger brother's sniffles and retreating footsteps.


"L-l-logan?" Carlos tentatively said as he peaked his head around the door to the office.

Rolling his eyes, Logan answered, "Yes?"

"I-I was ju- I am... I just... um-" Carlos stumbled over his words unsure of whether to ask Logan to play or not.

"You're incapability to form a sentence astounds me sometimes." Logan laughed bitterly at the stuttering boy,

"I-I don't know what that means..." Carlos admitted, lost with the big words spewing out of Logan's mouth.

"Of course you don't." Logan shook his head.

"Well, anyway, Logie-" Carlos was rudely interrupted by Logan's fake cough. "Oh, I ah, I meant Logan. Logan, will you play with me?"

"Yeah, no. I actually have the IQ of genius. I think I'm a little bit beyond child's play."

"Please? We can do anything you like!" Carlos gave his biggest puppy dog eyes.

"Fine. What about reading? Oh, wait! You can't even read!" Logan ruffled Carlos' hair roughly, the younger boy pulling away with a yelp.

"That's not fair! It's not my fault. You know I have dis- dilex- deles..." Carlos finished the word mumbled under his breath.

"Say it." Logan smirked. "SAY IT!" he yelled when Carlos shook his head.

"Dilesia? D-dismexa? ... I can't say it!" Carlos cried, shoulders slumped in humiliation.

"Its dyslexia, you retard." Logan burst out laughing at the young boys 'stupidity'.

"Please just play with me?" Carlos whined.

"Desaparecer, weggehen, s'en aller, mynd i ffwrdd, umalis, ga weg!"

"Huh?" Carlos didn't understand one word.

"I just told you to go away in Spanish, German, French, Welsh, Filipino and Dutch. And now in English: GO AWAY!"

Carlos ran off upset and insulted, yet again.


"Hey James." Carlos crawled up onto the couch near his eldest brother, who was watching a makeover show.

"What?" James snapped irritated.

"Would you like to play with me, please?" Carlos begged.

"Can't you see I'm busy here?" James growled.

"B-but you can record it. And it's on again later as well..." Carlos pointed out.

"Did I ask for your opinion?"

Carlos didn't know what 'opinion' was, so he ignored the question, "Why won't you play with me?"

"Because I'm 16 and you're 3-"

"I'm 6!"

"Whatever! Go play with Logan or Kendall."

"They said no."

"That sucks for you then."

"Please play with me!" Carlos whimpered.

James breathed in deeply, trying to hold back from hitting the kid, when an idea struck him. "Go ask Kendall again. Maybe he is finished talking with Jo for the day and now wants something to do. I bet he'd love to play with you now."

"Alright." Carlos shrugged dejectedly before making his way to the boys' large shared bedroom.


"H-hey Kendall." Carlos shyly said, slowly walking up to the wooden desk Kendall was sitting at.

"You again? Didn't I tell you to scram?" Kendal groaned, annoyed.

"I thought that maybe you were finished talking to Jo and would like to p-play with me?" Carlos suddenly seemed incredibly interested in his shirt.

"Even if I was, I wouldn't play with you."

"Why? That's no very nice!"

"I thought you would have learnt by now that I'm not a nice person."

"Sure you are! Everybody's nice!" Carlos smiled, trying to make his brother happier.

"NO THEIR NOT!" Kendall screamed, launching out of his chair to grab Carlos' collar, towering over the small, frightened boy. "Do you think the bloody teenagers who mugged and murdered my mother in front of me were nice? Huh?"

"E-e-everybody is n-nice... M-maybe they had a r-reason?" Carlos started to hyperventilate, struggling futilely to escape Kendall's gasp.

"I was 6! And they shot my mum in front of me! And you're calling them nice! You're a dumb ass little shit!"

"B-b-but even R-r-r-afael had a n-nice side..." Carlos let a tear slip down his red cheek.

"Who the hell is Rafael? Your daddy?" Kendall asked sceptical. Carlos nodded. "Yeah well your life wasn't as bad as mine, so don't compare your weak excuse at a 'sad' life to mine!"

"B-but you d-d-on't know a-anything a-about my f-f-f-amily."

"Let me guess? Your parent didn't want you so they just placed you in an orphanage? Or did they love you so much they gave you up to save you? What 'horrible' life did baby Carlos have, huh?"

Carlos let his tears fall freely as memories of his past came back to haunt him. Anxiety kicked in and he started feeling panicky. "M-m-y life wasn't l-like that! It was b-b-bad... I d-don't want to talk about it!"

"Yeah, sure your life was bad! Do you know what I don't understand? Everyone knows about James, Logan and my history, and yet Jennifer won't tell us yours? Is yours just so fantastic it'll make us feel even more like shit, hey? Spoiled little brat!"

"Th- thas- nn-n-... t-t-tr- not..." Carlos choked and sputtered over his words, a panic attack settling in.

"I hate people like you! So bloody lucky and yet so selfish! Why did Jennifer adopt you over someone else? What makes Carlos, Mr. I have a perfect life, come before someone else? You make me sick." Kendall yelled, tears in his eyes.

Carlos couldn't even spit out a sound, his panic attack was bad. Oxygen deprivation forced his legs to give way and for him to fall limp into Kendall's grip.

"What the hell is your problem?" Kendall spat, disgusted. Carlos started to claw at Kendall's clothes; he didn't know what he was doing, just knowing that he had to do something. "You're a freak!" Kendall exclaimed, letting go of Carlos' collar but the boy still held onto his shirt. "GET OFF!" Kendall shrieked, slapping the boy harshly across the cheek, forcing him to collapse to the ground with a cry.

Kendall grabbed the hyperventilating child by the arm, dragging him across the floor until he reached the broom closet. He opened the door and shoved the terrified kid inside, closing the door and 'locking' it with a chair under the knob.

As Kendall walked back to the bedroom, he could hear frantic fists pounding the door until Carlos grew too weak to continue. Kendall shivered at the freaky scene he had just been faced with. Was that kid possessed or something? He starts off thinking his life was worse than Kendall's and then it clinging and clawing at him like his life depended on it... Freak.

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